"Synthesis" Shirts

All shirts are silk-screened
on BOTH sides, in four colors: White, Light Blue, and Lavendar, and in Medium Blue for youth T-shirts.

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"Synthesis" was one of my first mandalas. I can't say for sure that wearing a "Synthesis" shirt - centering yourself between mandalas silkscreened on front and back - will cure that groundless state of begging for extreme circumstances just so you can locate the center of the universe - but who knows!

4 wearing Synthesis Shirts.

Chalice Artwork is
about realizing the
Inner Chalice.

Chalice "Productions" might thus refer to each person AS a chalice in development

The Integration
of the Many Aspects
of Oneself and
of All Life --
the Highest
and the Lowest,
the Past and the Present,
the Many Paths
to Finding
Divine Purpose
in it All --
into One Flowing
Compassionate Embrace !

"Synthesis" is the name of the artwork on the shirt, and refers to the action or quality of synthesis - of Spirit through individuals, humanity, and all Life.

History of "Synthesis" image: pen & ink, colored pencils, crayon, magic marker, 6 rings around 1, with 1 ring interconnecting centers, plus 2 vertical and 4 horizontal in yin-yang cross arrangement, 13 in all over "Temple Diamond Chalice" with crossed "Golden Rectangles," 1991. (The image at left is a scan of a photo of the original, digitally overlaid with "ChaliceBridge.Com"; the silkscreeners altered some of the colors as brightening them)
Prose "Synthesis" 1991 also by the artist.

The original Chalice Productions logo (on the shirts, next to the text "Synthesis" - see photo) is enlarged at bottom left

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Light Only (White & Lavender are Sold Out)
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$ 17.95
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$ 10.77
$ 9.87
White, Light Blue, & Lavender
White Only in Youth XL
Xtr Lrg
SWEATSHIRTS are Acrylic Fleece lined cotton long-sleeved crewnecks - Made by Jerzeez (adult) and Fruit O' the Loom (youth). T-SHIRTS are 100% heavyweight fine-guaged combed cotton and short sleeved - Made by Jerzeez (adult), and Belton (youth).
There are relatively few T-Shirts left now, and many Large White Sweatshirts. It may be best to call and verify quantities via 206-286-0899 (Oct 2010)
Light Blue Only in Xtr Lrg
Xtr Lrg
White & Light Blue
Medium Blue T-SHIRT Only in Youth Lrg Sz

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I do NOT silkscreen shirts nor distribute any other shirts.

If you have questions, please email me via chaliser@iinet.com
or call me at (206) 286-0899

PLEASE Make Check or Money Order Out to, and Send Payment To:

Christopher Pringer
Chalice Productions
1819 10TH Ave. W. #102
Seattle, WA 98119-2968

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Through 4C-Publishing ("Chalice Creations and Concept Charting") I make and sell various art forms that are, ideally, both practical and aesthetic. Examples of "concept charting" are plentiful at this site. Products can also be made from the greater variety of art at this site. I try to keep visitors up with the additions via the Updates Page for ChaliceBridge.Com

Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12
A Selection of art
at my Gallery
at Fine Art America

where it can be viewed at full resolution, and is available in framed prints, canvas prints, pi ratio greeting cards, and more.
(New, Aug 2012)

Intwined Hearts Chalice Wings of Vortexes Radiant Deep Synthesis' FAA-Framed, sig'd © Chris Pringer 2013

"Intwined Hearts Chalice Wings of Vortexes Radiant Deep Synthesis" © Chris Pringer. A sample of frame styles available for art At my Art Gallery (at Artist Websites of Fine Art America)
ChaliceOfVortexesChaliCellRingsOnRenaissanceBk' FAA-Framed, sig'd © Chris Pringer 2011,12

"Chalice Of Vortexes Chali-Cell Rings On Renaissance Back", © Chris Pringer, 2012. A sample of frame styles available for art At my Art Gallery
(at Artist Websites of Fine Art America)

  "ART & SCIENCE of Body, Mind, & Spirit Integration"  
(Body-Mind-Chalice Integration Art Index Page)
Chalice Productions Logo

Chalice Artwork and
realizing the Inner Chalice
        Presenting early to more recent artwork on the "Chalice" or Grail theme (by yours truly), both hand-made & artistically rendered computer-generated works, & a little bio on how it began & developed. This art is born out of the 3D geometric vision/ visual "seen" in 1985, which experience was complete with correlations to deep (pre-Christian) symbology - which initiated the research into the correlations to the legendary meanings of the Holy Grail (and sources, and how and why that was later edited by "the Church"), as well as into various body-mind-spirit correlations, & healing alchemy & energy dynamics. All this related both the body & the grail elements to the mind's interface, in a way that makes sense of many otherwise-would-be paradoxes & mysteries, bridging arts & sciences, with implications related to whole health, including one's relationship with his/her cells. And when incorporating "sacred geometry" into the the rendered symbols (per pi-ratio) -also relevant to the DNA of all Life (proportion as essential to function), most interesting artforms seem to naturally appear.
      Essentially (Per mystical symbolism which precedes anything any religion has, or may yet, to do with it), the chalice is about the human embodiment of Spirit (or Who or whatever It is that created & connects all Life) into the three "lower bodies" (mental, emotional, & physical) which compose the "Body-Mind". Which is also a "vehicle" for the balancing & integrating of Humanity - individually & communally. Chalice "Productions" may thus refer to each person AS a chalice in development. There are essays on various geometry, proportion, function, symbolism, history, & possible implications, including " 'The Lords of Culture' & Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, & the Body-Mind Split - An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context" (7'10) accompanied by, "Therapies & Levels of 'The Spectrum of Consciousness' " a seminal chart by Ken Wilber; "Paradigm Shifts" (7'10); The "Pragmatic Balancing" section of this page relates the Holy Grail to the (psycho-social) evolution of Man, to the world's key religions as well as the Gnostics (by nature of that which unites all of them, although is not necessarily about them), & to *The Da Vinche Code*; includes a working summary of & psycho-social objectives & approaches for bringing about that evolution (as addressed at various pages at the site).

Multi-3D-Chalice3(w2A&)' sig'd © Chris Pringer Oct'11, ChaliceBridge.Com
"Multi 3D Chalice 3 (w2A&)" sig'd © Chris Pringer Sept'10 - probably as close to what I saw in 1985 as anything I've put in art form so far (on visual level; add vortexes extending horizontally, less the colorations).


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Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12

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'Karma-learning-Love Shield' - 'What is Sown is Reaped, What is stolen is paid for; Karma is Learning is Justice is Love; The Tree of Life Bears the Flower of Life Bears the Tree of Life...' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010
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