The Body-Mind and The Chalice  
by Chris Pringer

      This page covers the "story" of the web site (and it's main branches). Here, the Body-Mind & the Chalice are initially considered in different contexts to keep it simple for the first time reader, and later shown how they are related (conceptually).

      The Home page and other index pages and site projects are described in the context of this story, including links.
      An organization chart is also added further below for additional visual navigation, although the Organization Chart page has additional thumbcharts for more specifically informative navigation as well.

      This is an "About Page" and a much improved mirror of the Facebook Page, Chalice Bridging Arts & Sciences by the author.
      Whereas the site's original *About Page* provides the business and bio summaries, related histories, disclosures, etc.
EmBody-Mind Chalice (ChakraYogi In AChaliSyntheToruSphere) Chris Pringer 5'18

Logo for Body-Mind Integrative Energy Bodywork, © Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com, Teal&Torq w/Vortex
Since 1984

SyntheCentered-Doublestar Chalice by Chris Pringer 2012
            “Mind-Body Integration Therapies” and “Chalice Bridging...” are the two main facets of my work. I will cover those separately here (for now).

          Body-Mind Integration is about Muscle / Connective Tissue Injury Prevention. That may include Body-Centered Psychology for more internally motivated individuals, and Body Centered Psychotherapy for those even more highly motivated. Body-Mind Integration as an applied therapy, is based in hard science, a great deal of education in physiology, psychology, over fifteen hundred hours in training for associated physio-therapies and techniques, as well as energy-work methodologies, coaching and counseling, including for the employment of “Tensing Yoga” (more on that below). You may find more about all that a little further below, as well as at the Brochure for Body Mind Integration Therapies. (

          About “Tensing Yoga” and related breathing and focus (as an integral part of Body Mind Integration) - is one relatively simple system for dealing with chronic injuries as well as preventing further injuries. This is an amalgam of techniques that I have developed and trained many others to employ on their own at home. In fact, it is best done before getting out of bed in the morning. For more information: "Tensing Yoga for Muscle Injury Preventation & Self-Treatment, Self-Healing, optimizing..."

          At via the Body Mind Integration Home page is the writing for the reader that desires to know more about the above, from basic to in-depth knowledge, as well as many resource sites (organized sets of annotated links for many levels of health and awareness, including nutrition and naturopathic medicine). The basis of The Chalice and “The Body-Mind and The Chalice” is noted just below and further below respectively.

          Whereas Chalice Bridging Arts and Sciences or "Chalice Bridging" is the philosophical basis of my approach to life, and that provides the motivation behind my work. HOWEVER, since I see that as only one part of the universal golden thread of means and ways (which includes many other philosophies, religions, and creeds) for people finding and following one’s individual path, that is not actually a shared part of my therapy work for others. There is much artwork based on this philosophy regarding the chalice, as well the history of the most well known chalice - The Holy Grail - and the relationship between the two.

          That may be one of the most multi-faceted histories of the Holy Grail you will find, by the way. Including the known and lesser known histories, as both are intimately intertwined and conflicting, as causal of various threads and current events. And with implications for modern times as they entangle, drag, and are at times ensnarred by, that golden thread - for the better of those implications - lending the question of which future scenario would *WE* truly like, and whether we can see it, let alone choose it, let alone extract it from all we are presented with...

The mystical symbols composing the 'Bridging Chalice' precede any recognized religion, and represent the infrastructure (that we develop through personal growth) providing for the human embodiment of Spirit. Chalice Bridging Art is then a reminder of the infrastructure of alignment, of the relationship between proportion and function as demonstrated through the sacred geometry of our DNA, thence of the balance of nature, thence of the nature of balance.

Multi-3DChalice 3WHorizontal Vortex by Chris Pringer 2013 (made only with geometric vortices (no photography)
"Multi-3D-Chalice3 With Horizontal Vortex"
by Chris Pringer 2013 (made only with geometric vortices (no photography)

Dark Forest Frost Chalice by Chris Pringer

Artistic Rendering of "proprioceptor
field arrays" in muscle cells
By Chris Pringer
            More technically speaking, we could say that Body-Mind Integration is one of the hard sciences of Chalice Bridging Arts and Sciences. Another, more scholastic end of that, involves the study of such as the neurobiological research findings, about which I have posted at facebook so much over the last few years, and much more extensively at Chalicebridge.Com, particularly at the Fascia Memory Theory and Fascia Memory Project pages, but also at the Body-Mind Integration Essays page.

          Related to the above: And actually, I had some ideas back in 1995 - projections or prognostications, if you will, most notable of which relates to the above mentioned Fascia Memory Theory, that have been more than partially confirmed by more recent neuroscience research. [And, just to make sure you know the difference, and also that I know that, I will say here that theory or hypothesis is what one has to call it until it is proven by science, or at least until there is a tremendous amount of anecdotal experience, albeit un-backed as yet by science. Moving on, thank you...] And that research, especially that of the last 10 years (the highlights of which and mach more have been referenced on that page) is not only exciting in itself for the potentials it implies for humanity, but which also offer promise of confirming another theory about the ventricles of the brain’s limbic system - as related to intuition (and much more). And why that may be exciting is detailed at the page noted in the next paragraph. Note that the technical research and detail on these web pages may be overwhelming for the average reader, but I would appreciate the feedback of forward-thinking individuals with expertise or a practiced interest in neurobiology, body-centered psychotherapy, and related research.

          The Body-Mind and The Chalice: As regards one area where the bodymind and the “Bridging Chalice actually do interface - at least in theory, there are the ventricles, components that envelope and penetrate the limbic system of the brain, which system has recently been confirmed to be essential to body-mind integration. Body-mind integration, by the way, is a term that used to be used only by the, uh-mm, less scientific of the health community, if you will. However, this term is now beginning to enjoy a mainstream understanding and as related to the multi-dimensional dynamics the term most fully implies. For that a great deal of thanks goes to Dr. Daniel J. Siegel of Mindsight Institute, his research in neurobiology, professional practice, and especially to his prolific writing, including of many texts and manuals for health practitioners and those practicing self-improvement. Those include "The Mindful Therapist - A Clinician's Guide to Mindsight and Neural Integration" and "Developing Mind How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are," and "The Mindful Brain - Reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Well-being."
'If you believe, then...connect the dots...' words and background by Chris Pringer, Aug 2016
"If you believe ...connect the dots..." -
words and placement on background by Chris Pringer, Aug 2016

The Ventricles of the Limbic System
By Digital Anatomist Project. Artistic rendering &
background by Chris Pringer, Aug 2016
            Returning to the theory about the ventricles of the limbic system - this regards the question of whether these components are co-enveloped (also) for a reason related to our intuition. That is, the ventricles conduct the central spinal fluid (CSF) that circuits through the energetic vortices of the hormone glands. And as the more esoteric among us would agree, the CSF might thereby collect information from these energy systems. And as the CSF is channeled by and through the ventricles, such information would contribute to the overall resonance of that from which we derive, interpret, and establish our psycho-emotional place in the world. And so, I wonder if the question may be important in neuroscience and psychotherapy. You will find a much more thoroughly detailed version of the theory at "Scientific Research On the Limbic System - Co-Enveloping the Ventricles" - with anatomical charts there and at the Fascia Memory Theory page.

          ChaliceBridge.Com, then, is essentially about health, and many levels of health and awareness - bodymind, nutrition, neurobiology, consciousness, emotional intelligence, and various combinations of all that, including addressing the need for cross-discipline-sharing of information at the Organization Charts page ( And doing so especially in the very pragmatic as well as extensively scientifically backed example at the page, “Trees & Communications - Bridging Empathy & Planetary Health - Some Good News from Science”

There is yet another area of focus...

          “PolyPsyArts”: is about the application of holistic preventative health *principles* (including that of Gestalt/Buddhist psychology) to political and environmental situations. That is, for instance, I may analyze various social conditions, including possible or likely causative philosophies or other perspectives, and do this in regard to their relationship to the mental-emotional health of citizens.

Mossy Roots
Photo by Chris Pringer

Poly-Psy Arts logo.
This and border artwork, "Chalice Tapestry Hearts & Blue" By Chris Pringer

ChaliceTapestry Blue VBG by Chris Pringer 2001-2018
          And from there, I suggest potential solutions, which are often applicable by individuals in daily life, as well as by groups. Key PolyPsy pages: PolyPsy Citizen Healing page and the PolyPsyArts Home Page. (   and

         Except for a few of the pages at the site, the content is focused on the "long-term" (as in always-applicable), and since there are so many pages with multiple articles, an UPDATE PAGE maintains (for years now) an organized chronological record of new edits, article, page, or artwork additions (at

         My Vocation officially began in 1984 (albeit study of nutrition & herbal therapies began in 1980), most (not all) of my writing (at the site) after 1989, the artwork on paper in 1985, then scanned & made digital, used for most artwork after 1997, when the website was initiated at AOL. That was moved to it’s own domain (ChaliceBridge.Com) in 2006. (
          Before all that, however, was the study (of the mind) that had begun in 1973~74 after needing to figure out how or why I was led to join the Marine Corps during a war that most everyone else on the planet knew was wrong in so many ways ... and was thus led to join those dreaming of socio-political decisions reflecting our highest senses AND sciences.

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