Structure and Extremism  
or Dissolving Extremism, 101
Disempowering the machiavellian mis-use of evangelical fervor

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Opposing Extremists' separate lonely self-destructive in unsurvivable desolation, yet each in magnetism-drawn connection with purpose found in each other's ferver building ego-hot-love-hate ecstacy desiring us magnetized with them downward spiraling...
Ehhccch, where's the ice ?!
That is, extremists are attracted to extremists - I mean, besides shock-loading those who make it too obvious they'd rather ignore them, it's really other extremists who they focus on most. Kind of a sado-masochistic affair, eh?
[-cp 12'11, 2'12, 3/4/15]

          *Structure* - that is, the greatly perceived need for a very strictly enforced set of rules (and otherwise feeling unworthy of trust) - is the underlying basis of fundamentalism (of any belief system). The perceived need for the same structure for others is the basis of extremism, and is the basis of most terrorism we hear about today. I focus more on the causal elements and concepts here, as well as upon the religious aspect (given the time since the "War on Terrorism" began). The essay, "On Empathy & Healing" considers a number of questions about how we -psycho-socially- got to this political place, and about problem solving.

          I hope that someday the religious extremists --of whatever brand who would expect us follow them-- will serve only to teach us to laugh quicker at our follies, AND respond appropriately to such invitations. .

          Much of this page has been revised and re-organized (Spring 2010), some moved to other pages at this site, including to the PolyPsyArts Home Page, the 911 Mid-East PolyPsyArts Page, or the The Political Reference Page. Including a reference section on the "Tea Party" and related militant obstructionists, and Political Evangelism & "Christian Fascism." Note also on that page is the section, "Solutions: Common Means to Efficient Paths."

          Kept: "Forgiveness & A Love/Hate Relationship with Politics" - A little about the Trump strategy there. Added are "Spiritual Battles & Wars, Systems of Structure & Learning" (& balancing within - where such battles are best fought), some pieces on "Empathy & Healing" (political psychology).

          In the 2004 version of this page, I used satire to get the message across. Very little from that approach remains on the page now. Actually I *wish* this page was no longer needed, never was, or any longer applied. But it does [~cp, 2015].

          To serve in hope that history not be repeated, the essay that profiles the "Neo-Con-Artists" and the evangelicals who they manipulated (the 2004 version) is now available again on it's own page.

        - Chris Pringer, 2010     Author/Bio/Artist/Editor Info         PolyPsy Updates page

       QUESTION: Like for hackers vs Microsoft and operating systems that frustrate beyond belief, so for terrorism vs hyper-capitalism: which extremisms have caused the most suffering, and which of the two most think they going to cure the other or fix the world? More to the point: Which ones will find more [virtue] in the universe while engaged in overpowering others to compensate for their feeling lack of control in their own internal world, let alone in their external world?

3D&MultiChaliceVBridge 3FTOL 3H9SD On PiSc&Ch2BBk-s.jpg

On Empathy & Healing, Working it through...

          M:     "brings us back to the old without works...empathy is the capacity to "feel" for another...but we can "feel" for and then get on with other aspects of our lives without ever "doing" anything about the feelings, not much can or will change...empathy, when a catalyst for action... well... now you're cookin'"

          Chris:     "There it is, M, but for some, caring means martyring oneself, whether or not there is an attempt to actually improve the situation. And yet, being "present" for someone does indeed entail feeling their pain. But do you feel the hopeless/helplessness as well? And how much of that pain does one have to feel before one gets insight towards improving the situation? I think most of this is part of the usual discussion about "co-dependence" - but if we take that politically, well, have we learned much? And then there's the outright bigoted nationalism - which seems to come from those so well known for their martyristic codependence. Which brings this back to ignorance and how we define caring or empathy, patriotism, respect for others, etc."

          M:     "caring, participating,without overstepping your bounds where you assume responsiblity of another...i.e. was wrong to enter a situation where there was oppression when we were not "asked" to assist by the was their responsibility to stand up for correct oppression if that is what they felt. but we usurped their power by entering into a conflict uninvited...and assuming we knew the best course of action for others. Same with libya - we can support, "empathize", help when asked to help but allow others to own their own responsibility to change their situation if that is what they want to do..."

          Chris:     "Yeah... there were other things we could've done for Iraq, not to mention the sanctions that helped no one and caused so many innocent deaths, let alone lie about so much stuff to get us in there. Libya, well if weren't for the oil, might have been given a proper police action, IF a cooperating world community ever has the right to help a nation rid itself of criminals, especially when those criminals also pose a threat to other countries. Of course that's all debatable as to whether pertains to Libya. But I believe communities need police as long as humanity has folks who abuse others or can't solve problems without undue violence. But then, now we're talking about our own country, aren't we..."

    - from a Facebook conversation, 7/4/11

Getting folks to allow their hearts to be broken
for a good reason -- like for the Truth --
is the problem, is OUR problem.
Getting over the pervasive 'All American' addiction
to perceiving the world as if
"we are THE GOOD GUYS on the planet"
will also help greatly.
But it's workable
- given a willingness to forgive...
ok, and given some serious contemplation
of all the confusion, pain, and denial involved.
But we're motivated because it's a matter of surviving...
and we won't survive with emotionally driven blindness
to substantiated facts.
Besides, we know good ways
to heal broken hearts and prevent Burn-out as well,
without all the judgment and fear mongering - once we
(individually and communally) begins to deal with it.
And most folks will be willing to help
because we do know that we have to take the time
to work TOGETHER in order to heal all this.

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Whats the use of crying? Lamentations? What's that got to do with corporate fascism & bullying, or whistleblowing, constructive anger, & problem solving? You can read considerations
on that from a
gestalt therapist
just below.

Whats The Use Of Crying? Lamentations? ...

Psycho-Social Considerations   (For context please 1st read above section, "On Healing & Empathy")

          The basic function of crying is essential. "Civilization" has complicated the issue deep into the tissues with rules and judgments from sectarian and non, that flag therapy as a loser's waste of time, etc. (Also) from a gestalt therapist's point of view, There is a pragmatic balance between "realism" and "positive thinking", and includes employment of constructive release of emotion, and other tools in your kit lying dormant, awaiting your development.

          If you were an educated socialist AND a therapist, you'd know that the "lords and masters" never wanted you to make the connection between certain things that could end up costing them your relatively free labor and their net profits. Getting proper care and education about how resources should be distributed - within your being, within society, and among them, has always gotten in their way. Body-Mind-Spirit awareness based preventative maintenance, if applied full well, individually and societally, would beget systems of government that would distribute resources as well as our bodies do, when they are in good health. (We could call that "proprioneurofascianomics", but the "fascia" aspect here has nothing to do with fascism, nor would it, so to speak. More on that sometime later.) So how to get from here (back) to there? Depends on where you are - individually - at least for starters. Because only when you understand how it works for yourself, will you be able to relate that potential to the outer world.

          What's this got to do with crying? - Pain sensors in the body are designed to inform you when you're doing something wrong, something that goes against the basic nature of equilibrium in the system. [By the way, beware of neuro-scientists that pretend to be psychologists or experts on consciousness - they are experts only on their half of the story on *Free Will*. And who is paying for that research?]

          Crying is only the most outward form of communicating that -- WITHOUT intent to manipulate, and yes, there is the question of whether, when & how to express that to others, or only in therapy -- whether it's about emotions or muscles or organs- or a perceived threat to any of that. But under a confused system of governance - within our mental-emotional beings within our mental-emotional family within our mental emotional society 1 Ok, do you get the picture, the correlations? Well, if not, there's a whole web site on this - you're here! (See Column 2, & footnote) There are other websites (although few relate it all back to the socio-political as done here), but for now, here you are.   smile

          Where do you want to focus your energy whether it's when you are in pain, or when you aren't in pain? Well...of course, Mother Earth is certainly deserving, critically in need, of course - and yet, if we'd have taken appropriate care of ourselves in the first place, we would have naturally taken care of everything else... But here we are learning, including how to forgive, heal, and solve problems!
          - from a Facebook conversation, 4/30/11, edited for this page 2/22/12

What's that got to do with corporate fascism & bullying, or whistleblowing, constructive anger, & problem solving?
(Crying, Part II)

How about the basis of the myths that prevent regulation of corporate monopolization, including of the resources for scientific research, freedom of scientists to facilitate cross-discipline sharing of insight - a primary basis of creative invention? So opposed to "Dis-Empowerment Psychology", brought to you by conquerors and fascists the world round, most recently programmed into us via "How the West was won" ...which alternative routes do you want to consider first ? smile

If you relate more to psychology and beliefs as the basis of how we live, love, and solve problems... you might want to start with one of these essays: on "A Gestalt Perspective", on "Why Pain", or on "Victims, Compassion, & Responsibility...".

If you relate more to politics or activism for solutioning, then you may want to begin with "Poly-Psy & Citizen Health..." or PolyPsyArts Home Page. The Organization Chart will provide an overview of sorts for more choices.

For more eclectic considerations you might like the "Pragmatic Balance" section at the Chalice Integration Art Page, the essay on "Spiritual Battles & ...Structure" (keys to fundamentalism, extremism), the page for World Healing Prayers, or "On Learning, Fairness, Truth, and Peace" and Karma at the "Evolution Trends" page.
Thank you for your Service!   ThumbsUp

    Footnote 1    "...But under a confused system of governance - within our mental-emotional beings ...society..." well, there are those games...
        But first, a question, does this sound or at least feel familiar ? :
        "The Winner" says, "That's how the West was won - by persevering toughness through the Indian lands - even made them feel shame for ever complaining - after we couldn't shoot them anymore. We [Americans] were too subtle with the [blacks] - now they are just playing the game - made them tough like us but they actually want to change the laws that stem from the very values and attitudes that founded this nation's economic system. And whine so they can get it all for free. Attitudinal healing? What's that?!". -- Well, pardon my parody, but I wanted to include the key aspects in a context that readily illustrates the incredibly blind self-destructiveness of this kind of thinking - born out of that attitude about pain, born out of too many generations of parenting by cultures geared for conquering and occupying, genocide and slavery, very selectively directed empathy, and competition for everything, including (as if for) God's Love. More insideously, it re-defines courage as as all that!
        Now for primary example of "those games": "The ole' psych-out". Everyone knows about how, in competition sports, gaming, or in battle, a someone may try to "psych-out" his/her opponent. Note that, while we are culturally trained to generally not communicate about the issues discussed here, or to even pretend they don't exist, these are the very issues that are at the heart of what is consciously used in the "psych-out". [The exception to this is "reality" tv shows, which the author would like to be surprised ever became so disgustingly popular, except that I do hope we are learning from this - to let go of any needs for emotional gladiating, power plays, etc.]
      The main point here is that it's generally all about bluff and fear factor, since the details of the issues may be, and often are, totally unknown. But it has worked because we have created the worth factors based on comparison and jealousy, beliefs about who is worth more love from God or "the authority" - which relates* to distribution of resources (thence the economy and the 1% / 99%, etc), by the way - and in any case, it [the basis of the game] is usually unconscious, taken for granted in any confrontive situation, therefore virtually undefined. Thence the shame factors, thence the ammunition that powers that punch.

      So... how to not play the game when *everything you want* is generally derived by playing it? Well, we might take a look at what *everything you want* actually is, where it comes from, and what it actually costs - and I'm not talking about dollars, of course.  

      Love in Baseball: A Teamwork Analogy - Contrary to what some player's might perceive, any jealousies among players on the same team are not based on their comparative skill sets or lack of appreciation of *diversity* of individuals' capabilities and expertise, but upon how loved and appreciated players feel (individually) relative to their perceptions of other player(s) being loved and appreciated by those they want the same or something else from. But that jealousy (leading to other more obvious feelings, most likely) is based on ignorance about one's lovability and appreciability- all of which are based on issues arising out of early childhood [Family of Origin] issues. As if it would not be true that each person, no matter how specially formed, thereby uniquely talented, or differently abled, would have his/her own special respective and respectable place in the gestalt of the universe, and therefore is also equally lovable by all persons, not to mention(?) whatever divine forces or entities that may have been instrumental in creating such a universe... The thing is, ("just sayin") the above noted jealousy is the same "stuff" that leads to most persistent conflicts in relations, including most socio-political issues, both local & global. [IMHO] EG: File under *Beliefs about Self, Others, & the Divine - Long-Term Ramifications; Specialization Of Positions, Appreciation of Diversity vs Jealousy, Global Ramifications?* *

    Related Essay: " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Communications, Relationships, ..." and political implications - perhaps the very beginnings of class warfare.

      Which includes a section on "The Empathy Movement" introduced with, "In September of 2012, The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy and Compassion initiated a discussion, preparatory to much greater things, laying the groundwork for much greater things worldwide". Hopefully more in-depth and socially applicable trainings will stem forth from this project - with widespread growing results that make the difference needed. This section includes reference links as well as my own ideas for that.

'Karma-learning-Love Shield' - 'What is Sown is Reaped, What is stolen is paid for; Karma is Learning is Justice is Love; The Tree of Life Bears the Flower of Life Bears the Tree of Life...' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010
'Karma-learning-Love Shield' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010

Chalice OS-5&4aC~ w/PiChaliceB2A5 onCellRing1 onOvalPC1Bk, Framed', sig'd © Chris Pringer 2011,12
" 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening..."
What's that got to do with anything?
Think about what it would be like for you in a hospital
where the nurses never came when you cried out in pain
because the doctors limited their time with the patients.
Now consider your political leaders as the doctors
of your community or nation.
Who was listening when they were elected,
or when they just took power?
...when the decisions were made about
how resources were distributed?
So, a) how did all that come about, and
b) what are the means and mechanisms for *healing* that?

From the levels that will make a difference,
psychologically and socio-politically?
Because the sub-title of the essay is
"A story about Language, Relationship, and 'the Body-Mind Split',
An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context".
Which sounds complex, but as you read, you'll see that
the learning required to apply the cure
is not beyond our capacities.

The times require it - the learning, the application.
And that's what WE have got to do with it - with all we care about.

(Chris Pringer, 7'10, ed. 9'10, 9'12)
Bright-3D-Light SyntheSphered (V&H,10Da), &Multi-Vortex(5'12) Chalice 'OutoT'Myst'' sig'd © Chris Pringer June'12



"Spiritual Battles & Wars" and/or
"Systems of Structure & Effects on Learning"

© Chris Pringer 11/28/09 (ed.4'10 ...11'14)

The Compact Version of the Essay:

        Fundamentalist views are the basis of extremism, particularly when it is forced upon others, which academics generally agree is the basis of most terrorism we hear about today. *Structure* determines the boundaries and how much flexibility there is in regard to the rules, or laws related to those boundaries. Hence, structure, or the felt need for it, is the underlying psychological basis of fundamentalism. This is true for any kind of belief system, not just the religious. But to punish someone for not learning something is tantamount to leading a horse to drink then beating him if he doesn't. No sane parent believes that would work for his child, certainly after seeing it does not work a time or two. And yet, many court systems in the world would still seem to not get this point.

        But since the religious aspect is what is most relevent today (per the "War on Terrorism"), that is what I often return my focus to. Below, I discuss underlying concepts and principles -the causal elements- as well as how that works out into relationships - whether personal or international.

If I may elaborate...

        We could say that "structure" is the foundation of anything we wish to conceive of, whether tangible (ie: a building) or intangible (ie: a belief system).
        The structure one sees from within relates to, and has effects upon, one's perception of everything outside that structure as well as within it; even as ones perception can critically effect ones relation to/ within/ without the structure of anything, including to the concept of structure itself.

        Each individual has at least a slightly different vantage point -- therefore a different viewpoint, and yet we might not always realize the degree to which our viewpoint may be different, not to mention how or why that may be understood. That can be a source of major misunderstandings that we are not even aware of - things we take for granted as obvious, and therefore is not obvious at all: one definition of paradox.

        Hence, those differences [in how we relate to structure] can be a major part of the blindness to the water we swim in, so to speak. Not to mention to it's multi-varied places or applications in society, in the minds of individuals. Which can lead to major differences in our views and practical definitions of the concept of structure. Including when it comes to seeing paradoxes and contradictions in our views of the structure of things or ideas that we live in and by. Let alone how or why this is so.

        That is also why this [not seeing these paradoxes] can lead to wars that are not due to differences between societies, so much as between the adherents of extremist viewpoints. Which viewpoints have been re-framed for use, if not consumption, via political wizardry, through manipulation of the viewpoints - those that are related to the primary structures that we live in and by, and yet we are also, in many ways, often blind to. Hence, IMO, a big part of our current predicament.

        The decompressed version is below. Thank you - cp [11/16&24/14]

Spiritual Battles Balancing the Chalice Within [John Pettie Knight(Cut&ReTouched)] Ovr3DMultiChaliceVtxMistO'VBrF&TOL Chris Pringer, 3'13

Is that Lancelot? Or YOU with your shining armor, lance, and cloak of truth?" ?
What's WRONG with this picture?
(And, yes, what's also right with it?)

What about how we (most folks) relate to the archetype of Knighthood? And how many people (not just guys) relate that archetype (consciously or unconsciously) to our own self-image as related to military service? (And what about that armor, shining or not? Rolfers and Integrative Bodywork practitioners might have an answer for you, by the way smile with far, far-reaching psychological implications, however.) Granted, I could think of far far worse archetypes for someone bent on going to war - ie: those unassociated with such attributes as chivalry. And what does the "Holy Grail" represent? (more about "Pragmatic Balance" than extremism perhaps?). BIG HINT about that archetype being associated to military service: What if I said Spiritual battles were meant to be fought within? And that the grail legend was / is about recovering balance (and recovering from EXTREMISM) as as essential part of that? (at least eventually through our evolution as humans). [Hence the chalice art at this site, whether for "spiritual" purposes or not. In the above art by Chris Pringer 3'13, the knight was cut from a re-touched photo of painting, "The Vigil" by John Pettie (1839-1893)]

          According to most mystical translations, conflict ("spiritual battle or war") does not actually take place between our physical bodies, but between different elements of one's own psyche. 
That is, within the mind and emotional body. Such conflicts have always been about *conscious AND unconscious beliefs about* a) opposite modes of viewing, b) why we are here. EG: About one or more of these: a) what the ends or end product *should* be, and b) style of approach (typologically speaking that might be: quick vs. slow, type A vs. type B, active vs. passive, listening vs. speaking), and c) involvement of gender issues. (The concept and discussion of *diversity* itself needs to made more diverse - widened to include a greater variety of elements - besides gender issues. More on that later).  
Note about Conflict: Opposites -and complements- generally work best when working together - certainly in the long run - even though there's always going to be conflict between any two poles. But conflict is also what has always generated the most creative juices, the best solutions that worked again and again for others down the line, as well as concepts, creeds, philosophical perspectives, and those that lasted for centuries. [ref: The Magic of Conflict, by Tom Crum] 
All "external" relationships (family, marital, friendship, lover, business, etc) provide the sounding boards and practice grounds for working things out. If it's gone physical, it hasn't worked out yet. 
That is, for refining the relationships among the elements of the psyche. And that for us to battle and war with each other 'in the physical' is to miss the point. On one hand, the original meaning of "sin" is from the sport of archery, "to miss the target". And says that mistakes will inevitably be made, since they, like the rest of Life, are about *learning* and thus evolving. On the other hand, war is not spiritual and is probably a result of the worst of sins.
        [see "A Different Take on Evolution" - about a perceived spiritual challenge with potentially great rewards, via Related References section below.]


It may be besides the point, or around the point, but all intentional physical causation of pain relates back to the issue of worthiness for God's Love. That's *perceived*, NOT *Actual* worthiness. The question of which worthiness implies a judgement - one that God would never make, if/as/since ALL souls are created *as Love* and to remain worthy of Love - unconditionally. To illustrate (pun intended, though respectfully): Michelangelo's art was censored (by painting over certain parts) because the authorities of the day feared, essentially, that people would not be able to look on it without being influenced to disrespect others, even violently. Using the best psychology of the day - religion, they used shame to bind the mind of the populace - more effective than binding the body. And it worked, that is for binding (and for many it did so very literally over a bonfire), and not just for the untrustworthy (if such authorities were actually that discriminating - about who did, or did not have, or exercise, sufficient education, ethics, or morals). Hence, religion is a broad brush, trusting all to be untrustworthy. Whereas the right amount and kind of structure is the one that instructs the individual recipients most effectively relative to that circumstance, and yet with the least pain.

          Emerson said (if I may paraphrase) that laws were necessary for those who couldn't otherwise get along well enough with others. Fundamentalists (of whatever creed or belief system) require the most structure (laws, rules, punishment). Yet in America, it seems they are the ones most easily manipulated to complain the most about laws that prevent power abuse (!?!?). Meanwhile, structure for children and society is here to stay, we hope, great miracles in human evolution not-withstanding, that is. The most rebellious of children may need more structure to contain & guide them - but as protection and channeling, and not as punishment. And am speaking of the attitudes around, as well as of the nature of, the enforcement of a given structure. EG: Violent enforcement of structure (especially in the long run, we're talking about when the kid becomes a teenager or later) works about as good as torture for deriving information. (Trust me, we know this.)

          The pain experience of such structure often comes from a mis-perceived lack of love & caring (on the part of the enforcer/ parent/ etc) due to comparing oneself to another, to someone in a different structure, which comparison may lead to a mis-perceived lack of worthiness (certainly with regard to political views). That mis-perception may be on the part of the one doing the structuring, but it's passed on to the one being structured if young enough (including the tendency to imitate). That was basic psychology, but according to a mystical way of seeing the cosmos (not original at this date in the planet's history), we (souls) may have been designed to compete - but to learn -not to do so- for love, and let alone for worthiness of Love. But to sharpen our psyche's as we sharpen our physical prowess - thus body-mind awareness. That includes awareness of the relationships between body, mind, emotion, and Spirit, and thence with God, and of the potential for realizing the designed synergy of among all those elements.
[ Links to related essays, "Gestalt Perspective," "Body-Parenting," "The 'Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and the Body-Mind Split" (July 2010), and "Victims, Compassion, & Responsibility..." in Related Refs section. ]

More on *the need for structure*
(and on fundamentalism)

     For many people, certainly those who have studied their own beliefs for awhile, the need for structure or authority is probably more at the heart of the trait, attribute, or need, than is the actual religious practice. While (the need for) structure is probably most easily associated with religion, certainly after the Bush/Cheney era, it is more predictable, or accounted for, in personality assessments.

          Point in Question: What does an individual, given any set of influences from parents and early life experience, etc, actually need in order to feel secure, loved, and valued by others? Some (learn, appropriately or not, to) need a LOT of structure, lest they believe/feel they will harm, and be harmed by, others. In comparison, some others (learn, appropriately or not, to) need much less structure, lest they feel overly controlled.

     For instance, a rebellious teenager who was raised with a great deal of structure, may indomitably break the bonds of parental tyranny. But he will eventually return (psychologically) to act on those authoritarian beliefs (instilled in childhood) in many ways. "Eventually", as stated here, might mean how he relates to friends, community, and /or work associates, but most certainly to his own family. Even though his lifestyle may appear different as related to religion. Unless/until he consciously examines and works with his own needs and actions. With the underlying motives.

     Motivation: If we really measured the motivations of people, we'd probably find that a great many people attend church out of need for fellowship with those who are also trying to get along with others, be of service to others, and so on. "High-structure" folks are more likely to feel a need to correct others according to the beliefs taught with that same high-structure. Out of this need to correct, they will be very much drawn to other high-structure folks with *totally opposite* beliefs - not drawn for friendship, but for conflict.

     The implication here is that extremists (of opposite extremes) need each other to reinforce their need to correct others. Too often caught in between, however, are numerous others who are far less extreme, and who are far more tolerant of beliefs that are different than their own.

     Thus, the need for structure also relates to learning toleration of diversity, maybe even the need for appreciation of diversity, including diversity of needs for structure. And that applies even when NOT including such extreme belief systems that, in effect, condone vengeance-related attributes, not to mention condone violence.

     How many people in the world even realize that a) rarely does anyone even know what all they believe? b) That as many beliefs are unconscious as are conscious? Well, this is basic psychology. Yet very few people even dig into that core (basis of one's beliefs), let alone explore it. Let alone ask "why?" How about studies into 'Consciousness' and 'self-awareness' ?


          Of course, STRUCTURE is what led to the altering / editing / re-translating the teachings of Jesus. Am referring to the the need for rules of some sort - the *perceived degree of need* for structure - and one that became increasingly fundamentalist and authoritarian in nature, that is. Every time a new spiritual avatar comes along, the followers that "Get it" try to pass *it* on to others - by word and letter. But to the degree they missed the deeper understanding of how and why the rules fit at the time they were made, the principles upon which everything was based, to that degree will they not understand how to adapt them to changing circumstances. And they will err on the side of strict interpretation of the words. And there it begins - the structure part - more or less *apart from the heart*, you might say.
          And of course, some structure is necessary, ideally the appropriate amount, but beginners are beginners, not to mention human, [and therefore forgivable, right?]. And the trouble always comes when someone dreams of making a religion out of what the avatar lived, and especially when they see churches filled with followers and so forth [ego is a part of learning, right?]... And then, much later, come the conquerors/nation-builders who seek to unite people of varying creeds and philosophies - at least politically, and too often with the sword. [ More on that history via the Related Refs section. ] From an esoteric overview of evolving humanity over thousands of years, all these progressions -albeit often from questionable motivations [more learning]- can be viewed as positive OR negative, depending on one's considerations. But knowing *why* we've done what we've done helps us to gain useful *context* for determining subsequent steps [the better part of learning].

          Part of mankind's learning process seems to include the development of EXTREMISM. Perhaps or apparently, because some of us need it in order to find where the balance is. I realize that not all fundamentalists are extremists. But why do they fear/hate Atheists? Ever hear of an atheist extremist? From what I can tell, Atheists abide by the law not because they fear God. They abide because they love or respect their fellow man, not to mention order, know that we all work best when we work together, or at least fear the defenders of civil law. I can't say much of the same for Christian extremists, let alone other religious extremists, or even so many corporate capitalists. That's not to say that Atheist circles don't have their share of Fundamentalists - yes, those who are fundamentalist about atheism! What?

         I say again, an individual's need for structure/authority is more at the heart of the conflict than his/her actual practice of religion, creed, or philosophical precepts. One can only guess the percentage of atheists have been created in reaction to the idea that "underneath all the stuff of a person is a sinful being that needs to be forced into submission by a vengeful God and his fearful servants". However, reaction is not action, when comes to forgiving and healing destructive early programming.
         Esoteric folks, on the other hand, whether based in Western or Eastern faiths, may be considered extreme (for contemplating or meditating "too much," I suppose) but never dangerous or destructive. They are some of the first to acknowledge that laws do not mean justice, that Karma or it's equivalent takes care of balancing things out in the universe. They may even influence others to disdain attachment to structure, certainly to violence or destruction, but not for the cause of anarchy (since being *Present* acknowledges the *Highest Needs* for learning at any given stage of growth.) Or to consider that "everything has its place in the world" (the basis for Gestalt Psychology), that a newborn baby seeks only to love and be loved as its total underlying motivation for staying in the world, that all we have ever experienced has a purpose in our lives, regardless of how little we would want some of it repeated by anyone. Wild and crazy stuff, eh? Wink [Talk about dangerous... (uh-oh) One esoteric perspective (and basis of many) has it that *God-Earth* or *Goddess* (the Mother aspect) provides material nurturance, *God-Mind* (the Father aspect) provides the Impetus, and *Spirit* (that which connects Mother & Father aspects) provides the interconnecting force between all *God-the-Children* as they/we grow in connectedness with *God-All-That-Is* (I-Am-That-I-Am). And you can find more where that came from at my web site. !OMG!

          Ok, an experience brings one possible exception to mind, as regards those I'll call "New Age Fundamentalists" (keeping in mind this is another extreme): There are those who, if you tell them about someone's being victimized, to whatever extreme you can imagine (including but not limited to childhood rape, torture, etc), and especially if you give details as to the pain experienced, these prestigious members of the eclectic will say something like, "Well, of course, they created their own reality". And (after recovering my composure) I would say, "Well, if one considers past lives, karma and the co-creative experience, occasional lapses in empathy, then maybe... but what would you actually say to such a person who is so obviously in so much pain?" And she says, with that Germanic finality, "I'd tell them they have issues to work with." Or even saying this after sharing something of one's own pain. To which detached offerings of so-called wisdom for one's condition, the "proper response" might be "Thank you for sharing." Although it might be tempting to respond, "How's one's *being a convenient easy target working for your long unmet needs for inflicting emotional cruelty* working for you"?) Well, after feeling thoroughly punished for having trusted this person with one's pain, here's where one might began missing that extremely co-dependent partner who wanted to save one from... - well, feelings are feelings. And anger is always about loss, AND the clarity that comes from healing that just might pave the way to solving the conflict. This might be an analogy to a larger conflict. Wink
          That is, except, for those (same inflictors) who have been traumatized so thoroughly and made to feel ashamed of their pain, and especially of their ever having expressed their pain (having been judged as strictly manipulative, maybe with something like "Cry and I'll give you something to cry about"). Especially if, while at same time, they were made to feel responsible for a parent's pain (indicated in later years by an ill-placed, "I'm not responsible for your pain!"). Which kind of trauma (that led to all that) can create such passively aggressive persons, who look down on those with any humanistic appreciation of the emotional body - because they unconsciously fear being reminded of their own deeply repressed pain, and especially of feeling helpless And may excessively use the words (and/or references to the effect of) "I have no attachments" or " expectations". Which actually indicates they may be "attached to being detached" - but is due to their propensity to overly control/limit their bodily and/or emotional experience(s) - Or if not, projecting that so as to to control others (done unconsciously so as to maintain the feeling and self-image of innocence or beneficence) might "feel" as consoling to them.
         Note 1: Compassion is also due because: They could also be coping with chronic pain or Fibromyalgia, have extra body fat due to balming their cells with extra fluid, diluting the stored toxins in the interstitial spaces, eating for the emotions they can't deal with, which for these folks, only creates more self-rage (of course?), and the cause-effect cycle continues and compounds itself because most of it is unconscious.
         NOTE 2: Similar appearing reactions could be about other sources of currently felt physical pain(s), of course, AND this could apply to other (eclectic or non-eclectic) overly disciplined, overly structured folks.
          Note 3: Now about that HELPLESSNESS: Here's where many fundies are alike: "If we can't fix it, why talk about it and remind me of my feelings of helplessness, 'cause then I'll really fix you. After all, that's how the West was won - by persevering toughness through the Indian lands - even made them feel shame for ever complaining - after we couldn't shoot them anymore. We were too subtle with the [blacks] - now they are just playing the game - made them tough like us but they actually want to change the laws that stem from the very values and attitudes that founded this nation's economic system. Attitudinal healing? What's that?!" Well, pardon my parody, but I wanted to include the key aspects in a context that readily illustrates the incredibly blind self-destructiveness of this kind of thinking - born out of that attitude about pain, born out of too many generations of parenting by cultures geared for conquering and occupying, genocide and slavery, very selectively directed empathy, and competition for everything, including (as if for) God's Love.

But back to more "practical" matters... smile

Included as a segue between the above and below sections:
          "...Communication of pain eventually became judged as "manipulation" for the purpose of getting something desired (and not necessarily "needed"). Soon enough, standards of "toughness" and "courage" became based on how one communicated pain - or rather, how one did not. ...As we know, what is supressed and held sub-conscious has its ways of getting out in some form or another - often in very unwanted ways. ...Note: Beneath anger is loss or the fear of loss. Loss is essentially about sources of true happiness: love, respect, and/or companionship. Although one common neurosis is about 'things' - projecting supressed feelings onto things - feelings about persons or other perceived sources of happiness that are no longer present - much like with an addiction; or it can be an addiction. Healing takes time, and denial is a means of postponing the healing until one is ready to deal with the pain - with various factors determining how long a time that may take ...None of that is to provide "an excuse" for anyone for whatever - those are just some cause-effect basics if/as/when needed to begin with." [excerpts from "The Lords of Culture' and Listening..." (the Listening essay), in Related Refs section.]

FORGIVENESS for Being Conned (a therapeutic exercise):

          Name all the most powerful events in your life- all that caused any kind of great change in your life, whether at the time, you thought they were good times or bad times. That's all the greatest High and Low points in your Life that you can remember. Now, for each one, think, what got you there, your head or your heart? Be honest. Now of all those that you say were heart-led, do some of them make you wonder what you were thinking? And if at the time you thought you were faith-inspired, is it now conceivable that maybe you were hoodwinked by one or more individuals who used your faith and love for their own benefit? The good part about this is that you can heal the part of you that was misled, so that you can both forgive yourself AND develop clarity. So you will not be fooled again - at least not as much or often. Learning who to trust for *WHAT*, and *HOW* to trust *WHEN* may be the key. [Elaboration at/via "On Forgiveness & Trust" in a section further below]

          Related to *forgiveness* and the (1st paragraph) mentioning of "conscious AND unconscious beliefs about... [most anything]": Humans are, by nature, a mix of thoughts and feelings; our psyches being the basis for chaos theory. And according to metaphysicians (those who study universal principles, the basis for most religions - and much more), only the extremely rare master-level individuals (ie: Jesus and Buddha) MIGHT conceivably be aware of ALL the elements of their psyche that effect their moods, desires, and conscious beliefs - about God, belief, structure, worthiness, change, forgiveness, etc (ok, "etc x 10"). It doesn't hurt for us "regular folk" to engage therapeutic systems for becoming more aware of those things that impel us in the directions we go. [More on political applications and encouraging implications of that learning at the "Poly-Psy Citizen Healing" Page via Related References section below.]

          And about the Health Insurance issue? I may be biased, but I believe *body-awareness based preventative maintenance* is, by far, the most effective cost-efficient form of health insurance. [more on that via my brochure via the page's footer]. As for *Something NEW* for medicine AND health insurance... please see the so-named note in lower part of Related Ref's section below.] Since they say anything is backed up by research, well, how about good logic, based on what you already know (choose which side of the "vs" you want:

Awareness of Mind + Emotion => Equilibrium vs Habitual Tension => Pliant Muscles Vs Torn Muscles
&/Or Healthy Internal Organs Vs Susceptible Internal Organs => ++ Time => Health vs Disfunction.


means [IE:] get your favorite 3rd Party candidate ELECTED Via Instant Runoff Voting!

          Why? Usually, the closest we can come to getting the more marginalized Americans represented, in order to address the causes of political marginalization as well as many other issues that don't get sufficient air time is via campaigning for 3rd Party candidates. Here is where the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system comes in- with rare exceptions, it's the only way that 3rd Party Candidates are going to get elected.
          IF you love DIVERSITY - thence peaceful coexistance of all peoples- THEN educate, AND promote, develop, initiate, engage Instant RunOff Voting! IRV works by presenting everyone's positions by the greatest variety of candidates, and thereby informs the public, engenders more people to feel like they will be represented, and allows them to elect those who provide a more truly accurate representation of the voting public, as well as the diversity of that public.
          Want to combat extremism? Ditch the "fixed" two-party electoral system/process? WELL... Then why not create a vehicle whereby ALL views can be democratically discussed, publicly reviewed so you know much more about how many people that are actually represented by any given candidate, ranked accordingly (it's also called "rank-order voting" or "Proportional Representation"), and voted upon (?) ...A non-violent solution, by the way. The FairVote site is all about Instant Runoff Voting. [excerpts from fb posts 12/16/11 & 8/30/12] on POVERTY

Judaism Rejects Zionism -

AllReligionsLogos&ChScale-s-222, Shared by Chris Pringer Dec'11, PolyPsyArts
"'All Religions Logos & 'Chalice Scale'" Shared by Chris Pringer Dec'11

'Dove & Multi3D-Chalice5'12(2) Vortex10Da Over Earth on OvalCvBkgr(Blr)' © Chris Pringer July'12
"Dove & Multi3D-Chalice5'12(2) Vortex10Da Over Earth on OvalCvBkgr(Blr)" © Chris Pringer July'12

3DChalice &Chalice Vortex 9FlwrOfLife wYinYang, © Chris Pringer
"3DChalice & Chalice-Vortex9 Flower Of Life w/YinYang" sig'd, © Chris Pringer"

Chalice Vortex Bridging Earth r4' sig'd © Chris Pringer
"Chalice Vortex Bridging Earth r4" sig'd, © Chris Pringer 2008"

vUSPA Logo Draft4b, © Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts & O'Kelly McCluskey 2004
vUSPA.Org Logo © Chris Pringer & O'Kelly McCluskey 2004

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"3DCh-Atomic Chalice S5A Transforming Tapistry5 Flower Of Life -Dark-s-A2" sig'd, © Chris Pringer, 2010

'Chalice Scale & Evolution towards Universal Balance', 12'08 Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com
The "Chalice-Scale" (© Chris Pringer Dec'08) represents the bridging and balancing of polarities within each conscious Being. Conceptually, the bio-electric charge of opposites in the universe forms a dynamic vortex of tension, hence the motivation for humanity to evolve.

Chalice TransFormgHeart BkB-Fth&Adj3 HrdSigd, sig'd, © Chris Pringer
"Chalice Transforming Heart BkB, Fth&Adj3" sig'd, © Chris Pringer Apr.2010

All-Believing Transition-3s-UnFramed, © Chris Pringer
"Beliefs in Potential «§» Transition"
(© Chris Pringer Dec'08, Large Version & more on it's symbology at World Healing Prayers Page)

Emotional Avoidance & Cause-Effect Relationship with Fundamentalist Extremism

Sample Cause-Effect Chain(s):
from early childhood *Highly Suppressed Traumatic Experience* => *Avoidance* of the physical &/or emotional as related to trauma => *Coping Mechanisms* for avoidance of own real emotions => *Spiritual Beliefs* disdainful of physical reality, void of emotional depth => psycho-immunity: lacks physical &/or emotional health due to avoiding emotional dilemmas => *Substance Abuse* incl. prescription or over-the-counter drugs *&/or other addictions* => with high needs for mental-emotional Structuring => [1 PATH From Here] => *Conflict Avoidance* incl. ie: avoiding introspection or virtual blindness, denial, inability to deal healthfully as related to communication related to various or specific types of loss/ pain/ victimization =>
[More EXTERNAL:] => *Martyr-Triangle-Related* & other types of denial, projection, & gunny-sacking, as well as emotional sado-masochistic behaviour (emotional bait & switch, etc) => *Intellectual Avoidance mechanisms* => *False Positivism* ie: overly-simplistic about good/evil, winners/losers, etc. => non-individuation, answers to "why here" question borrowed/induced or not well worked out => *Attraction* either to autocratic belief systems &/or their cult leaders, or to hyper-positive sub-groups of New Thought religions => *Effects in Relationships* with others of similar psycho-immune incapacitation, incl. ie: those without (or who refuse) access to Support Systems (personal/ emotional &/or professional therapeutic) => [1 PATH From Here] => *Attraction to Fundamentalist Extremism* => ... !!!

Signs4WorldChange[Cartoon] by Chris Pringer Jan'12"Signs for World Change"

"At the Rally for World Change, a number of groups of people holding unusual signs converge into a huge circle..." a short essay, "World Change or World of Addiction ?". About "Choices: It may not be about WHAT WE WANT the most, but about WHAT WE BELIEVE IN the most. Some of us might WANT to believe world change can happen. But our other beliefs, born of disillusionment, fear, and shame, may be stronger. What has that, or global peace or sustainability, got to do with addiction?..."
    And how can we turn that into something pro-active and hopefully motivating? More at the "Poly-Psy & Citizen Health..." page. - Chris Pringer Jan'12

3D &Multi-VortexV&H Chalice w/4Orbs Over IntertwingHearts & Flower Of Life Tapestry5bFCVt' sig'd © Chris Pringer Oct 2010
"3D &Multi-VortexV&H Chalice w/4Orbs Over IntertwingHearts & Flower Of Life Tapestry5bFCVt" sig'd © Chris Pringer Oct 2010

Questions for World Change
"Questions for World Change" shared by Chris Pringer Jan 2012

'Karma-learning-Love Shield' - 'What is Sown is Reaped, What is stolen is paid for; Karma is Learning is Justice is Love; The Tree of Life Bears the Flower of Life Bears the Tree of Life...' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010
"Karma-learning-Love Shield" shared by Chris Pringer 2010

TrendsToWhat(L), Chris Pringer, 6'16
    "Thresholds, Changing Trends, and
Learning from Extremism"

at the page, "New Information & Facilitating Paradigm Shift Potential."

Initiating with a slightly eclectic introduction, the writing provides a fair amount of the scholastics and background research on "Threshold Effect"," and "Classic threshold models - the two most pertinent - as well as a few related uses for this variable that is useful for recognizing, assessing, and predicting key events and trends in processes. Trends being the operant word, since the current times 2015-2016 have been especially remarkable for their unpredictability. Also includes a pertainant review of Granovetter's model in Malcolm Gladwell's article, "Thresholds Of Violence" -- about the "school-shooting epidemic," "The Power of Context" and "The Tipping Point." As well as some implications - but with considerations for practical application, including for how to take all this in - AND references, including an extensive list copied from the Wikipedia page on Conscience. Finishes up with a summary assembly of context usages of "threshold effect" at the site. [New, June 2016]
TrendsToWhat(R), Chris Pringer, 6'16


I Thought this was a pretty great sign, pretty much THE message from Veterans for Peace.
A paradox to many who are still trying to realize the nature of change -- from viewing the world from one invested paradigm to viewing it from quite another. To grasp the potential reality of our changing from a fear & conflict-based economy to one of peace.

Certainly considering the insanity of a reality as made plain by the chart below.

"Soldiers Know" sign and peace flags over anti-war activist parade, Seattle 3/21/10
I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, as only one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.
...Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense,
a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

-Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. general and 34th president (1890-1969)

Bumpersticker from VFP's national campaign, "How's the War Economy Working for You"

One Definition of Insanity (paying for war when peace costs so much less)


How much is spent on military budgets a year worldwide?

How much of this is spent by the U.S.?

What percent of US military spending would ensure
the essentials of life to EVERYONE in the world ?
(according the UN, & includes education, of course)
$900+ billion

10% (That is about $40 billion, the amount of funding initially requested to fund our retaliatory attack on Afghanistan in 2002). National Priorities .Org

      Q1:    "The main rationale for war generally boils down to lack of sustenance" - ie: due to the planet not having sufficient resources ?
      Q2:    "It's about Terrorism" ? Or, how many people would support extremists, IF everyone already had all they needed (basic needs and much more, which obviously could be afforded, were it not for the addiction to arms) ?
      Q3:    About someone's lifestyle, RELIGION, or values being threatening to "our own"?


     A1:   The above stats clearly do not support that notion shaking out with Reality. That is, the claim about planetary resources has been a lie, certainly for the last 150 years. In fact, that will only be true if we don't prevent climate change before it has gone on too long. But indeed, poverty and fear-of-lack has almost always provided the basis of war, and/or the excuse of the power-addicted, as well as sufficient circumstance, desparation, and fodder for terrorism.
      A2:    No and very few (not near enough to give cause for the risk). This assumes (after these needs are met) that there would be some amount of cooperative international policing capability, of course, with substantially reduced redundancy (not to mention "over-kill" capacity). When will we realize that EVERY basic *need* [that] EVERY person on this planet has - could be paid for many times over - for a fraction of what we spend - to fight those who feel so underfed, that they have to join extremists to make themselves heard (???), since that is when the recruiters will fail to meet the power-brokers' requirements for war-making -- which is much more expensive, ANY way you count it.
      A3:    Any psychologist, let alone anthropologist, will tell you that we cannot survive on this planet without diversity, and thence the respect for it. Scientists will tell you that goes for plant and animal species as well. (Q: Have we not yet learned from politicians who play with religious fervor and the freedom jealousy thing - on the emotions of the emotionally led?   A: One only hopes so!)
      A1-3:    The main point being, *Need* is NOT what motivates war - By about 90% or $800 Billion !!! (per the U.N., pre-Iraq War!) The real cause of war or terrorism is "Desire" by those who don't know when enough is enough (things or power), who don't know the difference between *Need* and *Desire,* and thus fail to deal appropriately with HOW the resources are distributed - and NOT. And to thus continue using problem-solving methods that increase the number and size of problems - is that not one definition of insanity? Vs such as those as could be accomplished by those discussed in "Providing the INFRASTRUCTURE for Cooperation" and the awareness and momentum as garnered by the Bernie Sanders campaign, the Peace Tax Fund legislation (H.R. 2377, originally H.R. 2037 by Senator Hatfield), & via the below links.

Do you want to make a difference in the politicized economy? Please consider these VIEWS and RESOURCES as needed (on other pages at this site)
[Parts Added 12'15, 2'16: a) about planetary resource availability in A1; after "When will we realize" in A2; & after "By about 90% or $800 Billion!!!" b) re: "Providing INFRASTRUCTURE..." and Bernie Sanders, Peace Tax Fund in A1-3 c) CostOfWar.Com became NationalPriorities.Org ]
Want to Bring us back to Reality ?
V O T E    W I T H    Y O U R    D O L L A R !
Please Use These Resources As Needed



Forgiveness WITH Accountability, Trust, Compassion, CHANGE, Et'All'

One Pro-Active Summary Including some Links for "Dealing with Stuff" for each activity of *resolution*

          Note: the points in the below sections, while some be fine, need not be skipped wholesale without a little briefing, at least.)
          IMHO, there is nothing wrong with anger if constructively expressed, and that's what this forum is for. Also, there's nothing wrong with kindness and forgiveness when dispensing the process of accountability (referring mainly to politics in this case). But please do the latter in any case. Our souls unfortunately are too used to doing the catch-up later thing. But [per some folks' belief system(s)] Karma is a steady, but often excruciatingly slow wheel.
          In any case (still IMHO) is our job as citizens to make what we call a democracy also work as a democracy. Accountability is a requirement for all, but also especially as an example for our children. Otherwise they learn that moneyed people and cheaters don't have the law apply to them. Which, although more and more true, it seems, requires a lot more work on parents' part to raise balanced and compassionate children, thence citizens. The above noted constructive expression "should" be followed by, in private, in this case, a little "Dealing w/Stuff," including acknowledging the feelings of pain & loss (in private or with a therapist) including the grieving process (five steps, Et all).

          Links: Please see "Related/Source Info" (below right) on a) Forgiveness and "Management of the Emotional Body" [Dealing with Stuff]. In same section the links to b) "'The Lords of Culture' and Listening..." is about compassion, as well as c) the "Compassion" page which also regards the "issue" of idealism including that of the "off-planet" variety, including as related to "Perfection" and "Unconditional Love."
          Trust by a 'Gestalt' psychology definition engages those elements covered far below left and the first three links therein.
          Basis of pro-active approach might begin with a) 'starting where you are at' (doing one's homework and skipping the 'feel-good' back-patting sites for awhile, AND b) as per the link to the "Goal Chart" page (far below right), especially as regards "Setting Realistic Goals."

Trump Capitalizing on the Lack of Forgiveness

          Were we (Americans) to accomplish our forgiveness homework (per the essay here, Trump would not have a chance in hell. Or rather, that would be the only place he'd have a chance. That homework, in the view of this author (and perhaps a great many therapists since most therapy is about anger and forgiveness), is not, at it's heart, about politics. But it became exceedingly more about politics after 911.
          Trump capitalizes on that anger, the core of which is loss and/or fear of loss, and the resulting desire to get revenge for what corporations have done to and with third world countries, especially those with oil. AND for the core of that which is too many Americans not taking responsibility for aiding and abetting those corporations in that process. Blame it on ignorance or blame it on denial - depending on whether one considers "paying attention" as a responsibility of citizens. In any case, what needs to be healed is the loss, which will go a long ways toward healing the fear of additional loss.
          Anger is ALWAYS about LOSS, whether in the past, the present, and/or the anticipated future (just in case I didn't make that clear). And current anger is almost always about past loss, to one degree or another, and usually to a significantly high degree (no matter what it feels like at the time). And as noted in various places at this website (with elaboration as to how and why), forgiveness and accountability go hand in hand.
          Now about something more complex, but with very current implications [Noted July 23, 2016] AND very potential ramifications: [Please see at right]

"The Most Difficult Forgiveness"

          This is not about one event, but a series of events. In this case it begins months or years in the past, initiated by an event, associated w/ PTSD, and/or is initiated and followed-up with additional event(s) that are associated with the first and with PTSD. In addition to that, the events, so associated, are continuing up to the time of the attempted forgiveness for these events, AND are expected to continue AFTER the time of attempted or actual forgiveness.
          Lets call it "Multi-&-Continuing-Event PTSD-engaged Injury" and related challenge for forgiveness. AND By Forgiveness, I mean "complete" forgiveness, with associated memories fully intact, unsuppressed, etc. I know of persons who have experienced this, are experiencing this on a personal level, and which event(s) to be forgiven are not related to political events.
          To add the more extreme example, imagine being someone who is undergoing continuing torture - for years - yet finds it within his/her heart to forgive even while knowing it will continue. Granted the PTSD may not be there, depending on the nature of the trauma in the earlier phase(s), and/or at other more early events in his/her life.
          AND a great many people are experiencing this, to one degree or another as related to race, religion, culture, and various political events, I believe. In that regard I am also aware of politicians who are taking advantage of this multi-&-continuing-event type of injury and related extreme difficulty in forgiveness - that is, including one in particular who is [currently] very much depending on this advantage-taking to gain a very high office and great power [Noted July 23, 2016].
          And there's that aspect of revenge, which is not the same as accountability seeking, let alone justice. While forgiveness and accountability go hand in hand, revenge and acountability do not.

          Related/Source Info: Noting that (psycho-therapeutically speaking) *Anger is ALWAYS about LOSS,* whether in the past, the present, and/or the anticipated future:
          ChaktiBullet The "Forgiveness Set" section of the "Compassion" page ("Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner -- and Detouring Burn-out") including and "The Most Difficult Forgiveness" (for "Multi-&-Continuing-Event PTSD-engaged Injury"). Which page also includes:
          ChaktiBullet  "More On 'Ideals'" & "Idealism & the Concept of Perfection" including regard for the "issue" of "Unconditional Love" as related to ideals of "Perfection" and idealism of the "off-planet" variety
          ChaktiBullet  "Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body" (at the page, "Approaches & Methodologies for Body-Mind Integration")

On Forgiveness & Trust
Ahhh, but "it is so right, so polite, to FORGET," we might think.

          No. It is healthy to FORGIVE, but forgetting can be dangerous. Like when forgetting becomes denial. Treatment summary: Remember the whole emotional ordeal (including any denial), forgive (including any denial), create appropriate response for circumstances that led to the previous denial, celebrate having alternatives ready for the future, consider how this might be applied to group situations (including politics and denial of ...). Ok, I ad-libed for the last one. Sometimes others' unworthiness for trust is the biggy, or even forgiving self for trusting (at that time). But since you can't trust anyone for EVERYthing, or EVERYone for anything, then maybe it's NOT so much about *WHO* to trust. Maybe, more usefully, it's actually about who to trust for what, and what to trust from whom . More on Trust after the next two paragraphs.
          Accountability is not about revenge! But for the sake of teaching our young (and less mature adults) that doing wrong does not pay (as well as for recovering what has been lost). That is what we call "appropriate structure" which is basic in the fields of education and health. As regards what got us into Iraq, the term "magical thinking" (not to mention "denial"), comes to my mind. Such has seemed the way so many Americans have been managing their memory and trust - for how long after that? Can we ever forgive those who led us in these directions, with judgment meated out for not believing in the same God? Of course (with effort). Maybe if we start with those who believed so easily? Can we Forget? That would be sociopathic.
          Forgiveness (or lack thereof) effects memory, and that effects tracking (and basic observing/comparing of trends, events, etc. Experiment with that for yourself if you don't believe it - the worst thing you could cause is feeling guilty for lightening your load <grin>). The desire for so many Americans to believe they are "the good guys" (so dangerous when felt as vital to self-esteem no matter what the cost) also relates to self forgiveness and effects perception of events, not to mention memory/tracking. Change comes from within; change which forced from the outside will not last.
          Trust is an action (conscious or not) based on an investment of risk and/or hope, and/or it is based on knowledge of someone and/or something. IE: One can trust: an honest person to tell the truth, a thief and liar to steal and lie, oneself to be oneself (whatever good or ill that entails in word or action), and what goes up to come back down. Otherwise, we can trust change will occur only when we KNOW that the willingness AND (physical, emotional, mental, and ethical) capabilities are present to be exercised in a circumstance that sufficiently allows the change. More on 'Who to Trust' (or simply "when to expect what") ChaktiBullet Here
          Change ('learning') on a community or national level first requires tracking and observing trends - and then developing and accomplishing realistic goals. Of course, observing internal trends (within oneself as well as within ones community or nation) and external effects as well, would help a lot. Too bad that when it comes to politics and politicians, that's considered "magical thinking" these days. In any case, it's probably safe to say that short memory would be, and has been, a favorite reality of those politicians who specialize in manipulation. Note: It wouldn't hurt to take mental notes if not keep an outline journal (ie: events & dates) with the initiation of any new administration. I elaborate in depth on the psychology related to the above (and much related), how that relates to our current geo-psycho-socio-political state, in the ChaktiBullet "Overcoming Political Disillusionment" page, and with more charts at the ChaktiBullet "Poly-Psy & Citizen Health, Recovering Democracy" page.
          Crazy person's argument: "But if I'm not tracking (internally and externally), then all's forgotten, there's no one to forgive, I trust everyone, and so everyone has credibility." Well, of course, few people are that crazy. And actually, the point, the core principle of application that we apparently most need to learn here... (Ready?) that: what emotions we deny eventually become (unconsciously) projected out in ways that are self-perceived as safe. That is what is happening when we find "safe" targets for our worst emotions (including for whatever distrust, fear, hatred, jealousy, envy, etc that we have denied was associated with other people, things, events, etc). That includes "politically safe" targets. "Scapegoating" is the more conscious form of projecting, but just how "conscious" that is, is a matter of opinion even among psychologists and ministers.
         SUMMARY: Forgiveness and accountability (for self and/or others) are NOT mutually exclusive. Healing practitioners will tell you that each works best when both are obtained hand-in-hand. Accountability is critical NOW more than ever. How are we going to win hearts and minds in the Middle-East if we don't hold accountable those in our government who led us, via known lies, into killing over a million Iraqi's and displacing another half a million? (Mostly civilian, and yes, per the usual trusted world census sources ( ChaktiBullet elaboration and links re: *The Lancet* Studies, 2003-2007). How can so many who believe in the death penalty, be so quick to dismiss the mandate for accountability for such "leadership"?. (11'07, 10'08, 4'10)

"Father, Forgive them, for they know not..."

          It occurred to me that if Jesus was psychologically astute and speaking to highly educated future cultures (thus regarding the "inner child" aspect needing to be spoken for by the "adult" aspect), He might've said "Children, forgive them..." But He was a realist (IMHO), and in that day, that would likely have come across as patronizing to many people, perhaps most especially the Hebraic peoples.
          Not only that, but if Jesus had any connections at all with the Jewish spiritual elite (and we know he did), then that patriarchial approach to that 'spirit' of the people would be more effective. Remember the various different Gods referred to in the old Testiment, often enough where the smiting of enemies was referred to. Perhaps more importantly and very much in that same regard.
          Also note that Jesus likely had attracted the attention of, if not also mingled with, the equivalent of the shaman's of the day, the perhaps more widely respected older and wiser (Jewish high priests) who used the Kabbalah magic (to call for the smiting, abomination, hair falling out, etc - which purposely public invocations would, at the least, incite the priests' followers).
          Considering all that then, if Jesus wanted to make sure there were no vengence-based wars to result from his death, and thus prove a point to the Jewish power elite (as well as others, including the Essenes), not to mention be the example of one of the most key principles of His teachings, THEN the call for His Father to be forgiving was also part of a very strategic long term plan initiated from the time he knew how he was to be crucified (IMHO).
Key Excerpts from 10'09 Chart, 'Summary on Forgiveness & Trust' ~Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts, 10'18
"A Summary on Forgiveness, Trust, and Accountability" (Key Excerpts from 10'09 Chart) ~Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts, 10'18

Why Politics at all?
My Love/Hate Relationship with Politics
(Note: that's "with", not "for".)

          Question: Is politics the place to learn about empowerment on the earth plane, when it comes to making any difference in the evolution of our species? Or is the state of governmental affairs just an extension only of certain parts of us? Maybe it is where so many learn (Love-Wisdom) BECAUSE it is also one of the most heart-breaking realms to delve into(?)
          Yes, the political world is repleat with opportunities for being/feeling disillusioned and/or betrayed, and (psychologically) faced with the choices of a) forgiving, healing, and continuing in service, or b) dropping out and rationalizing that choice with one of the many excuses that are called "spiritual." And how many of we "soft Americans" have sufficient strength to maintain awareness of the more difficult realities, to work to improve conditions, AND (after being knocked off the horse, get back on and) maintain a kind and compassionate approach every day?
          HOWEVER, for those of us so idealistic to try [ If there's 'tough love', maybe there's 'Stubborn Love'? Or something approaching that, if only from a modest distance]: As we focus on the ideal we draw near and close the gap between that reflected universe that we know mirrors our highest potentials, and the universe that we have tended to "see" around us. And so doing we recreate the universe we live in more like that highest reflection.
"Which is the dream?" asks the Shaman.
          Another Question: Politically and pragmatically speaking, how is it that we maintain our awareness in "both worlds" - so as to see the best pathway between them, and create our own individual *realistic* goals, and from there our communal *realistic* goals, and achieve them along that pathway?
          Hence the challenge of integrating our emotional bodies and (with) our spiritual bodies: Is that not one of our spiritual opportunities while living in a body? If we are not the only species in the universe, and if the wiser ones were visiting us to teach their kids about the evolution of living beings, would they wonder if this integration was what our species was created for? Or is that just another projection of ego ? One possible assist in such considerations and "paradoxical dilemmas" is the Goal Chart page, ChaktiBullet "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, And the Role of Inner Work - A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in...".

          A more metaphorical approach is put forth in ChaktiBullet " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and the Body-Mind Split - An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context" (and Emotional Intelligence) in the ChaktiBullet "Pragmatic Balance" section of at the Chalice Art & Science Integration page. Also in that section is "Teach The Truth, And Change Will Come From Within" (with a title that paraphrases my best teachers, and this means change will come from within the teacher as well as those taught). Perhaps most notable there, "A Kind of Summary for Pragmatic Balance" (of this and other pages at the site), including psycho-spiritual evolution & emotional intelligence, has also been created there.
          Related to the above, especially as related to Trends, Memory, and Tracking: ChaktiBullet Forgiveness and Trust (or "Discrimination: Whether, When, or How to have Expectations of ...").

          The Chalice Bridging logo (below) symbolizes the flow of insight from the formless world to the formed world, to how we work together to put the answers and solutions to the above questions into form - to the degree that we do. Clicking on the logo will take you to the full size graphic, an essay on "Cross-Discipline Sharing & Utilization," as well as the organization chart and site map for ChaliceBridge.Org

          An invocation/affirmation I try to remember (especially as I carry my political signage on or around me):
         "People, including myself, see what we most need to see- in Accordance with the Most Highest Loving Will of God, I acknowledge Compassionate, truthful, and useful perspective of self and relationship with the world people & environment. I release my attachment/expectation for, any change in nation-states, while acknowledging that miracles are possible, and maintaining the most effective vision to keep me going - where and how I need to go. Thank YOU, God/Goddess, and most loving Spirit of All."   -cp

Chalice Bridging & CDC Logo, © Chris Pringer 2008
No Longer radical?

Yes, the con-artists par excellance' (Trump'ing they're way into vengence-laden hearts), Christian Fascist congresspersons and senators, pre' & post RovenBushies, Neo-Cons, et-all... have provided much material for humor (and development of many other personal strengths!). The paradox is that we (who inspire this page) are good people, aspiring to universal kindness, yet certainly not perfect, while we do our best to cope with what evil-acting people do, in whatever non-violent ways we can, at any given time. And our anger about the irreparable harm they did is very real. Any denial of that has only made things worse very fast. Yet we've been putting that anger to good uses. We elected a black man we believed to be a true progressive with a pragmatic agenda. There is controversy over how well those descriptives fit, but we did pull ourselves together for that citizen action. In any case, there are links to prayer sheets, "solution sets," and related considerations in/via the below "Related References" section, for many pragmatic pro-active things that we can do, individually and with others.
Evolve Humanity '08ver (How's this for Extreme? (gif) w/Link to Pragmatic Balance essay - © Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArt 2004




Related References

   World Healing Prayers - extended description just below
   Favorite Solution Sites Section at PolyPsy Citizen Healing Page
extended description for the page just below
   Economic Activism - at Political References Page
   "Resources for Attitudinal Considerations"
A few included in the section just above, "No Longer Radical?"
   "A Different Take on Evolution" extended description just below
   Also on trends and evolving Humanity: how about
"the Desire for Pragmatic Balancing of Extremes" ?
including some history of early Christianity
( at the "Chalice Art Page" )
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extended description just below
   At Separate Pages:  "A Gestalt Perspective" - respecting the diversity within oneself in order to honor that in ALL life;   "'The Lords of Culture' and Listening" (July 2010);   "Body-Parenting" therapeutic approach for productive relations between the mental, emotional, and physical aspects; and  "Victims, Compassion, & Responsibility -- Notes on The 'Emotional-Body', Denial of Pain, & 'Easy Answers' ( Not! )"
3D/AtomicPi/Multi-Chali-Cell VortexBridge Transfrmg FlwrOfLife 4 sig'd2, © Chris Pringer
Symbolizing the many dimensions of growth and change we are learning on the Earth plane as souls evolve

Poly-Psy Arts Logo © 6'08 Chris Pringer

   The PolyPsyArts Home Page

          This and various "PolyPsy" pages come from questions that have emerged ('97 to present) in response to an apparently unconscious psycho-political dumbfounding of many American citizens. Many have, according to most everyone else on the planet, blindly allowed the current trends due to their taking democracy for granted. I hope that we can gain some clarity, 'Love-Wisdom'? possibly some constructive ideas, from bouncing such questions around. Who knows - eventually, such ideas might bear fruit. I recognize that we are challenged, yet I believe in our capacity to learn -- and even to learn where we haven't been used to learning.
          Because, if we can do that -- and if God intended for us to evolve on this planet to the point of success of humans actually getting along with each other (while still in human body form) -- then it will be done through persisting in learning how to do that. One of my goals is the effective presentation of the questions and considerations. I appreciate your feedback towards helping me achieve/further that goal - via - Thank you!

Thumbnail of Resource Access Prayer Chart for Economy
   "Resource Access Prayer Chart for Economy

Page Description:
24 prayers as of Dec 2011, Universal in approach,generally invoking Divine assistance, calling for citizen awareness & courage, truth, justice, accountability, related healing, learning, & balance, etc. They include a resource-connecting prayer chart for the Economy (Jan'11) , two that are specific to global climate healing, one to Iraq & Middle East, two for comprehensive planetary healing in general, two specific to media communications (latest Dec'10), and more. Page includes background and related information, links, and printing/downloading tips. (Yes, of course it's free, as I believe prayers are meant to be.)

Thumbnail of World Healing Prayer w Affirmative Questions, Integrated for Meditation for Prevention of War, and manifestation of Healthfully Sustainable Planet - click to go there
   "Q's Prayer 4 World Peace
Thumbnail of Iraq-MiddleEast Healing Prayer, Chris Pringer, Commissioning Archangel Michael for Truth, Justice, Accountability by all concerned - click to go there
    "Archangel Prayer for Iraq-MiddleEast"
Global Climate Healing Fantasy & Invocation (Thumb)

   "A Global Climate Healing Fantasy and the Spirit of It All" On Sacred Earth Background. PDF versions available for Printing (is 2 pages long)
World Healing Prayers over Sacred Geometry Graphic Backgrounds

The "coverage" (via prayer text) provides a virtual summary of our current world challenges - hints to opportunities to gain the momentum we need to heal/transform the planet and mankind.
Thumbnail of Broad Spectrum World Healing Prayer, Chris Pringer - click to go there
     Broad Spectrum World Healing Prayer

   "Poly-Psy Citizen Healing Page
Discussions & Charts on Political Activism, Empathy, Apathy, Healing & Recovering Democracy"

Thumbnail of Activism & Healing Chart, Chris Pringer - click to go there
   "Political Activism, Apathy, & Healing"
Cause and effect patterns related to conscious choices for change toward sustainable living on the planet (a long term project)

Introducing a study in current "Poly-Psy" (not just "Poly-Sci") with 3 graphic flow charts

Thumbnail of Intro-Overview Chart, © Chris Pringer - click to go there
   Overview Chart for Introducing a Study in Poly-Psy
What brought us to the *current crossroads* Socially and Psychologically; Citizen Roles and Choices

Thumbnail of Beliefs, Paths, & Service Chart, © Chris Pringer - click to go there
   "Beliefs, Paths, & Service"
Visually relates various philosophical origins, coping styles, roles in active citizenry...
      Includes the essays: "Healing the Citizenry" - guides pragmatic discussion for recognition of our current situation, examination of related cause-effect patterns, transitioning out of political apathy, and making conscious choices for change toward sustainable living on the planet - a long term project (Fall 2002);     "An Introduction to Subjects in 'Poly-Psy'" - about Poly *Psy*, not "Poly-Sci";     "A Re-balancing Transition Process for Healing Governments" - Daunting Questions about designing effective structure & process - 'ism's & not ('08-'10);     "The Economy as Artform and not Science" - a compassionate view ±?" (3'09); and      "'Empathy' or 'Armor' by Definition..." - Clarifying where the definition has come to be re-defined to apply in limited ways and directions (4'10)

A Different Take on Evolution

    Evolution Trends: The 'Information Age' And Its Evolution Into The 'Holographic Age'
Challenges and Realistic Goals For Survival and Creating A Desirable Future, © Nov'95

NOTE: At this website the term "evolution" refers to that of human consciousness, resulting in lasting change on the physical level.
Evolve Humanity, ChaliceVortex&Planet'evolve-balance', © Chris Pringer PolyPsyArt 2008        
          We are currently in the "Information Age" of global-scale *collection and organization * of data and data systems. The "Holographic Age" will be marked by "...the integration of data (a precursor and main component of the Holographic age) ...will bring about a tremendous explosion in capabilities of unprecedented scope, magnitude, and depth... The ability to offer/affect pre-designed physiological, emotional, mental, and psychic change on human beings..." Intelligence manages information, but wisdom manages Intelligence. This "adventurous" draft looks into the future (or potential future scenarios) at many key areas of evolvement of Human Society. Organized web page includes sections: "Getting There From Here - and The Political Maze In Between," "Some Trends and Developments In Health and Environment," "Psycho-Social Transition And Rehabilitation" (in corrections, education, and health), and "The Role Of Intuition Coming Home...". Recent additions include: much improved "Basis of Assessment - with "Seven Phases of Evolution"; "On Potential Realities, Ideals, Goals, and Accomplishment"; and "On Learning, Fairness, Truth, and Peace" (& Purpose, Structure, Religion, Karma), and ref-links for the "updated" prophecies for the year 2012.
          ie: [from original August 1995 paper:] "...Our trial and initiation prior to entering the next age is dealing with the issue of 'Polarization.' So much depends on how we manage this issue during the 1995 - 2005 period of time... critical on many levels. The implications may therefore be timely, a balance of warning with hope and direction => ...'Polarization' refers to the two opposing extremes of over-identification and enmeshment. The first extreme, over-identification, relating to hyper-egoism or narcissism, includes misplaced patriotism and competition for the sake of wrong-making and degradation, nationalism that unduly separates people, bigotry, elitism, and related extremes. The 2nd extreme, enmeshment, relating to the blurring of proper boundaries (such as with emotional or energetic enmeshment, sexual abuse, any improper 'dual relationship'), includes that which occurs with [non/]secular/political or political/personal conflicts of interest. Appropriate structure (laws, regulations, professional guidelines, cultural mores, rules of conduct, etc) is the result of healthy personal and societal discrimination of values, and related priorities and goals... ...will develop out of necessity - much due to the aberrations of the info age (psychological manipulation and necessary defense systems practiced by/for/against businesses in competition as well as for military reasons => ...personal data as common knowledge <=> 'Age of Exposure' => ...the decade of the media moguls and the survival of democracy..."
'Geo&Chakra Skull&Chalice' & 'Grail Mind', © Chris Pringer PolyPsyArt 2010
'GeoChakra Skull & Chalice' & "Grail Mind" - PolyPsyArt 2010
        But if we get through all that, one of the many noted benefits include "... We will have the unique opportunity to learn first-hand from the most hi-tech, research data-backed, psychological ...Awareness on/of the various levels & interrelationships between these areas... The application of intuition may find an unprecedented role in terms both of breadth and of its popular integration with the more logical approaches ...As a result, various systems of 'Integrated Diagnostics' will be developed..."
          The original paper was email published in Nov '95 on (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and Spiramed@sjuvm.stjohns.Edu. Yes, *1995* - So I guess the "system" I used was not so bad (based on the "Seven Phases of Evolution," as detailed on that page in Dec'09). Some intuition did enter in between that system and the "if this, then this" logic - scans of original notes with hand-drawn flow-charts included, but I've never called this "a prophecy," but a perceived spiritual challenge (for humanity) with potentially great rewards - an opportunity for taking responsibility. Even so: That 10 year 'prep' period has just passed - wherein so much did indeed determine about how and how soon we begin this next age - or if we do before the planet (otherwise) overhauls itself. But remember "that spaceship" that's going to save us ? Wink Well, IMO, the pilots are none other than ourselves - as our Earth-Steward selves that is. So, IF it happens, not to worry, we won't miss a minute of it -- IMO, God wouldn't deprive us of the realization that we are so capable! (And responsible. Or don't we want to earn our way ?!)

*Something NEW* for Medicine AND Health Insurance

What would actually change our health-care system the most?

          How about a means of diagnosis that takes so many aspects of a person into account, that it creates a capacity for designing a truly healing program for most any patient? Nice dream you say. How could a diagnostic system be that accurate for so many conditions? What would enable our medical system to consider, so surely and comprehensively to so much greater depth and context, the many processes for the many different kinds of individuals, than we do now? Well, of course, such questions indicate a healthy skepticism. But let's dream just a bit more, but this time, from outside the box, as they say:

         What if there were a system of assessment that would bring together the great many disciplines of health-care - particularly including Eastern, Naturopathic, and even the many among the Western - and to a degree of collaboration that was far beyond what we've ever seen before? In case you don't know, such collaboration is currently not a reality to any meaningful extent, certainly for most health conditions. Particularly between those focusing on the body, and those focusing on the mind, not to mention the relative few focusing on the connection between the two.

          Here's where many professors might dawn that wry grin, being so acutely aware of the egos of various medical disciplines locked around their own perspectives about what heals and what doesn't and so on. And they say, "Yeah, that's going to happen soon."
          Understood. There is that multi-varied polarization in the medical fields that you may not have heard about very often, certainly not prior to when such practices as chiropractic and acupuncture began their influx into western societies.

          And yes - I am working towards something that may hold some hope. In fact I've been working on something for some time, and I can understand some degree of skepticism "in high circles" as related to the likelihood of getting a review - by those that can make a difference. However, One of my dreams for a long time now is a society where/in all people, beginning in childhood, are taught how to feel/see/read their own body-mind communications such that preventative health maintenance eventually becomes second nature. That would then be part of our upbringing and public schooling. But that capability depends on a diagnostic capacity which would require a few decades of research and development, per the project described below - but which would also lend many other exciting accomplishments...

          I'm referring to what I call "the Fascia Memory Project." Which I have attempted to develop from basic concept ( first published in 1996 ), into an effective presentation on line (from theory & basis to projected 35 year plan). I suppose I've too often taken the above noted skeptical response too seriously, and then relented to focus on other vocation related projects,* having had generally limited resources, working for a living and so on.

         The Fascia-Memory Project is about research and development into the relationships among connective tissue (fascia), objective/subjective experience, the neuro-physical interface between emotion, and the brain, and "body-Memory." About developing connective tissue scanning devices and diagnostics hardware for discerning and illustrating all that. Goals include developing optimal means for applying that R&D in health care practice, as well as developing enhanced systems for individual development of body-awareness for preventative health maintenance. A long term project, but the intermediate goals and sub-projects themselves would bring about considerable effective change from the earliest stages and increasingly through project's end. Some, in fact, would help pay for the project (particularly the "Muscle Madness" game show and off-shoots, as described at the project's Goals & Objectives page). The range of application extends from the medical industry to personal home use, to public education, to social and correctional rehabilitation. For context and perspective on this far-reaching multi-faceted proposal, see (page 8) the Fascia-Memory Project Overview Chart.

          The Fascia Memory Project is not an idea for sale. It "only" requires a sizable investment to initiate the project. But one I am sure we would all benefit from. If you are sufficiently connected, financially or otherwise, please take it and make it happen... this or something better. Please see the web pages for more on how and why the investment would return far more than financial benefits - although I have also explained sufficiently there how that would happen as well.

          Hence my note at Facebook and some pages at my web site: I hope/plan to attract some helpful feedback, perhaps about something I need to include to make the presentation better understood or otherwise more effective. Perhaps this will draw something far more. I am hoping to get a good hearing for the system - which I believe will lead to research, that will lead to the system with the capacities I describe above. I have doubts about that happening in the United States. Other countries seem more multi-discipline-capable when it comes to medicine - and it's relationship to other organized interests.
          Enough for the introduction. The project's web site includes pages for Intro & Summary (with a detailed table of contents with links to the pages), Description & Purpose, Goals & Objectives, Research & Development, Theory, References & Links [extensive], Project Overview Chart, Project Flow Chart ( "Pert" style output by 'MS Project' ). The Original Theory published June'96.

Thank you for your consideration,
Chris Pringer

KEYWORDS: fascia, connective tissue, body-memory, diagnostic hardware, scanning device, neural networks, bio-magnetic, neural field, chronic response, somatic-memory recall, Correlation, research, preventative health, corollary systems, fascia memory, somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy, neurotransmitter, proprioceptor, Mind-Body awareness integration, Soft tissue, pain, referral, emotional factor, diagnosis, psychoneuro-immunological, PNI, sensor system, Myo-Fascial, Field Arrays, Myo/CT-Fascial, Assessment Device, CAT/MRI equipment, fascia components, preventative maintenance strategy, technique, illustrating, medical application

Fascia Memory Project

F.M. Project Overview Chart

F.M. Project (Pert) Flow Chart


Rants & Prose From Days We Froze,
then Rose Not to Doze, Or so I Propose

I recognize that we are challenged,
yet I believe in our capacity to learn --

especially to learn to persist in learning.
    Because, if we can believe that we can do that ...
and if God intended for us to evolve
on this planet to the point of success
where humans actually get along with each other
(while still in human body form) -
then God's Will Be Done
through faith and persistence in learning how to do that.

as if having FAITH in that axiom
that "God helps those who help themselves"

On the whole, in the long run, we (society) have all created what we now have
( Although some have been ever so much more willing to take advantage,
and yet the "Silence is Betrayal" quote relates ...)

EG: Monopolization of the media to keep the issues reframed
and to keep us focused on that
while they continue to widen the gap between rich and poor,
helping themselves by con or by force to 3rd world nations' resources, ETC
could not have happened if enough of us paid attention from the git-go
and acted as citizens could have.

But this IS how humans have learned and evolved
- slowly, as much as we have.
( But just maybe a threshold effect is about to reveal itself ...
we often don't notice the lead up to great things - until they blossom. )

After all, It's only been in the last 60 years
that guilt for occupying other nation could be publicly communicated

without it being popularly called the voice of communism.
Still, HOW MUCH EMPATHY (eg: how widely extended) is still considered "patriotic"
before it gets the "Cry and I'll give you something to cry about" response ?

Or the message, "Spiritual people don't focus so much on the emotional body" ?
[ Maybe that's satire, but how else so quickly to get this message across?
And if it hurts, well, guess what -
about those who got those messages directed at them, that is.

And that shared responsibility is hard to swallow, but taking such responsibility
also makes it easier to understand ourselves, and then to forgive ourselves.

And if you haven't been sufficiently motivated
to start exercising your citizen powers
to make the difference we need to make ...
five minutes a week spent by a few thousand folks ...
who know a hundred thousand broad-minded Christians and evangelicals ...
who know a million evangelicals who are ready to begin questioning authority ...
could   easily   turn   the   tide ... 
including upon...

...For A New Take On Crime & Punishment ...
( More Rant, less Empathy? )
"Get Them to a Nunnery":

...could   easily   turn   the   tide ... 
and send the Rove'n'Bushie crew where they belong:
How about to reform school, say 1930's vintage,
on an otherwise abandoned island
- RUN BY CATHOLIC NUNS (of same vintage management style) -
yet guarded under the standards of the most advanced privately run prison system
( such as those initiated, developed, and profited off of, by the Bush crew's cronies )

And in order to FULLY graduate -each year- from grade one through twelve,
these Ole' Boys would be forced to stay, live, work, and to
maintain standards of conduct & scholastic achievement
according to (ALL) the OLD rules and definitions, for
and every sign of respect the nuns may expect,
including standing to speak,
but speaking ONLY when called upon,
- to report on themselves - since there'd be
NO sex, NO alcohol, and NO "language" permitted
and All this to the letter of the law
or else: they just stay there
and take the punishment ...
knuckle-raps included
( And did I forget to mention )
with tv cameras running EVERYWHERE:
*ALL* is televised for *ALL* the world
24 hours a day on PUBLIC TV

And might that be the only
survival show
ever shown with anything worthwhile to learn from (?)
... at least if we consider that these ole' boys
might actually learn how to respect, if not introspect?
"Not cruel enough", some might say,
for what they've done...
But note:
They could never run away.   And tell me,
could these ole' boys' EVER pass the tests, actually graduate ?
- given their conduct, even under conditions so truly earned ?

After all, these boys are into "structure" - for others -
( but total freedom for their corporations and military )
And the Golden Rule (and Karma) would be provided for via the above.
But what about how "structure" came into being, what it's for,
and how much is enough - as determined by culture and powers that be?

Which questions provide a transition to the section,
"On Structure & Learning (and Spiritual Battles)"
There are 492 Billionaires living in this country and 16 million kids living in poverty - Bernie Sanders

A Living Wage Should Be The Right Of All Working Americans

Even White People Are Sick Of White People's Bullshi_

Wouldn't it be great if we could inflict Republican policies only people who voted Republican

Illegal To Be Homeless

Kill Your Gods & Save The People



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  "Church & State, Tea Party, & 'Machiavengelicals'"
reference links that were originally at the "Machiavengelicals Exposed" page.

   Political Evangelism & "Christian Fascism" Links

   Pro-Active Resources - Economic Activism & ...

  "Solutions: Common Means to Efficient Paths"
some of the best I've found (definitely not a complete list).

"The Development of One Questioning Mind"
My pre-sentencing testimony at the trial of the "Seattle 12," arrested for sitting in at our senators offices as we tried to convince them not to give in to Bush's drive for the power to declare war any time he saw fit. "Approval/Authority Issues" ? Well, being "Bad" can be a big (and expensive) waste of time - UNLESS for reasons far bigger than myself, and in this, I think I speak for all who were arrested with me. -cp [at the "Questions for Disillusionment" page]

Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic
These two versions of the "Bring Our Kids/Troops Home Whole" bumpersticker were inspired by the Peace Sign'ed American Flag (photos of the "Peace Flag Honor Guard" further below), and of course, the continuing need to bring our kids/troops home "Whole."

Printable PDFs are available with Full (8.5x11) page(s) of Three (3) B-stickers (each pdf about 3.3 MB in file size)
[Apologies for bad links for weeks prior to 9/16/10]:
ChBullet bumper-sticker WITHOUT VFP Logo           ChBullet bumper-sticker WITH VFP Logo

To download you can right click on the link(s) and then click "save as", if you don't want to open the pdf in your browser
Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic
    The Original version was created in Jan'04 with the logo for Veterans for Peace Chapter 92 over a star-field from the American Flag. EG: we (psychologically astute vets) knew then that the soldiers were being trained differently, and the repeated tour-rotation policy was already being indicated, and how that related to PTSD.
And now (Spring 2010) we find already that more vets of Iraq-Afghanistan have committed suicide than have been killed in combat.
Compare this to the 30+ yrs it took
for Viet Nam vets to reach that statistic (!)

I repeat here (at right) the resource that I put at the vUSPeace Academy pages in 2004, which resource has since been confirmed to be applicable/effective for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans
ChBullet Co-Counseling or Re-Evaluation Counseling (REC)
because Listening Can be healing

While Harvey Jackins, the originator, has passed on, Re-Evaluation Counseling has continued to develop and mature into a most valuable, while relatively easy to learn, healing methodology.
For more information, you might use these KEYWORDS in your search engine: Co-Counseling, Re-Evaluation Counseling, Harvey Jackins.
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.     - Leo Buscaglia

Visit AcupunctureForVets.Org (Seattle- 206 930-1238) or AcuWithoutBorders.Org The number of Clinics in the US is growing!

Related ? : " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and 'the Body-Mind Split'
An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context"
(7/31/10, ed.9/4/10)


PolyPsy List Archives
Provides the most long-term applicable, if not most recent postings on what's going on (as regards peace & justice, & citizen effectiveness, including action resources) - Planetary in scope: you can join the list or just peruse the Archives without joining. The list was created in the effort to help us better see and UTILIZE opportunities to jump in and make things better when we can - while maintaining our psychological and spiritual capacity to do so - and to help keep the PolyPsyArts web site current.
Poly-Psy Arts Logo © 4'08 Chris Pringer
This list is a "Newsletter" style list; NOT the kind that allows members to send email to other members. (It does NOT make member email addresses available to anyone, So members do NOT receive email from anyone but myself.) List Description is elaborated at To subscribe, send email to: You can type the same in the subject and body areas of your message. Thank you, -Chris Pringer, ListOwner/Mgr

Still   Want   Your   Vote   to   Count ?
V O T E     W I T H     Y O U R     D O L L A R !

facebook Postings

Below is a sample facebook posting. The links WORK for the noted articles by Karen Vlahos, as well as for most of the fcbk tabs, the Share link, etc.
(Usually these postings are not repeated via the Poly-Psy Mailing List.)
At Right is a WORKING mock-up of my fcbk *NOTES* block [May'10].

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CP's Notes @ FcBk Armor by Definition and 'Slight of Heart' (?); Apr 21, 2010 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Something new for medicine?; May 8, 2010 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy A Kind of Summary For Pragmatic Balance; Dec 26 2009 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Discussion on Evolution - Is Humanity ONLY 'at the Animal Level'; Jan 1 2010 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Teach The Truth, And Change Will Come From Within; Jan 17 2010 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Feelings, Emotions, Beliefs, Desires, Needs...; Jul 13 2009 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Hearts And Minds for An *Exitable* Strategy for Afghanistan/Pakistan; Mar 28 2010 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Syndicate in Pakistan; Apr 23 2009 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Re: Obama Should Avoid Bush's Iraq Errors in Dealing With Afghanistan; Apr 13 2009 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy
My Comment on the above facebook Posting     [At my fcbk page, 6-07-10]

         [Quoting from the article:] "The number of Guard and reserves as a percentage of the total force in Iraq and Afghanistan has fluctuated over the years. Official estimates in 2005 were at 28 percent; it was about 7 percent in Iraq and 15 percent in Afghanistan at the end of 2008. Manski estimates it's closer to one-third today. ..."
          Remember the report on increased military sign-ups? And we were wondering where our priorities went (and other political psych-outs)... Well, check these stats (from Karen Vlahos's article): "So here is the situation. The secretary of defense ordered, and Congress authorized, an expansion in the size of the Army. But the Army reduced the recruitment goal – and reduced the retention goal. The size of the Army is in fact shrinking. It may look as if it's growing – the Pentagon report gives the impression it's growing – but it's growing only in comparison with the officially set goals."
          Ahhhhhhh! Karl Rove & students are still at work in the smoke & mirrors factory, not to mention the Project for a New American Century [PNAC] (just in case we forgot).




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