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Poly-Psy & Citizen Health
Problems, Solutions, & Flow Charts for Discussion
Political Activism, Empathy, Apathy, Healing & Recovering Democracy

A Study:   in Current “Poly-Psy"   (Political Psychology)
Including flow charts, cause & effect patterns, & much more
about making conscious choices for healing world communities
toward sustainable living on the planet (a long term project)

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   An Extended Introduction to Subjects in "Poly-Psy" - about Poly *Psy*, not "Poly-Sci" - About Beliefs - how & why we believe what we believe; political implications, potentials
   Providing the INFRASTRUCTURE for Cooperation or / vs "The War on Terrorism" (Rev'd 3'16)
    The Process of Achieving World Change... including "the Co-Existence Set" (March'13) and Choices for World Change  Or  "World of Addiction" (Jan'12)
   Overview Chart for Introduction - current “Poly-Psy” & critical crossroads
   Healing the Citizenry - "the canary in the coal mine" & a holistic healing paradigm (10'02)
   Political Activism & Healing - Charting processes, cause and effect patterns,
conscious choices for change and healing, realistic goal setting, activism (10'02)
   "Beliefs, Paths, & Service" - A Chart of beliefs, coping styles, roles in citizenry (10'02)
   A Re-balancing Transition Process for Healing Governments - Discussion of "isms"
and daunting questions about designing effective processes (8'08 -- 11'15)
   The Economy as Artform and not Science - a compassionate view ? (3'09+)
   "Resource Flow Cycle in an Economy Like ..Nutrition in the Organic Life Cycle", Chart (4'16)
   Empathy Clarified - Clarifying where the definition has come to be
(effectively) re-defined to apply in limited ways and directions
   "The Lie of Superiority" - about beliefs & attitudes related to war, incl. class warfare
   Favorite Solution Sites for Political Healing (Updated Jan'12)
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    "Vehicle Efficiency Resource Compendium" - with special sections on GLOBAL WARMING (Perspectives & Action), energy & conservation, rainwater harvesting, TREEs, industrial hemp
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"Potential Realities"

Speaking of those we are capable of, I'd like to think, I've done my best to assemble at this site. Then try to connect the dots, if you will, between a) the here and now, and the given working realities, and b) what we might have to accomplish - within as well as without (considering attitude precedes lasting action), along with the tools that have accomplished such things for individuals, towards c) our accomplishing together those desirable and realistic future states [of perception, belief, attitude, creation, reality] .

Using Charts

      Note: rarely does anyone *get* a chart in the first glance... Unless one is a genius of some sort, or very intuitive, or both - especially multi-concept charts, which may describe some of the charts below. They condense much information, and so may provide relatively quick visual summary of "how the dots are connected," so to speak.

      Navigation Tip: In the below essays, there are many links to other pages at this site. Consider briefing a whole essay or page before clicking on a link.
    Thank you!   -cp


An Introduction to Subjects in "Poly-Psy"

      Poly-Psy is about Political Psychology, as opposed to "Poly-Sci," which is short for Political Science. Poly-Psy is about how and why we have come to be who we are as citizens, how and why we believe what we believe about citizenry, democracy, and politics in general. While it is about HOW we function in that regard - or do not function -
it is mostly about WHY.

Why the need to examine this?

          In short, the more we know how we became who we are, the better we can more efficiently fashion a way to become who we want to be. The better we do this, the more likely we may accomplish our hearts' desire - one step at a time. Given the current political climate in America and its effect on all nations of the planet, many people believe that something new and different needs to be done to make things work - especially in the long run. In a "representative" government, change implies the participation of citizens.
  But the major complaint of grass-roots political activists is that there has been relatively little participation by the citizenry, thus leaving the governing of our nation up to increasingly fewer individuals. As far as the timeliness of such concerns, a major consideration (at least of a large percentage of college-educated or otherwise broadly read people) is the impending global warming crisis.

          That is, most of the world's scientists say that, due to the environmental condition of the planet, we only have a few decades at the very best before we will lose any chance to change the current trend of global warming and critical resource depletion. They know that otherwise we will be left with a virtually un-inhabitable planet before the end of the century.

          EG: We may be at a time when our beliefs, attitudes, and outlook will determine whether we continue or end the existence of life on the planet. Paradigm shift tension, anyone? How much are we ready for? But doesn't every writer asks that question - or just those who want us to "bridge" - to encourage exploration of our potentials and what we perceive as our limitations?

Beliefs, Emotion, Political Implications, & Potentials

          The infrastructure: Psychologically speaking, beliefs can be defined as thoughts that are reenforced and attached to one's psyche by emotion. Thoughts may "pass through," but thoughts with an emotional "charge" generally relate to or express a belief. Or said in another way, it is the emotion(s) "attached" to a thought, that forms a belief. From an emotion comes motivation to be or do one thing or another. Also, from emotions come attitudes about things, life, people, etc. Humans are notorious for having "mixed feelings" -- which come from mixed emotions, which are generally related to mixed beliefs.

          And, believe it or not (so to speak), most people have some feelings, emotions, and beliefs that they are not even aware of - unless/ until some experience draws them out - and no, I'm not referring to sex, necessarily - but about most anything. That in itself is not abnormal, wrong, or right. This mix of knowns and unknowns is simply what most humans work with in developing maturity, ethics, etc. Mixed feelings and beliefs come from, among other things, being raised by two or more parents and/or role models, each with a set of mixed beliefs.

          Each individual has a belief system - composites of those that are related to many many things, including caring, compassion, pain, protection, & security, as well as about the amount of structure that enforces protection and security. Groups of individuals (of whatever size) have social belief systems. How all such beliefs may be defined, may have a very definite effect on beliefs and responses related to various political issues.

          In some folks, particularly in the folks that get our attention in destructive ways, you might say the unworkable extremes in the mix are greater than their capacity to resolve and/or integrate them - until they get the help they need to do that. Even the best of us seem to have some very difficult times with these dynamics on occasion, and yet the most emotionally hardy of us will work through that as well.

          With a concerted effort, people can gradually become aware of, feel, and constructively vent, emotional material that stands in the way of their realizing clarity for decision-making or problem-solving. That might especially regard clarity related to protection, security, caring, pain, and compassion. And from there people can discover, each for him/herself, their own relationships and potential roles, active and passive, to various (personal or political) issues and attitudes.
          By the way, I don't believe any of this is basic to anyone but psychologists, nor that it would be wrong to read this section twice if necessary before going on. In fact, it was not basic to me before I began thinking about this stuff, developing a muscle for it, so to speak.
          Some related keyword-phrases: Emotional Intelligence ("EQ"), core beliefs, Psycho-neuro-immune (PNI), paradigm, suspension of belief, paradox, self-awareness, HeartMath Institute, What the Bleep. [The "Related Refs" section might have useful resources for you - further below, as well as those just below.]

Beliefs, Credibility, & Conflict Management

          What is politics about for those that aren't actually focused on "who has the power"? Isn't it about beliefs about fairness - in relations - who deserves and/or gets what in return for what amount of service to whom?

          "The answer" you get to that depends not so much on who you ask, but on what their priorities are, right? 'What their priorities are' refers to power vs fairness or some balance of that. Those are based on specific religious beliefs, social justice as an amalgam of many religious or spiritual beliefs, some mix of the former two noted, specific laws constructed by those believing in one or more of the other former noted, or some balance of that.

          So, it (politics) boils down to either a) attempting to force one's system on the rest of the world, or b) managing conflict, as well as feelings of validity or credibility, individually and communally, that is, within self as well as with others, or c) believing in, believing the words of, tolerating, resisting, or fighting whoever's in charge and what they have for you or do to you, or d) some mix of the above. The believing parts have to do with trust, who to trust to do/be what and when, and credibility - with/in oneself and with/in others. And conspiracy theories and all the stuff that goes into seeing conspiracies, developing theories, or seeing through them.

          If some of that seemed overly obvious, I apologize, but the above was to introduce the statement that much of this site could be organized into a) perspectives on varying beliefs and how those may have come about, b) perspectives on developing self-knowledge and self-healing (solving problems at the core of the problem), c) integrating that with knowledge of the world and how "it" functions - or appears to function - and with changes or expansion in that base of knowledge.

          Or it all could be about an analogy for achieving health and happiness, while necessarily managing conflicting perspectives and beliefs, or living life with purpose & meaning while "chopping wood and carrying water," with perspectives on living consciously while expanding consciousness.

          Further below is a list of some of the pages at this site that seem most appropriate in this regard.

          In essense then, we can re-educate ourselves (or be re-educated by and with others) about our own capacities to become aware of our beliefs. We can learn how to change any beliefs we discover have not working optimally for us, and we can learn to do this in a very healthy way. We do this basically by doing our emotional homework, and/or our attitudinal healing. We can each do this individually, and/or in groups, sometimes with the help of a professional. A suitable professional might be a personal coach, a therapist, a seminar instructor, a psychiatrist, or whatever may work for a given purpose for a given individual.
          This implies potential for a form of continuing *preventative health maintenance* curriculum at schools and colleges. Some might find that idea radical. However, I believe it is each our responsibility to mature and learn how to get along with our neighbors as appropriate. I believe that includes doing our part in participating as citizens -- toward assuring that we as nations get along as planetary neighbors as well.
          And we can continually discover the world within and without as opposed to just being spoon-fed by the media, let alone having an over-identification with our leaders to the degree we can't publicly disagree with them whenever they have a dispute with leaders of another nation or culture. The weight of all the emotional denial (it starts at home, by the way) has numbed so many of us into various modes of "ok, so long as you make me feel patriotic" or "ok, so long as my life doesn't change too much" -- and thus giving up our responsibility, furthering the dis-empowerment of the citizenry, which is simply begging for a fascist form of government. Some of our current "leaders" would seem to be happy with that plan. And if you are too, then just sit back, 'cause they will definitely take you for a ride if enough of us let them - back to a rebirth of Nazi Germany perhaps...

          Ok, Since we know we are capable and desiring of much more ...just imagine what could result from just five minutes a week spent by each citizen in letter writing or phoning to a representative about whatever concerns them. Given the ramifications of that little amount of action in our daily lives - the increased awareness for one - one result would be representatives actually becoming representative. And citizens would become more aware and responsible. And realizing we are more powerful, we would therefore become more careful about which of our values we would have our representatives represent most and when. And then we would have a working democracy.

[ If you enjoy these topics, you'll probably love this site, perhaps especially those pages on Body-Mind Integration, a select set of which is just below. If not, but you're still wanting to learn about the deeper aspects of how we as a planet might survive in spite of our current condition... I appreciate your browsing this site, and maybe even dropping me a line, via Chrispringer@chalicebridge.com

     "Ender's Game"
Strategies of War and Peace
Discussion Material
Movie Review by Chris Pringer, 12/4/14

     Director Gavin Hood's commentary of "Ender's Game" is quite instructive in the political psychology of war and peace - as applied to personal growth, leadership development through the trials of maturation of a young man - as well as to society, the training of youth for a nations' warriors, international law, Drone Warfare, dehumanization and pre-emptive war, genocide and war crimes. Questions and dilemmas presented in a very entertaining fashion - if you like action-packed movies - as well as in an exceptionally thought-provoking manner. Ender Wiggin, a genius, is born and virtually placed to work out strategies of achievement in a violent environment, while he also works with opposing sibling influences of humility, diplomacy, wisdom, compassion, and empathy, as well as the extreme aggression of an impetuous fighter.

      Other mental-emotional engagements: authority/approval issues, adult manipulation of youth "for the good of all," ego's part in a youth's proving to adults; psychology of the capacity to kill.

      Enjoy the great movie if you haven't already, then go for the Director's Commentary, (in Bonus Section of course) to get the instructive element. Use of set development and special effects are outstanding in the war-games and computer games rooms as well as in the battles in outer space.

      The movie, based on the book by Orson Scott Card, is very well acted by all, including Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Viola Davis, Abigail Breslin, Ben Kingsley, Moises Arias, Aramis Knight, Suraj Parthasarathy, khylin Rhambo, Jimmy Jax Pinchak, Conor Carroll, Nonso Anozie, Tony Mirrcandani. PG-13, Intelligently done.

  "When I understand my enemy well enough to defeat him, then in that moment, I also love him" ... "the way we win matters"
- A.E.Wiggin

  More Keywords: Eros, Formics, Stratigos, Mazer Rackham, Ant Queen, Drone Warfare, Speaker for the Dead (2nd Book).
  From Wikipedia: Ender's Game: Inside the World of an Epic Adventure is a reference book published by Insight Editions. With a foreword by Ender's Game film director, Gavin Hood, the book is broken into four parts: Ender's World, Battle School, Inside Zero-G, and Parallel Worlds. The book is filled with behind-the-scenes images of the making of Ender's Game as well as interviews with the producers, artists, directors, and cast. Included with the book are nine Battle School army logo stickers, an ID Badge for Ender, and two removable International Fleet posters.

  [Editor Note: As far as I could read, the description of the official board game based on the film, "Ender's Game Battle School," did not include any references to the ethics or morals of war.]

  Some titles in the below list may seem a bit into "new-age" hyperbole for some readers (says this former Marine-become-therapist), but after checking out some of the next few articles or so, please consider returning to see if this list looks more practical. Thank you!

Perhaps, after at least brief-checking the rest of this page, you might consider these

  "The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs"
  "The Goal Chart" or "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, and
the Role of Inner Work..."
(Notice "Belief Pattern Work" in Chart at right)
  "Love Letter" Journaling Exercise (MSWord Doc)
  "The Chalice, Economics, & Incentive for Good"
  "Handling Conspiracy Theories" Discriminative Thinking & Response
  Emotions, excepted from Phil Lout's book, "How to Enjoy All of Your Life"
  "Memory, Tracking, & Forgiveness"
(Credibility and *HOW & When* to Trust)

  Questions for Self-Empowerment
(at the "Questions for Disillusionment" page)

  Structure & Dissolving Extremism 101
(& fighting "spiritual battles" Within, & not otherwise)

  "'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - Communications, Language,
Relationship, & the Body-Mind Split"


'If you believe, then...connect the dots...' by Chris Pringer
words and background by Chris Pringer, Aug 2016

Beginning with the here and now circumstances, moving forward... Grounding each step towards where we want to go - either we believe we were, and still are, meant to do that, because we believe we were, and still are, WORTH the original design that included the capabilities to succeed in solving our challenges in creating a sustainable future, or we do not. But just in case we believe we are... And that might be because we believe that consciousness allows us the option of self-forgiveness, changing our ways, and in this "getting the lesson," we can not only do the right thing, but the most optimal thing most of the time. We can thus transition to sufficient clarity that we demand and receive actual accountable representation of our most responsible selves, creating a world based on respect for all Life.
The Most Appropriate Question' by Chris Pringer
words (1993?) and placement on background (2016) by Chris Pringer



Providing  the  INFRASTRUCTURE  for  Cooperation
or  "The  Most  Effective  'War'  on  Terrorism"

Re-education, Managing
Addictions, Attitudes

       The most effective "War on Terrorism" (IMO) is providing the basis for healing of overly structured belief systems steeped in ignorance, intolerance, and bigotry - for understanding how they got that way, and how to transition to belief systems based in loving understanding.

       In fact, it is actually very much like the original management of the "War on Drugs" which, only more recently, in it's most ideal applications, is about re-education for managing addictions - it's not sexy, but it's the only thing that's actually going to work in the long run. (For the sexier parts, see columns 2 & 3)

       In the short run, patience is the challenge, because the heartbreaking sad reality is that the "worst offenders" fly many different flags, are addicted to violence, and are monetarily supported -- particularly as compared to those they recruit-- to maintain, even increase, their capacity to control their own and others' cultures.

       Because in every major belief system there are both eclectics, fundamentalists, and all in between. The more "fundy" the belief system, the less egalitarian or open to diversity, the more structured and control based, and the more likely by far to include violence-oriented extremists.
       The implications of that are substantiated (psychologically, deductively), in an essay on "Systems of Structure & Effects on Learning" (and "Spiritual Battles" as best fought within). For context, see below section, "World Change or...". A question may arise as to the relationship of such control (types and degrees of fundamentalism) to economic stratification - assessed over the time since the origin of any given nation or culture (and a comparative analysis?).

       And even the tolerant can only be so tolerant when comes to dealing directly with those addicted to violence.

       One question might be, "How do we create a law enforcement system that is governed and staffed by those who fully understand the points covered here, the implications of that, and are dedicated to solving problems *more efficiently* with the least amount of violence as possible? [Note: pragmatic measures suggested at right].

       Is this where we invoke special skills, or just good ole' fashioned (or new capacities in) Listening ? smile
Another Perspective, More Pragmatic?

       So what strategy would end the threat of terrorism? How about most all war, colonialism, and terrorism? HINT: Ever notice that armed conflicts between armies rarely break out in a neighborhood? This is because where the access to resources are shared by all the inhabitants, people more or less get along, and the exceptions to that are essentially poverty-related.
       HOW? WHY? Answer: MOTIVATION Because large scale conflicts are essentially about gaining or protecting resources. And the stat-backed TRUTH is that the cost of doing that militarily -on this planet's interconnected neighborhood- FAR exceeds the costs of simply PROVIDING All the resources!!!

       It can be said in three words: "Peace Through Health." EG: IF we cover the cost of all the basic needs of all people (especially from conception to college, plus all-round health care, plus the infrastructure to support it, appropriate to each culture), THEN the terrorists' recruiters (and those of most nations) will fail to MOTIVATE sufficient numbers of recruits for the power-brokers' needs for war-making -- which is much more expensive, ANY way you count it.

       Call it "From the ground up" preventative maintenance, such as the pragmatic example ("Best Starts..") described and referenced at right. Let's puts it in numbers - for the whole planet - including the U.N. statistic that only 10% of the amount budgeted for the US military would ensure the essentials of life to EVERYONE in the world (!)

       The chart "One Definition Of Insanity" (paying for war when peace costs so much less) puts that stat in context at the end of "The Economy as Artform and not Science" (a section further down on this page). But please return to read the column at right (or left, as needed), as well as the references linked-to there.

One Definition Of Insanity (Thumbnail)

       "So simple! So why haven't we solved the problem yet?" The implementation of simplicity often requires a transition out of hard fixed complexity - and numbers of aware individuals to apply pressure in the right places and times, with persistence over time.
        IF we could agree on the the points made here - THEN the main question becomes HOW to facilitate that movement of resources - FROM the military budget and/or the 1% (eg: the corporations profiting from that)] TO such resource-multiplying programs as noted at right. And IF we could agree on that, THEN I'm sure we can get sufficiently creative to manage the challenge.

        Some might consider this "magical thinking," but the groundwork for the implementation has been laid, given that the resources, mechanisms (including as noted above), and people are in place, and especially considering the awareness and momentum garnered by the Bernie Sanders campaign.
        Between the resource shifting of the oil-rich Middle-East and Western nations alone, the deserts and slums of the planet could begin turning into virtual oasis of abundance. That couldn't be completed, of course, without including the disinvestiture of the larger Eurasian nations' militaries as well. With that, most the smaller nations would join and greatly enjoy the benefits of the transition.

    [ subtitle was "or / vs 'The War on Terrorism'." Much of above originally taken from 11/6/15 entry at the "ISIS or ISIL" page]
Pragmatic Example
"Best Starts for Kids" - because an early environment has a lasting impact on kids

        Poverty-based dysfunction in early environments promote ignorance, illness on any or every level, child abuse (including slavery), and crime (most not related to terrorism).

       Most any social scientist or psychologist knows that the first three years of a child's life, including time in the womb, are the most important for psychological as well as physical development. And that that time has implications in every aspect of life, particularly those determining the cost of governing society.

       If we don't fight the war on poverty and disfunctional environments - worldwide - then we will never stop feeding the breeding ground of war & terrorism. "Best Starts for Kids" is geared especially for children's most important years (link is to Seattle's program). Looking forward, it is a resource-multiplying program!

       EG: Long-term financial investment not only reaps great rewards, in issues of health, homelessness, crime and drug addiction, but based on common sense per stats and points made here, this approach deters terrorism and promotes peace.

       In effect, we would be re-investing our resources directly toward that joyously celebratory cooperative existence that we actually do want. EG: the monetary payback alone should make any community assessor happy, yet the improvement in the social environment is what proves the worth of this strategy.

       More reference(s) here: Study shows early environment has lasting impact on kids

       Please also consider the fact that, in both the near and distant future, addressing climate change is also a necessary part of insuring a safe and healthy environment, particularly for coastal residents around the world, as climate refugees are already relocating. References (at this site): the "Vehicle Efficiency Resource Compendium" page, and "Trees & Communications - Bridging Empathy & Planetary Health - Some Good News from Science"

• “The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.”
– Carl Jung

• “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
         - Leo Buscaglia

• “The only condition for the realization of Truth is that the knowledge of it be desired with tremendous intensity. You cannot see IT, you cannot feel IT only because you do not really want IT - you are too preoccupied with enjoying and sorrowing over your finite existence.”
         - Ramesh S. Balsekar, "A Net of Jewels"



The Process of Achieving World Change, Co-Existence, Peace

          The below "CoExistence Set" of thumb-linked references pull together what might begin with that sign, the one way off in the distance in the pic, "At the Rally for World Change". Just in case you hadn't noticed, it reads "If you want world change, 1st seek personal change". This set of references end with the "Approaches to Conspiracy" Chart, where it also includes "Extremism as related [to] structure-based fears - Loss of control, of [loss of] purity, thus [loss of] worthiness of Love, [fear] of Diversity as equated to loss of self, self-importance", and where at the bottom of the chart it includes, "Critical appreciation of essential diversity Essential to genetic integrity or [its] 'Immune System' ...of the human ecology, just as ...to sustainability of Planetary Eco-System" and "Male-Female Energetics in Relationships as related to... Yin, Yang, & Balance...".             What healing practitioners learn is that lasting change happens at the core of being, then works out from there... the opposite kind of change brought about by force is peripheral and creates it's own opposing force in that it seeks to change. What can we provide that leads others to change their ways of perceiving -and thence their actions- in the world? These aren't new questions - they are ancient, but are the kind that brought about this chart-dense page in 2002, and the other essays linked to here, including the The World Healing Prayers page (with over 20 invocations and prayers over sacred geometry backgrounds). And includes text and references for the substantiation of the efficacy, the effects of meditation, invocation, & focused prayer upon "real-world" situations, amount of violence in a given local populace, actual statistics thereof, etc.

At the Rally for World Change, a number of groups holding unusual signs converge into a huge circle... and one individual off in the distance...

Full Title:
"Choices for World Change or World of Addiction" ?
Full Page Version, Cartoon Only           Full Page Version, including text

Related Links at this site:

  Notes on Addiction: "Most every human has tendencies to be very focused on one thing or another to the point of "addiction". Here's where "The Good Part" and "The Moral" come in. ..." Also pertains to the lesser recognized, as well as the extremisms, and complementing the charted reference at right. A section at the Goal Chart Page ("Achievement of Goals ...the Role of Inner Work - A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in...")

  Related from a different angle: Questions for World Change at page for "World Healing Prayers on Sacred Geometry Backgrounds"
  "The Goal Chart" or "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, And the Role of Inner Work: A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in Growth Facilitation and ..."
Goal Chart 333px by Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com

  "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs"

World Change  or... ?

          Choices: It may not be about WHAT WE WANT the most, but about WHAT WE BELIEVE IN the most? Some of us might WANT to believe world change can happen. But our other beliefs, born of disillusionment, fear, and shame, may be stronger. What has that, or global peace or sustainability, got to do with addiction? Most of us are addicted to one thing or another, or to many things - by degree. But in too many cases, that's enough to negatively effect our belief in change itself (of our own lives, of society, of politics, of the world, etc). Although we might try to convince ourselves to the contrary.

          *Premise in support of the above*: IF you do not believe that you can change yourself, that is, IF you do not believe that you can drop what you know is keeping you from accomplishing what you both want to accomplish, and what know you could otherwise accomplish, ...THEN how can you believe that others can change? In such cases, you might depend on others creating change, or even depend on them, or convincing them, to keep trying to accomplish your change "some day". But does not so much "convincing" behavior exhibit more of a belief in dis-belief, than a belief in change? In no way does that mean that an addict cannot change. But until such change occurs, how can the addict truly believe in change? And if there is not belief, how can there be accomplished the reality in the "real world"?

          I will now re-emphasize that inclusion of "by degree" and in "too many cases" - and even the question of "just what kind of change are we considering?"

          Ok, gonna just put it straight right here: Addictions are the mainstay of a denial-dependent society, including addiction to medications. I'm not referring to *appropriate medication*, but to the kinds of things that too often lead up to medications, prescribed or not, and then the essentially intentional unconsciousness that usually results from that kind of path. And if you ask me, THAT is what we are up against - addiction. Without that, we would see consistently enough to find our way together. If we want to change the world, we have to heal addiction. Ok, sorry, didn't mean to ruin anyone's day.

         So, now that we know [ smile :-) ] let's not let that keep us from getting off any hooks that we know we are on, off of hooks that we also know we actually *can* get ourselves off of. EG: Back to Choices: We can continue to attempt a world of both high addiction and high sustainability. OR, we can invest the time and work necessary, so that we accomplish what we truly want, according to our highest values. One more thing: change is a transition and takes time, but how much do we have? Thank you.

"Questions for Invoking for World Change"
at the World Healing Prayers page
John Pettie Knight (Cut&ReTouched) Ovr3DMultiChaliceVtxMistO'VBrF&TOL 3'13
"Spiritual Battles & Wars, Systems of Structure & Learning" (& Balancing the Chalice Within - where such battles are best fought)

"Approaches to Conspiracy" Chart
& "Roberts Rules of Ordered Conspiracies", & more on "Paradigms of Paradox" & "Composting Paranoia" at the PolyPsy Home Page

"Mother Earth Dove, Giving Ourselves to Peace"
in the "Pragmatic Balance" section, Chalice Integration Art page

"Affirmations for Inner Communications"
at "Notes on Addiction" at the "Goal Chart" page



Overview Chart for Introduction
A Study in Current “Poly-Psy”
at A Critical Crossroads

      This chart ideally, will make it easy to enjoy a relatively quick visual summary and understanding of "how some of the dots are connected" (so to speak). As needed, there is detailed information supporting the viewpoints herein, via annotated links in the Related Refs Section.

Charts Made Easy - to "get":
      First, a chart is not "an automatic". It requires just a little bit of step by step process before it "flows": a) grasp the nature of the individual components, b) take note of the arrangement(s), c) get a feel for the connections and flow paths, focusing in & focusing out as needed, d) try to get a feel for how the elements connect with each other. Once whole sections of the chart start making sense with other, then it will "flow".

Overview Chart for Introducing A Study in Current 'Poly-Psy' at A Critical Crossroads; PolyPsyArt2003
PolyPsyArt@iinet.com, 2002

H e a l i n g    t h e    C i t i z e n r y

          In the holistic healing paradigm, one part of the body doesn't become diseased when all the other parts are working optimally. A deceased area is only the point of acute reference for signaling one's need to initiate a multi-level healing response that is being called for by the whole body. Likewise, Bush and the hi-level international corporations that guide him is not our only problem. He is the point of acute reference ("the canary in the coal mine") for signaling the nation's need to initiate a multi-level healing response. EG: We need to heal our ways, individual and societal, by which citizens have allowed for such people to come into power.
          The bottom line: If we cure ignorance and fight bigotry, thus expose and relieve disinformation, we disarm political apathy, dissipate disillusionment, make way for the resurgence of voter participation, return to true democracy, and bypass war as a solution to problems. Curing ignorance is actually the most complex step however, given our current belief systems and definitions regarding knowledge, emotional health, and learning, That does not at all mean it's too tough a challenge for us. Indeed, I believe re-education and related preventative health maintenance (in every arena that applies) is the next step, not to mention critical.

Transition Mandala w/ Transforming Heart Overlay
"Transition Mandala w/ Transforming Heart Overlay" © Chris Pringer 2008
            That is why, in the long term, I am most interested in the planet's population utilizing our God given Free Will -- and each of us thereby taking responsibility for our healing ourselves & our planet. And I see our interim transition to that requiring our individually taking charge and healing ourselves - as opposed to our giving power to others, including to “representatives” that don´t appropriately represent us.
          I believe that, while the Divine does ‘the work´ of healing, it is up to the individual that is inclined, allowing, and willing, to open, receive, and/or facilitate his own and/or others' healing. We each work in our own chosen way. For example, effective listening can effect a healing. A healing happens to the degree allowed by the recipient (consciously or unconsciously). E.G.: The complexities of healing have to do primarily with opening, allowing, and receiving the healing, directly and/or indirectly, from an otherwise most willing God; more specifically with our beliefs related to self-worth and earning, guilt and forgiveness, etc. I didn't say our doing this is easy. It puts responsibility on mankind, but makes the goals realistic and realizable. (Ref: " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and 'the Body-Mind Split' - An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context", 7/31/2010) [Key/Tag: "body-mind split" = "mind-body split"]
          By preference, I am a co-healer/facilitator to the degree I create the setting wherein someone can effectively receive. I am a teacher/leader when I effectively remind someone to/of their capacity to receive, heal, and empower themselves.
          Barbara Marx Hubbard, is probably one of the most strongest proponents of co-healing the planet via co-healing ourselves. Her visions and programs to help put this into effect can be accessed via the section further below, "Favorite Solution Sites for Political Healing" as well as via your favorite search engine. ( -cp, 12/9/02)
Continued below with  "Healing  Our  Condition"

Charts Made Easy - to "get":  
          First, a chart is not "an automatic." It requires just a little bit of step by step process before it "flows": a) grasp the nature of the individual components, b) take note of the arrangement(s), c) get a feel for the connections and flow paths, focusing in & focusing out as needed, d) try to get a feel for how the elements connect with each other. Once whole sections of the chart start making sense with other, then it will "flow".
Political Activism Chart
"A Chart of Key Qualities, Attitudes, & Effects on Society & Human Evolution by Personal, Thence communal, thought, word, and action"     PolyPsyArt@iinet.com 2002 If doesn't link, see 'Related Web Pages' Section If doesn't link, see 'Related Web Pages' Section If doesn't link, see 'Related Web Pages' Section This Chart is Further Down on This Page (This Chart is Further Down on This Page)


H e a l i n g    O u r    C o n d i t i o n

          I´m going to begin by saying that we, as a society, have a “Condition.” That is, Our society´s body has a health problem. And this heath problem is a multi-level health problem, that involves our mental body, our emotional body, and our physical body. When the problem is that extensive, some might say that our condition involves our spiritual body as well. But I will focus here on the pragmatic symptoms and (from the perspective of at least one politically informed therapist) the causes of the problem condition. We could get really positive and call it all a “societal health challenge,” but in any case, for now...

I´d like you to think in terms of health and healing for a moment as I pose the following questions:

          Keep in mind that some of these questions may be different ways to pose the other questions, as I attempt to move our focus, for a few minutes at least, to entertaining some perceptions - that are shared, if not also originated, by some of the most pragmatic visionary minds in this planet´s history:

          How do we approach the condition of society (as we look first at our immediate communities, then scanning further outward until we include the planetary society as a whole), and it´s many variations in individuals, in order to accomplish a self-healing & preventative health maintenance, in ways that gets us safely through the immediate crisis to our emotional health, as well as physical health, as well as sets us on a path for increasing our emotional and spiritual health?

          Now I´m going to jump from the obvious basic question that most healing practitioners, as well as political activists, continually ask themselves... I´m going to jump from the question “How can we “change the world into a better place?” to these questions:

          How is a mind changed - Truly and effectively for the health of all? Remember when you were a teenager finding out how to establish your very own identity particularly as apart from that of your parents or whoever was raising you then? How did you respond - internally and externally - when someone told you that a certain attitude, perception, and value was essential to your growth and then said that if you don´t adopt this you would be grounded or restricted from what you really wanted at that time? Well, have you ever, since you have become “a grown-up” (heheheh) ever felt like someone was doing the same number on you? Ok, so can you guess what´s this got to do with your trying to convince someone else how to live in such a way that you believe will create a safer, happier, healthier place on the planet? Right, in other words, we all have egos, and on top of that, most of us - who like to consider ourselves intelligent thinking types - know that we prefer to find these things out for ourselves, or at least feel like we do.
          The implication in that last statement was that, in truth, everyone prefers to do this, but that many folks have been “trained” -in their childhood development- to put aside, temporarily or longer, their own thoughts and desires, their own power, their own path, when someone else (whom they are led to believe is their leader) is telling them what they should think and do. Most all of us tend to do this to some degree with people we love and trust, and so maybe “naïveté” is an appropriate consideration here, but in other respects, does the term “sheople” come to mind?

          Would you believe that there exist effective means to convince those that are ready and willing (whether they realize it or not) to be convinced that they can take their power back -- with integrity intact for all concerned ? ...that there are optimal ways of accomplishing this -- as opposed to ways that tend, sooner or later, to drive people further into their hiding places -however attractively padded the insulation appears around them?

          How do we define “the condition” -that we as a planet find ourselves in- usefully so that we approach it effectively? i.e.: some socio-pathology that combines the conditions that include “blind naïveté, selfishness, apathy, and, at least to some small degree, out and out baseless cruelty?

          Which one of these or other mental-emotional, now become intensely in-your-face here and now real world conditions, and problem areas can we effectively treat so that the quickest overall change in society is brought about in the time frames that also provide for treating the current acute crisis condition?

(Continued below)

Quotes on Purposeful Expression
and Conscious Action

“Conscience is the root of all true courage;
if a man would be brave let him obey his conscience.”
         - James Freeman Clarke

“Whatever you do will be insignificant,
but it is very important that you do it."
         - Gandhiji

“If you want a symbolic gesture, don't burn the flag; wash it.”
         -Norman Thomas, Presidential candidate in 1932

“A true patriot would keep the attention of his fellow citizens
awake to their grievances, and not allow them to rest
'til the causes of their just complaints are removed.”
         - Samuel Adams, 1771

“The last 3 years have shown, you can ignore politics,
but politics won't ignore you.”
         - Jay O'Connell, MikeHersh.com, 10/2/03

“You do not become a "dissident" just because you decide one day to take up this most unusual career. You are thrown into it by your personal sense of responsibility, combined with a complex set of external circumstances. You are cast out of the existing structures and placed in a position of conflict with them. It begins as an attempt to do your work well, and ends with being branded an enemy of society.”
         - Vaclav Havel, first President of the Czech Republic


To See and Hear what is here, instead of what should be, was, or will be
To Say what one feels,     instead of what one should
To Feel what one feels,     instead of what one ought
To Ask for what one wants, instead of always waiting for permission
To Take Risks in one's own behalf, instead of choosing to be only “secure”
and not rocking the boat

("Healing Our Condition" Continued)

Let´s get even more pragmatic:

          What is the relationship of Realistic Goal Setting to changing and healing our planet´s condition? Put in another way:
          What is the relationship of Realistic Goal Setting to dis-empowerment; of this to Pain, Emotional Avoidance / suppression; of this to isolation and insulation, and lack of objective thinking; of this to development of superiority complex; of all the above so prevalently in society as to lead to and/or allow the inaccurate, let alone inappropriate, projection of faults onto others, and then justifying violent action in order to “correct” or “punish,” but in actuality, to take what we feel (or at least what our “leaders” claim) that we deserve more than those [“wrong people”] do, and to do this based on supposedly moral judgments, but in actuality, to do that based on the beliefs that begot those projections in the first place? Maybe we should call the condition ”Psycho-Political Pathology.“ Maybe we could just call it disillusionment.

          I believe that a societal effort to overcome it's malaise (via it's individuals), is paramount to our changing our tendencies to war. I also believe is it realizable, certainly in the long run, if we start now. In order to accomplish that, certain principles of approach to societal change must also be considered. To follow are the main points I've come up with so far, to support these beliefs (the first few of which might sound a little intimidating if not egg headed at first, but yes, they ARE going somewhere, which the last two points summarize):

          If one is forced down a path, resistance is built up, and the path will not be respected let alone appreciated, and it will be abandoned at the first opportunity.

          That means that one needs to believe there is greater meaning or purpose to the new path before taking the chance of breaking well established habits, enjoyed or not, and going a new route.

          Paths related to idealistic beliefs are the most difficult to change.

          The bottom line is that one cannot convince another of a certain path unless one can also convey the knowledge of why that path is truly better.

          To Change a mind for a better path is therefore to effectively teach someone to better know his own true needs.

          To do that, one must assume that the recipient of the teaching has lost clarity, or never had the chance to discern it due to conflicting messages... in either case, one must assume that the loss of such clarity must be known on the subconscious level, creating therefore at least two perspectives, one more conscious, one more suppressed.

          Also basic to psychologists is that such suppression, whenever brought to light, has always brought up emotional pain along with the realization of the loss of clarity.

          Further, the suppression would not have happened in the first place unless there was some kind of payoff, such as some kind of safety or protection of self or another.

          Most everyone has experienced emotional suppression to some degree, whether s/he realizes it or not, and still suppresses certain things, varying greatly in degree of importance and effect. And it is usually not Earth-shattering, except when multiplied by the number and effect of so many people in denial. This is part of why we mature/heal so quickly in times of calamity - we are then open to our deepest fears and/or we grieve together, releasing some of that which we have suppressed.

          One major point I want to make here is that we don't necessarily have to wait for disaster and mayhem to begin this process. To realize the above is to realize that everyone can benefit from therapy - personally applied or otherwise.

          Obviously we were all given challenges at birth, and everyone is ignorant and/or incapable compared to someone else in some field of endeavor. The idea that we make someone more or less worthy of basic love and acceptance, and that we do that based on knowledge or capability (let alone skin color), is in itself a disability. And I believe this (bigotry) is one of our greatest social disabilities, and therefore a great social challenge -- one that we can overcome, eventually, if we put effort into it.

          The following questions may then arise:
                     So what's wrong with most anyone having needs for therapy or personal growth work? How is it that our society has developed a stigma on someone's desire - or need - to improve oneself?
                     What's wrong with most anyone doing therapy, and calling it personal growth work -- especially since that IS often what much or all of it usually is nowadays? A much better question for here might be, "What's RIGHT with realizing needs for therapy?"
                     And if we answer that with "Everything," then the next question becomes "how soon can we get over that stigma about going to therapy?" Could it be related to that old thing about *comparing who's more worthy* ?
                     More importantly here: Do you think there could be a relationship between this (worthiness/comparison/jealousy issue), the "winner"/"loser" labeling (which has been used more and more via the media and in ways so as to mean more about worldly worth than self-worth), and nationalism ?
                     Do you ever think about such as the above, relating it to the fact that we are still defining, or re-defining, the Bill of Rights?
                     Do you think that any/all of these things could have affected our beliefs about *patriotism*?

          What all the above implies is that, with a concerted effort, people can be gradually re-educated about their own capacities to become aware of, feel, and constructively vent, emotional material that stands in the way of their realizing clarity, especially as regards protection, security, caring, pain, and compassion. And from there people can discover, each for him/herself, their own relationships and potential roles, active and passive, to various issues. That includes political issues and those related. People can discover these things as opposed to just being spoon-fed by the media which for too many is simply numbing into various modes of the "ok, so long as you make me feel patriotic" or "ok, so long as my life doesn't change too much" style of dis-empowerment.

          Another 'Bottom Line': Before we can achieve Planetary Sustainability, we have to attain 'Citizenry Sustainability.' A military revolution - large enough to make any difference - will also reap more pain, confusion, and denial. More than we can heal to regain sufficient capacity for planetary healing - before Global Warming takes the rest of us. We're going to have to outsmart that unevolved part of us - and those who represent it politically. That means we vote with our dollar and our pen or keyboard, and maybe with our feet - as well as with the ballot.

          Let me summarize that further: belief systems related to protection, security, caring, pain, compassion, and how all such may be defined, may have a definite effect on beliefs related to various political issues, and those can be changed in a very healthy way, basically by doing our emotional homework (each of us individually, and sometimes perhaps in groups) -- and that could change the planet.
          I didn't say this approach would be easy. Force is easy (in the beginning perhaps, when 'choice' is felt as uncomfortable), but force and manipulation is about tyrants and slaves, benign or otherwise. Some "leaders" would seem to be happy with that plan. And if you are too, then just sit back, because they will definitely take you for a ride - if enough of us let them - back to Nazi Germany perhaps... ok, so enough of that idea!

( -cp, 12/02)



Beliefs, Path, & Service Chart

More on How to use THIS chart:
          This chart's information and flow might be better/quicker grasped if you start with comparing all the things on the left side, top to bottom, then check/compare what's in the middle column, and finally same for the right column. You'll likely note that the right column is much more interconnected within itself than the other two columns. The shapes serve to organize similar types of entries. Then note that the order of cause-effect in this chart, where it applies, moves from left to right, either straight across, at an angle upward, or at an angle downward. There is generally an increase in positive activism, or the potential for it, as you look more toward the top of the chart. -cp, 12'02, 9'13
         Your feedback (via polypsyart@iinet.com) would be appreciated, of course.

Charts Made Easy - to "get":
          First, a chart is not "an automatic." It requires just a little bit of step by step process before it "flows": a) grasp the nature of the individual components, b) take note of the arrangement(s), c) get a feel for the connections and flow paths, focusing in & focusing out as needed, d) try to get a feel for how the elements connect with each other. Once whole sections of the chart start making sense with other, then it will "flow".

Beliefs, Paths, and Service Chart
PolyPsyArt@iinet.com 2002

          I would like to invite you to check out a deeper study of our condition for the purpose of joining in with the self-healing-becoming-planetary-healing that many are consciously and actively engaging in. If all that reading or hearing this does for you is engage your curiosity to begin looking around at the many forms this takes and considering how you may take and give advantage through the resources this leads you to, then we've come the first step toward our objectives here. The much more developed outline and charts for the study project -as developed so far- is at the "Overcoming Political Disillusionment" page. If this sounds like the right thing for you, please check it out, consider the suggestions there, along with the various discussion points and charts on this page, if you haven't already done so.

Chris Pringer 12/'02



A    R e - b a l a n c i n g    T r a n s i t i o n    P r o c e s s
for Healing Government, the Economy, and the Global Warming Crisis

          A Re-balancing Transition Process for Healing Government and the Global Warming Crisis is much like healing individuals. It requires a "transition diet," but is important to apply "the right diet that will treat the specific imbalance(s) at hand." The principles of "Treat the Individual instead of the disease" also apply. Also, too much of even "the right diet" will create imbalance in another direction. For instance, the macrobiotic diet has been very effective for healing various cancers. But this diet's lack of fresh fruits and vegetables would eventually fail to meet certain nutritional needs of many people. For every condition, there are particular processes that are required to rebalance it (an optimal diet, particular nutrients that have been missing or slow to be assimilated), and good habits that maintain that balance afterwards through various life changes. Each kind of diet is best suited for a particular constitution. It's mostly a matter of compatibility.
          This can apply to political system in that it can be diagnosed as having too much capitalism or too much socialism (or even too much fascism, initiating a state of Martial Law when it wasn't the best course, and/or continuing it longer than needed); and thus some counterbalancing element(s) can be "prescribed" to transition it into something that works for that society. That may sound impossible, but the alternative has usually been to apply some packaged system with very nonobjective, albeit prejudiced, views about how it should be received, and with results similar to self-medicating with someone else's prescription. And that's even when the intentions were not colored with material or power addictions. And of course, addictions are never satisfied - even when everyone has been brought to a relative feel-good state.

'Beliefs in Potential & Transition', 12'08 Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com
"Beliefs in Potential «§» Transition"

The elements depicted represent (parts in) ALL of US. And ...the Eagle recedes, the Dove proceeds, as the Owl see's through the darkness... OUR relationship with our Earth Mother clarifies as we realize our own interconnectedness ... This is about humanity sufficiently believing in our capacities to see and make the best of opportunities now and into our future - wherein we approach the world's problems politically and spiritually, internally and externally.

(Large Version & more on it's symbology at World Healing Prayers Page)
          I don't pretend to downplay the challenge of implementing a transition in resource management styles. Not to mention getting across the overall vision and scope -- to those who would initiate, as well as to those who will allow the consideration of such broad sweeping change, let alone the implementation of it. To be included would be the fact that all the resources to properly take care of every individual on the planet do exist, and that the only reason everyone's needs have not been taken care of, is a matter of distribution and control of that distribution. Cooperation in resource management is critically needed to solve the current (<-2009->) economic impasse, thence the increasingly immediate crisis of Global Warming. (There is an artistic rendition of "the Economy" in the next section, by the way.)
'Chalice Scale & Evolution towards Universal Balance', 12'08 Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com

The "Chalice-Scale" (© Chris Pringer Dec'08) represents the bridging and balancing of polarities within each conscious Being. Conceptually, the bio-electric charge of opposites in the universe forms a dynamic vortex of tension, hence the motivation for humanity to evolve.
          The principles of synergy apply in respect to maintaining overall balance among the different systems - from community to national to international levels. Conditions to be considered include the nature of interfacings with other systems (individuals or communities or nations as the case applies) that may also be (and most likely would be) in one stage or another of re-balancing or balance maintenance. A cabinet of political psychology advisors might be responsible to each governing body to keep the body abreast of it's needs for balance within and among the rest of the governing bodies it interfaces with. Ideally, it would be transparent in carrying out it's duties. They would consult on a periodic or more regular basis with the advisory colleges of all other governing bodies.

          Much of this is really styles of government/corporate relationship. As for real solutions, we don't need to focus on, or even have, "isms" in government. We do need to find what works best where we all work together -- instead of calling people socialists or communists whenever they try to keep a governing body from legalizing hi-way robbery or a corporation benefiting from it. Riane Eisler, a meticulous Cross-Discipline researcher, puts it right in (her book) *The Real Wealth of Nations*, where she writes about the potential for economics to reflect what we truly value, quality of life, and quality of the environment, and provides strong and uplifting evidence to backup her recommendations. She "expands the scope and practice of economics beyond capitalism and socialism to a new economics in which equity, justice, and environmental sanity prevail..." ~Morris Dees, Co-founder, Southern Poverty Law Center. [added 08/02/08]

          The funny thing about "socialism" in America - take most any system in our infrastructure, and define which parts are from capitalism, and which is from socialism. Besides all the arguments about which ones are from which, how many folks would pick up on the point that what works is what works, what doesn't is what doesn't, and who is/was it that's actually responsible for whichever? I suppose, once we Americans could ever establish a working definition (like yeah, could that even happen?), then we'd see how meaningless it's application would be for those infrastructure systems. The system that works is the one that can be upheld justly and used fairly for the citizenry of a given community, as it interacts effectively with systems of other communities. But we all know that such politicals as the "Teabaggers" (2010) are not arguing about many logical points - the organizers just use whatever they can to exite the exitable and get them where they can use them to accomplish their ends. As if "their" constitution could defend capitalism more than socialism - especially with regard to how either has actually been practiced, certainly administrated.
          But is not *Structure* what it IS *all* about essentially ? Since that is the basis of FUNDAMENTALISM (whatever the particular creed) It's also the basis of most of the major schisms in the world today, certainly of those that make the news. Perhaps it's even the basis of the "'ism'-schisms," thence resource distribution, thence poverty and all that brings (population issues, health, etc). But a much more sober address of this basis of extremism is now in the essay, "Systems of Structure & Effects on Learning" or "Spiritual Battles & Wars" (that are best if maintained INternally). [At the greatly revised "Structure & Extremism" page; link via Related Refs Section]
PeaceFlagEarthChalice5a-cr-Adj2a Chris Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.9'12
"Patriotism Better Defined for 911, v5a" with Ecumenical Logo Set, Balance Scale, Peace Flag, Tree & Flower of Life, Dove & Transition Mandala midground, Intertwined Hearts and Chalice Tapestry 8A1 background", Chris Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.9'12. At my Art Gallery my artwork can be viewed at full resolution, and purchased in framed or canvas prints, greeting cards, & more.

©Chris Pringer, 11'15

Work is what we want to call it when we would rather be doing something else, right ?
No matter what you're doing, at that point it becomes work, right ?
(eg: When I enjoy "the work" so much as I often do, it just feels strange to call it work)
But where would that put "the work ethic" ? Or "Incentive" ?
Or even the definition of competition ?
I mean, which "should" be more rewarded -
working more with less motivation, or working less with more motivation ?
Which would or should be more rewarding ?
And ... IF every work that happened was essential
to the overall purpose of all, AND it was realized as such,
AND IF there was no work that was associated
with the making of someone 'less than' someone else (less worthy of love and respect) ,
THEN how much more enjoyable would every kind of work be ?
And would we, as individuals, then find it easier to know
just exactly what work it was that we enjoyed the most ?
Again I ask, where would all that put "the work ethic" ? Or "Incentive" ?
Or even the definition of healthy competition ?
How about a collaborative one that honors and inspires the best in others,
including the others' passing on the same favor ?
EG: as opposed to that practiced per "Winner-Loser ethics" -
or purposely getting in each others' ways -- at everyone else's expense ?
As a therapist I add the question(s):
"Is there any relationship between such questions and
stress or muscle health? Or internal organ health,
considering the similar impact upon the lungs and abdominal muscles,
or the fascia surrounding each organ, the immuno-adrenal response system...?"
AND this one: Are the above
a) trick questions, b) rhetorical questions, or c) essay questions ?

Rev'd from "THE WORK ETHIC and the Body Mind"
(©Chris Pringer, May'99) at the Body-Mind Integration Index page
Readers might also consider searching "Winner-Loser ethics" at this site.

Darwinism, Competition, & the Dance"

Darwinism stresses conflict and competition; that doesn't square with the evidence. A lot of organisms that survive are in no sense superior to those that have gone extinct. It's not a question of being "better than"; it's simply a matter of finding a place where you can be yourself. That's what evolution is about. That's why you can see it as a dance. It's not going anywhere, it's simply exploring a space of possibilities."

-- Brian Goodwin, Biologist, quoted in The Third Culture, by John Brockman


Denmark Economic System Statistics (w/fbPost by Chris Pringer, Nov'15)
1. Denmark’s unemployed workers get 90 percent of their old salary for 2 years. 2. Denmark spends far less on healthcare than the US. 3. Denmark is the happiest country on Earth (per "The World Happiness Report"). 4. Danes enjoy the world’s shortest workweek. 5. Denmark pays students $900 a month to attend college. 6. Denmark has one of the highest per-capita incomes in the developed world. 7. Denmark has one of the world’s lowest poverty rates. The US has one of the highest. 8. Denmark is ranked the #1 best country for business (The US is ranked #18). 9. New parents in Denmark get 52 weeks of paid family leave. New American parents get nothing.
A conversation:
          [Moi friend]: Here's a question on your weightier topics: Was capitalism initially imagined into being as something standing separate from "core humanistic values"? How did 'we' the U.S. peoples manage to divorce free-market money-making from taking care of societies???
          [Moi]: It was always about 'the money' to the profit oriented, but at some point it got taught as synonymous with "building America" and patriotism- back when the unions started getting rights for the laborers. It was also taught as synonymous with healthy competition and 'the' necessary incentive for a free, healthy economy- while the corporates were using all that to manipulate the economy.
          [I could've included that "THE" economy was pretty much a hodgepoge of basic supply and demand based national economies with mergings of sorts between them - until the early 20th century, especially preceding the Great (American) Depression. That industrialism and societal movement off the farms and into the cities (in America and Europe) was at its heyday. Hence the rise of concerns for, and the question of fairness regarding, the working class. But I assumed my friend up fairly up on all that, as well as that I am no 'economics major.' That after this the Federal Reserve was created, banks regulated, and yet, more corporates were increasingly employing artificial supply and demand dynamics.]
          [Moi friend]: Most copporate-sponsored advertising has grains of truth. Otherwise we (the general public) wouldn't be convinced (or duped) so easily. [sad face] M3: We point to my friend's friend who grew to adulthood eating only cocoa puffs... Provinghumans can survive on (sugared!) grains alone, for quite a while!!
          [Moi]: Grains are good, but most of us need a balanced meal- especially from those we look to for sustainance. Yes, we are surviving on snack food- at the top of the 33rd floor- on the way in free fall to the concrete sidewalk! [On the other hand...] Portending Hope all-round! ANYthing is possible :-)
          [Moi friend]: "Anything is possible," indeed!
---        ---        ---
Much more on *The Economy* in the next section.

SOME IMPLICATIONS about governance of "How Exxon went from leader to skeptic on CLIMATE CHANGE research"
          Given the current amount of publicity (Fall 2015) about their role in climate denial, eg: how much they had known about the implications of their role as they were engaged in it: It should now be more than obvious to law makers and corporate board members alike, that economic players such as Exxon-Mobile, who like the tobacco industry, have so drastically abused the capitalist means of trade in the world, not to mention threaten the very survival of humankind, that such as they are a primary cause of such a high degree of regulation upon corporations, that democratic societies have little choice but to create virtual, if not actual, socialist systems of governance. Otherwise, that is, where such players survive, the governance is part and parcel with the crimes - and thus defined as fascism. Capitalists everywhere should now, more than ever, be convinced that if they want capitalism to survive and socialism or fascism to remain in the background of power, then they must regulate themselves effectively, or else lead in the creation of another economic system that actually works for long-term planetary sustainability. Which may sound like an impossible ideal to many, however, a very fast accelerating number of people see no other path for our survival.
          References on Exxon's 'Leadership' in Climate Denial: "How Exxon went from leader to skeptic on climate change research (LA Times), "Exxon Knew Everything There Was to Know About Climate Change by the Mid-1980s—and Denied It" (The Nation), "What Exxon knew about the Earth's melting Arctic" (LA Times), "Global Warming and Big Oil" (LA Times)

          MORE to the HEART of the matter (with climate change), pragmatically speaking, is at the "Vehicle Efficiency Resource Compendium" - with special sections on GLOBAL WARMING (Perspectives & Action), energy & conservation, rainwater harvesting, TREEs fungi & biosymbiosis, carbon sequestration, industrial hemp, and more.
              Section Summary: Briefly: If you don't like extremes, find/ create/ provide transitions. One could say that medical over-categorization has led people to be bigoted and "extremist" towards their medical conditions. This can apply to political conditions, whether they be *called* capitalistic, socialistic, communistic, right-wing or leftist (especially while the defining or labeling of various political strategies, let alone mentioning "class war," can be so controversial in itself). As in medicine, finding and maintaining the right balance of elements in any governing system requires an unprejudiced and objective analysis. That includes the appreciation of the proper place and role of almost every type of strategy and mechanism ever used in history, all considered in the context of each their settings (era, place, and circumstance), in order to develop what will work optimally for any current circumstance. And then a "Diet" is prescribed to facilitate transition to and maintenance for the truly workable system. Easy? Of course not, certainly given these requirements for transition: Time for integration of what we've learned mentally, and for healing much of what we've learned emotionally (in the "school of hard knocks") for necessary realizations regarding relationships (with self, others, Higher Power as applies), values, purpose, direction. If these don't apply, then it could only be easier Wink (Related section below: "Favorite Alternative Solution Sites") [10/12/07, ed. 3/14/09, 3/28/10]

       HEMP: The Wonder Plant
for Bio-Sustainability and Economic Recovery

Selected Resources at the "Vehicle Efficient" Page

My words, absolutely not over-stated or exaggerated, and this is about the INDUSTRIAL (non-hallucinogenic) plant. It might be easier to find what can not be made from it and done with it (cheaper) than what can be: papers (nearly indestructable) while saving trees by the millions, textiles, from clothing to contemporary fashion handbags to shoes to furniture (also nearly indestructable), automobiles, a protein drink with a more complete protein than soy or eggs, medicines of all types, seed oil for many uses including bio-diesel fuel far more efficient than corn-made with carbon reduction for many industries, not to mention 4 crops per year in near desert conditions while reversing soil erosion,(!), which is why England is growing it in every available nook & cranny. Unbelievable that the US is just barely getting started, including making it LEGAL, considering how much ECONOMIC BENEFIT hemp could provide - Once we RE-EDUCATE the PUBLIC about the Potential of NON-hallucinogenic varieties of INDUSTRIAL hemp, facilitating the political process...

Modern Uses of Industrial Hemp Chart
Modern Uses of Industrial Hemp Chart (by unknown)

Thanks for Checking out the Resources,
Passing the Word!

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A l l e g o r y    S u g g e s t s
The    E c o n o m y    i s    a n    A r t f o r m    a n d    N o t    a    S c i e n c e

          Premise: Filling in gaps and spaces is a primary tenant of any artform. By "filling in...", I'm referring to how our senses respond to elements like the timing between beats in a rhythm, or changes in a play script, relative to that in the longer novel. And it includes an artist's co-opting or taking insightful advantage of what might be called "mistakes." That is, it's primarily one's subjective perception (and not particularly one's objective perspection), that is required to create a relationship between oneself and the artform, in order for the artform to be appreciated, used, enjoyed, etc. This 'Filling in the gaps & spaces' aspect relates perfectly to the economy - it has been filled in with faith and trust.

          In truth, the economy has been a hodgepodge of 'Artforms' created over time and global space by men who were relatively rich and/or powerful (relative to others in the trade system of their community). And this collective economy has been co-evolving ever since -- to distribute resources according to what these men perceived/ deemed needed for personal/ business, royal, community, and/or state/ national/ global reasons.
Resource Flow in Economics Like that of Nutrition in the Organic Life Cycle
"Resource Flow Cycle in an Economy Like that of Nutrition in the Organic Life Cycle", Thumbnail Links to Chart by Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts 4'16
          Economists tell you they don't really know what makes the economy work predictably or dependably. And when we examine it (from/within the scientific paradigm, the one that we like to believe it works according to), as we are now trying to do apparently... Then we find a major lack of scientific backing. We see the gaps and spaces - instead of filling it in with our faith and trust. As a result, we've become disillusioned in those seen as "the experts" - who had us believe in (the science of) the economy. That is, we used to believe in the economic paradigm (world view) that was based on predictable and dependable science.   [Relevence of (conscious AND unconscious) *Belief systems* to perception and politics covered in 1st section of this page.]  
Fines for Blocking Decision Making
Would this be asking too much?

      For any amount of time that an/each elected official (in the Senate Or House Of Representatives) formally participates in a strategy that prevents decisions from being made by elected officials for an amount of time exceeding [an appropriate number of] hours, then for each of those hours exceeding for each elected member whose decision making powers have been blocked, that official shall have his own pay docked by $ [an appropriate amount]. If the bill being decided is primarily about balancing the budget, another $ [appropriate amount] is docked EG: If the Docking Penalty were $33/hour, for preventing 100 members of congress from making a decision on a bill for 48 hours (all hours of the day count), the sacrifice by each participant in the blocking strategy would amount to $1584 (4800 Hrs x $33). If that were a budget bill strategy that blocked decision making by 100 members, and if the Budget Penalty were $22/hr, each participant's sacrifice would total $2640 (4800 hrs x $55). So, can we put stock into a dock for a block? [2/27/13 at facebook]

          "Slight-of-Hand, Working and Not": All along there was conventional mild slight-of-hand that worked to keep things flowing. Ever since tokens came about to represent resources, there was as-needed an occasional bit of slight-of-hand to cover un-backed tokins. But this was usually only temporary, and not necessarily disclosed. But most who worked the system knew it was done, assuming all would be covered in due time. And it's functionality (its interconnecting and unifying flow) has always depended on the faith/trust that 'fills in those gaps' - those that have *not* been filled in with actual moneys or resources *present* at any given time. Hence, the economy has been an artform, and has not been a science - except for the study of it, perhaps.

          Over time the nature of the un-backed tokins became more complicated as more token systems developed. With increasing frequency in more recent decades increasingly larger tokins have remained unbacked. And this began to confuse the system, due to more players not communicating when they were not able to cover for the tokens (especially ever since initiating the era of leveraged buyouts, etc). The artform of "temporary as-needed slight-of-hand" was now being corrupted by the unscrupulous slight-of-handers (or handLERs). From the paradigm of the economy as an artform, the failure of the economy might be attributed to greedy people, those who didn't properly maintain the gaps and spaces according to the rules governing 'the econonomy as an artform.

        [  I had used a metaphor because I thought the technical means, by which the greedy were "failing to maintain the gaps & spaces", were far more complicated than I could understand. Turns out that some of it was far simpler. Besides the regulations being gutted in 2001 (particularly with regard to "derivatives" - which seem to me a most definitely artistically managed element; like 'Chaos Theory' applied to economic math), the bankers have literally been playing with the value (Libor) upon which purchasing values were based. Note the first lines of the prose below, "Who gets to say how much everything is worth". So... After reviewing the "feel" of all this, that is, as (also) regards the power abuse aspect, it occurred to me (as unrelated as this may seem at first): "How are these people alike: wives, secretaries, and butlers?" - July 2012]
Pieces of Art by Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com 1'09

"Pieces of Art" by Chris Pringer 1'09
(highly magnified sections of Chalice art of the "Pi-Chalice Vortex Tree Of Life" theme. Many of these are at the "Body-Mind Integration..." essay page

Pieces of Art by Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com 1'09
          Some might say that the exposure of the economic problem by "the experts" is due to those who want the economy revised from the top down, instead of from the bottom up.  

Tom Barnard's Blog on the Economy
That is, they (the top-downers) knowingly took advantage of the fact *that* the unscroupulous were taking advantage, of the fact *of* the Existence of gaps and spaces. And of *our discovery* that the economy has run as well as it did, because of the slight-of-hand trickery played on occasion, in order to fill in the gaps to keep it flowing. [It's ok, read that again if you need to - this might be a little different take on things.] But it's at least as true that among the confidence men (who have been playing *more* slight-of-hand trickery than necessary to keep the economy "afloat" in our belief system about money), there were corporate players who were *leveraging our faith*, as well as the capacity (financial, medical, psychological, and otherwise) for many of us to sustain a living, let alone retire.
Why Instant Runoff Voting? Quick Answer: For the "99%" AND for those who've lost faith in the two-party system, a good resource list is at FairVote Minnesota
(And I'm noticing that Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove have been writing in the Wall Street Journal not that long after Rupert Murdock took it over. [Rove is being called for the umteenth time before congress as I write this (Jan'09) - maybe he'll show this time.] But what's that got to do with anything?!)  

Bumpersticker from VFP's national campaign, "How's the War Economy Working for You"
          WE CAN go some useful directions from here. Including looking at it all from outside that science/structure based paradigm. Attitudes can effect the quality of the problem solving strategy that we engage, as well as it's development. IE: If we are bitter with un-healthfully expressed anger, we will likely not create a fix for old economy OR a useful, dependable new economy. Better: if we come to realize how important it is to properly value the various pragmatic creations as well as artforms in our world, and create an economy based on their fair distribution (and not on/according to any particular "ism"), then we will revolutionize our perception and value of humanity.

    [ An admitted idealist, I define an economy as a system of distribution management for people exchanging various forms of Love - things made, created, grown, and expressed. Consider: *Structure* as the basis of FUNDAMENTALISM (of whatever creed), is also the basis of most major schisms in the world, as well as the basis of the "'ism'-schisms," thence of resource distribution. ]

         Hence, the "ism"s, instead of becoming polarized fundamentalisms, might more usefully be regarded as artforms (certainly not sciences) for sometimes painful learning and exploration, as vehicles for developing truly working models for individual communities and nations, from which effective global community systems of resource distribution evolve.
         Please Note: Overall planetary resources have always been abundant - just not always abundantly distributed. Consider how much the more affluent nations and peoples have wasted, let alone kept in storage or withheld from the market to effect prices - far more than enough to have saved any number of starving peoples over time on the planet.
         One perspective relates wealth to the perspective that long ago, a relative few people made themselves the judges of others' worthiness. And thus judges of distribution - of resources and wealth, punishment and poverty (hence factors in the development of our current economy). That's at " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and the Body-Mind Split - An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context".

Who gets to say
» how much everything is worth ?
» who gets to spend a dollar
as if every penny counted ?

Who that IS,
to the degree we realize it,
is more powerful than the economic elite,
the political elite, and the religious elite -
in saying how much anything,
not to mention how much EveryONE,
is worth!?

WHO gets to say?

How about the one Who gets to vote
» by what they buy ?
» by what activities they engage in ?
» by whom they invite to be a friend ?
» and by what thoughts they think ?
Especially if they do that consciously ?

Chris Pringer, 3'09

Resource Access for Economy Prayer
"Connecting Resources for the Economy"

(a resource access prayer chart)
          Some forgiveness of our blind faith might help - we certainly have some recent opportunities for experience with that (wars without foundation are the most costly by far - on so many levels - and healing from that can be an instrumental part of how we learn and transition to a world that truly works). Forgiveness doesn't have to rule out appropriate measures for accountability for those that knowingly took advantage of others for personal profit, political gain, power over resource distribution, etc. Accountability is a necessary part of the structure that teaches our children to properly value others. And, IMO, we need to address the critical value changes that occurred during the Reagan Era. Here I am referring to the phase-in of flaunt-it-if-you-have-it attitudes, the "winner/loser" taunting (competition of worst sort where cheating is ok if don't get caught), and of course, the Milken-and-Trump-"inspired" re-engineering of business dealings with the resulting fallout on the employee, retirement, and then the economy (when the message became "money and power = legitimacy"). (Related considerations in forgiveness/trust/trends-tracking here)

          In going such useful directions and healing ourselves, we can create advanced systems of resource distribution (trade), including for development of those more economically isolated communities that want to upgrade to a more common or general economy. Also, systems can be worked out for 'cultural economic appreciation' for valuing and maintaining existing traditional/ indigenous systems. These can be developed for those peoples who rely on them and their products even if many/most others on the planet may not want to trade for them. We're probably talking about a decade or more of hard work, but why not go for something that does work?

Economic Activism: A collection of Pro-Active Resources for individually taking charge of our economic health towards a sustainable planet are listed at in the "Favorite Solutions" section as well as the section for Responsible Shopping & Investment, Corporate Reform, & Economic Fairness Issues at the Political Reference Page. Also Related at this site: The Economics of War & Peace - Part III - Considerations, Innovations, Accountability, Solutions, Resources

          [The above perspective of allegory as related to the economy came about after practicing with my guitar. I had been employing a kind of consistent skip-a-note-but-leave-a-blank-as-keep-the-rhythm style - it still "worked," even though I was not hiting some of the notes. The mind just fills in when it's a common enough rif and kept consistent in rhythm and other context with the whole piece. (This is analogous to how our senses work to "get" other kinds of artforms as well. And, just to remind you of the economy and/or politics), the mind just fills in when such music is played confidently enough to sound like it was meant to be played that way. -- cp, 3/1/09, 3/4/09]
From "The Modus Operandi 100"
Selected (by relationship to the economy)

from "GO Planet! A call to the promise of our global civilization Adventures in social architecture And the story of tomorrow"
by Jim Channon   of   Arcturus .Org

    29. SOCIAL INVENTIONS Design ways for everyone to prosper and flourish. Technical inventions and hard technology have their place. Social inventions and soft technologies will bring us a civilization.

    55. MEANING Take time to review the things that have been working and assign them value. Create a toolkit of these ways and means.

    56. BEAUTY An artful and delightful creation will encourage more of the same in others. Some cultures have had beauty be their highest collective ideal.

    57. SUSTAINABILITY Build, restore, and preserve supporting solutions that last.

    58. PROXIMITY Keep waste and reuse or convert it to another useful solution or service as close to where it was created as possible.

    59. CASCADING Continue to empower and reuse every by-product generated in a production effort. Cradle to cradle.

    60. PRODUCTION Manufacture appropriate products for beautiful, sustainable, efficient living.

    61. WHOLE-SYSTEMS DESIGN Plan for the full use of all effects of any development, design, or production effort. Aim the total effect at the most desirable life force solution.

    62. FAIR TRADE Decentralize trade to the smallest possible local transactions. Encourage an open and honest fair exchange by any means that is recognized as fair. Free enterprise will have its place but not at the expense of rampant and mindless production and its burdensome polluting transportation.

    64. SUFFICIENCY Make, carry and consume only what is necessary until we can sustain the planet with natural power and a restored resource base.

    96. THE LOVE ECONOMY When the world wakes up to the natural power of generosity most all work will be willingly expended to assist others without the need for a currency exchange. In the mean time there are many other ways to recognize effort besides money.

    97. WASTE NOTHING Strive to find a useful purpose for all the waste that you create.

Almost Off-topic but so worthy:

    25. CHIVALRY Go way beyond just generous support whenever possible. Stage the genius of others as a practice beyond the golden rule.

    63. CONNECTIVITY Be aware of the awesome changes in planetary connectivity. We now have a global voice and recognizable ethics that can be monitored to serve peoples desires on a global basis. Small groups of people need not to pretend they speak for all the rest of us when our collective choices are patently obvious.

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Resource Flow Cycle in an Economy
Like that of Nutrition in the Organic Life Cycle
Chart by Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts 4'16

Economy Of Resource Flow Cycle Like Nutrition-Chart, 1of4 by Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts of Chalicebridge.com, 4'16
Economy Of Resource Flow Cycle Like Nutrition-Chart, 2of4 by Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts of Chalicebridge.com, 4'16
The   Above   is   When   They   W O R K  


Economy Of Resource Flow Cycle Like Nutrition-Chart, 3of4 by Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts of Chalicebridge.com, 4'16
Economy Of Resource Flow Cycle Like Nutrition-Chart, 4of4 by Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts of Chalicebridge.com, 4'16
         Applicable Laws of Health for Living Organisms: "Life = Energy (*InFlow*);" where health is present to the degree energy is continuously *in-flow* in and through that organism and supportive organic elements -- Whereas IF we stop the energy flow, it stagnates, resources & waste elimination is impeded, health diminishes, and Life ceases.
         Dynamics of Infrastructure: "Cause & Effect;"
         Rule of Infrastructure: "As Above, So Below"
         Current Application: "Nutrition for Life Cycle" is the "Above" and the *cause* in this case, whereas "Economy of Resource 'In-Flow' Cycle" is the "Below" and the *effect* in this case. Albeit in the above diagram, the nutrition chart(s) sit not above, but on the left side of its economic mirror(s).
         That is to say, EG: IF we -as Humanity as a whole- provide proper nutrition for mind, emotion, and body, we will THEN not only indicate a spiritual connection as a causative force, but will thereby manifest (in and as the effect) an economy that reflects that internal infrastructure - at least eventually - per the upper two charts. If that is true, it would seem then, that we have, on the whole or for the most part, been operating per the lower two charts - not so efficiently, as our planetary global warming crisis now makes fairly clear.



One Definition of Insanity (paying for war when peace costs so much less)


How much is spent on military budgets a year worldwide?

How much of this is spent by the U.S.?

What percent of US military spending would ensure
the essentials of life to EVERYONE in the world ?
(according the UN, & includes education, of course)
$900+ billion

10% (That is about $40 billion, the amount of funding initially requested to fund our retaliatory attack on Afghanistan in 2002). National Priorities .Org

      Q1:    "The main rationale for war generally boils down to lack of sustenance" - ie: due to the planet not having sufficient resources ?
      Q2:    "It's about Terrorism" ? Or, how many people would support extremists, IF everyone already had all they needed (basic needs and much more, which obviously could be afforded, were it not for the addiction to arms) ?
      Q3:    About someone's lifestyle, RELIGION, or values being threatening to "our own"?


     A1:   The above stats clearly do not support that notion shaking out with Reality. That is, the claim about planetary resources has been a lie, certainly for the last 150 years. In fact, that will only be true if we don't prevent climate change before it has gone on too long. But indeed, poverty and fear-of-lack has almost always provided the basis of war, and/or the excuse of the power-addicted, as well as sufficient circumstance, desparation, and fodder for terrorism.
      A2:    No and very few (not near enough to give cause for the risk). This assumes (after these needs are met) that there would be some amount of cooperative international policing capability, of course, with substantially reduced redundancy (not to mention "over-kill" capacity). When will we realize that EVERY basic *need* [that] EVERY person on this planet has - could be paid for many times over - for a fraction of what we spend - to fight those who feel so underfed, that they have to join extremists to make themselves heard (???), since that is when the recruiters will fail to meet the power-brokers' requirements for war-making -- which is much more expensive, ANY way you count it.
      A3:    Any psychologist, let alone anthropologist, will tell you that we cannot survive on this planet without diversity, and thence the respect for it. Scientists will tell you that goes for plant and animal species as well. (Q: Have we not yet learned from politicians who play with religious fervor and the freedom jealousy thing - on the emotions of the emotionally led?   A: One only hopes so!)
      A1-3:    The main point being, *Need* is NOT what motivates war - By about 90% or $800 Billion !!! (per the U.N., pre-Iraq War!) The real cause of war or terrorism is "Desire" by those who don't know when enough is enough (things or power), who don't know the difference between *Need* and *Desire,* and thus fail to deal appropriately with HOW the resources are distributed - and NOT. And to thus continue using problem-solving methods that increase the number and size of problems - is that not one definition of insanity? Vs such as those as could be accomplished by those discussed in "Providing the INFRASTRUCTURE for Cooperation" and the awareness and momentum as garnered by the Bernie Sanders campaign, the Peace Tax Fund legislation (H.R. 2377, originally H.R. 2037 by Senator Hatfield), & via the below links.

Do you want to make a difference in the politicized economy? Please consider these VIEWS and RESOURCES as needed (on other pages at this site)
[Parts Added 12'15, 2'16: a) about planetary resource availability in A1; after "When will we realize" in A2; & after "By about 90% or $800 Billion!!!" b) re: "Providing INFRASTRUCTURE..." and Bernie Sanders, Peace Tax Fund in A1-3 c) CostOfWar.Com became NationalPriorities.Org ]


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"E m p a t h y"   o r   "C L A R I F I E D"

Clarifying where the definition has come to be re-defined (effectively)
so as to apply in limited ways and directions including as *armor*

By Chris Pringer, 4'10, 9'12   [Previously titled " 'Empathy' or 'Armor' by Definition, Clarifying..."]

          In April 2010, I was invited (along with many others) to go to a presentation, one of many all over the world, in process of developing a program entitled "The Difference". Anyway, Q and A there led me to comment on empathy - That is, on how many different notions of empathy there are - that *in effect*, have become definitions or usages for the word "empathy".

          Because, those definitions are based on who we feel the feelings of, and thereby who we feel for - but also those we filter OUT. Some of those filters are very familial based, some nation-based, others related to this or that social circle or vocational circle. And some are race or creed-based - ETC. This is not just about what got us into Iraq or other wars , what we did there, and how so many folks have responded to that (or not). But when the term, thence concept of empathy is used in that way, well, the question arises: is THAT actually about empathy??? Or have we adulterated the word, the concept, and thence the action itself ??? It reminds me of what we've done with the word *Love*: "If you really loved me, then you would..." but on a society/ culture/ nation level. And maybe there's a relationship between what we've done to (the active forms of) *love* and what we've done to (the active forms of) *empathy.* Which reminds me of the saying (a principle to some), "As Above, So Below."

          I don't know, maybe that's old discussion material, or same ole' stuff with a new hat. But just in case I didn't miss something, I thought the thought should be put out there (as well as some alternatives). I mean, I can totally understand that a person can only feel so much at a time, can only carry so much at a time. But must we adulterate basic terms and beliefs in order to excuse our own perceived shortcomings (greater or lesser) that we feel guilty about? And I'm assuming we are not even conscious of how often we do that. (I'm saying "we" instead of "they" just to insure a fair consideration of "normal" human tendencies).
3D & Atomic Chalice S5A over Transforming-Heart Tp5 & Flower Of Life-(Drk-s-A2) by Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.com 2'10
3D & Atomic Chalice S5A over Transforming-Heart Tp5 & Flower Of Life (Drk-s-A2) by Chris Pringer 2'10

          It's kind of like hiding things by slight of hand, only this, I guess, would be by "slight of heart" (or is it the heart?) - hiding the fact from oneself AND others(?) that one's feelings can be so limited in direction and scope. The greater form of empathy is considered a heart (or Heart Chakra, 4th Chakra) attribute and enables feeling others AS self (ALL others AS self). Whereas the lesser form of empathy is gut-feeling based (so considered a '3rd Chakra' attribute), and facilitates awareness of others feelings (whether the good, the bad, or the ugly, as they say). And different situations require different capacities.
V&HChaliceTransforming on Tapestry5bFCVt w/ Flower of Life FTH, © Chris Pringer
"V&HChaliceTransforming on Tapestry5bFCVt w/ Flower of Life FTH", sig'd, © Chris Pringer, Oct 2010
To put that into more practical context:
          Both of those capabilities (heart & gut empathy) are normally "in operation" in most folks - to some degree, depending on many factors about the person and the situation. And "by degree" is generally how they operate, not just full on or full off. Like the different glands and hormones of the endocrine system, aach energy center (or chakra) works best when ALL the energy centers are working together, with some situations requiring more of one than another, and so forth. [Some elaboration and references on these aspects are included in a footnote below.] The capacity of the heart center is potentially limitless, and THAT is what makes the difference with saints, and especially with such souls as Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammad. So I'm not saying it's easy to always be in the space of feeling others "as one with self." But to know that experience, and thence aspire to know that more and more, to maintain it stronger longer and so on, is to realize that all humanity is worthy of our best considerations. And yes, all such ideals can be challenging to achieve in practical application let alone maintain [and idealism can have it's practical side, and yes there's also an essay on idealism and related concepts at this site (in same footnote) smile].

          But in that light, it can be important to know where one is coming from. And so, equating "nationalism" to empathy is just not always accurate, perhaps rarely. And especially if saying (or communicating via action) that one can feel objectively or love unconditionally, while excluding others because they look or believe differently.Actions that so communicate include how one runs their business, including with regard as to people in 3rd world countries being worthy of access to their own resources, and of sharing resources with others through a fair and fairly facilitated economic system. And then there are peace/military considerations... but I've covered those well enough in other notes (via the Poly-Psy Citizen Healing Page).
          Humanist/Gestalt and Buddhist Psychology, among other systems (but especially when these two are integrated, IMO), are based on approaches that integrate the shadow aspect with those aspects we socially accept - in such a way as to heal and organize our (inner) selves more constructively, non-violently, productively - so our outer selves get along with others likewise, AND do all that more honestly (referring to "emotional honesty" in communications).
          But sadly, the alternative healing crowd is pretty much the only ones that can talk about their therapy, but only with each other, whether it's for self-emprovement or self-healing, without getting stigmatized for for it. (Yes, many do therapy for self-improvement, not because they are Syrial killers.) Well, there are those types who brag about therapy, including massage therapy, just so they can say they got the luxury.

          When in fact, massage and other therapies should not be considered luxuries, but considered to be about the only thing that is going to teach us how to heal each other - and heal WITH each other. Because they often encourage one to question the nature of, and thereby improve upon, relationship with oneself, with other people, with Higher Power, etc. Massage can often do much of this very naturally, that is, without prompting on the part of the therapist. (And yes, this may be part of why am biased about *body-awareness based preventative maintenance* as the most cost-efficient form of health insurance.  smile )

Bridging Hearts 2'10 by Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com
"Bridging Hearts" ValenChalice (nbdr)
© by Chris Pringer 2'10

          ...considering the Brain as a tool, considering that *Mind* comprises *Heart* & brain, that (the) *Body-Mind* comprises *Heart* (including empathy), brain, and *Body* as the physical Extension of *Mind* & *Heart* into the world. *Love-Wisdom* is thereby considered the ideal attribute or quality extended. How? *Information* is considered the basis of *Knowledge* after having been processed by the brain; *Knowledge* as the basis of *Wisdom*, after having been processed by the *Body-Mind*; and *Love-Wisdom* being the highest form of that. [All that is not totally original, but an integration of existing concepts, albeit somewhat metaphysical. -cp, 4/11/10]

          Hence the challenge of integrating our emotional bodies and (with) our spiritual bodies: Is that not one of our spiritual opportunities while living in a body? If we are not the only species in the universe, and if the wiser ones were visiting us to teach their kids about the evolution of living beings, would they wonder if this integration was what our species was created for? Or is that just another projection of ego ? One possible assist in such considerations and "paradoxical dilemmas" is the Goal Chart page, "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, And the Role of Inner Work - A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in..."
VioletRainbowLightningBrightChaliceCellRing-OutoT'Myst'[-DSat]© ChrisPringer May'12&'17
"Violet Rainbow Lightning Bright Chalice CellRing-OutoT'Myst'[-DSat]" © Chris Pringer May'12&'17
  Empathy Related References at this site:
          "On Empathy & Healing" [Feb'12], or "What's that got to do with corporate fascism, whistleblowing, bullying, constructive anger, & problem solving?" ...but it's also about about the psychological basis of the myths that have influenced us to maintain corporate fascism, that prevent regulation of corporate monopolization, including of the resources for scientific research, freedom of scientists to facilitate cross-discipline sharing of insight - a primary basis of creative invention. And yes, It's also about problem solving and routes to consider.

And at the Chalice-Integration-Arts page are two very related sections with a "softer" approach, although reference-loaded for deep impact:
        a)   the essay: " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Communications, Relationships, ..." but with political implications, and
        b)   a new section on "The Empathy Movement" introduced with, "In September of 2012, The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy and Compassion initiated a discussion, preparatory to much greater things, laying the groundwork for much greater things worldwide". Hopefully more in-depth and socially applicable trainings will stem forth from this project - with widespread growing results that make the difference needed.
  * FootNote(s):
         The section, More On Ideals..., includes the Concepts of "Perfection" and "Unconditional Love" at the "Compassion...Detouring Burnout" page.
         Some elaboration and references about energy centers or chakras are included in the "Seven Phases" section of the "Evolution Trends" essay - includes explanation of relationships of energy centers (or chakras), including "...these phases of growth are based on the 7 bio-etheric energy centers within each individual's Soul-Being - as part of a system taught by advanced yogi's down through the centuries. The seven energy centers are geared to work together as an integrated whole, but individually have certain strengths and attributes. They can be viewed as tiered in a hierarchical arrangement, progressively advancing from the lower more material survival-based capabilities to those more oriented to the formless and sublime attributes of existence. ..." [NOTE: When I use the term "evolution" at this website, I am referring to the psycho-social evolution of humankind, resulting in lasting change on the physical level (particularly with the brain), and not to the science of evolution and the controversy around that. -cp]




An Affirmation for Recognition & Changing Beliefs about Superiority
This affirmation is unusual, in that it does acknowledge the existence of a "negative situation" -
in this case, a destructive set of beliefs (related to superiority). * [continued below]

We Recognize, Expose, & Stop Superiority as the Lie that...' - 17%compressed jpg graphic - PolyPsyArt/Chaliser2004)
PolyPsyArt@iinet.com 2002
[continued from above:] These beliefs, in the opinion of this author, have contributed to some of the most unfortunate, even shameful, current world situations, including class warfare. Related Essay: " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Communications, Relationships, ..." and political implications - perhaps the very beginnings of class warfare.

Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic
These two versions of the "Bring Our Kids/Troops Home Whole" bumpersticker were inspired by the Peace Sign'ed American Flag (photos of the "Peace Flag Honor Guard" further below), and of course, the continuing need to bring our kids/troops home "Whole."

Printable PDFs are available with Full (8.5x11) page(s) of Three (3) B-stickers (each pdf about 3.3 MB in file size)
[Apologies for bad links for weeks prior to 9/16/10]:
ChBullet bumper-sticker WITHOUT VFP Logo           ChBullet bumper-sticker WITH VFP Logo

To download you can right click on the link(s) and then click "save as", if you don't want to open the pdf in your browser
Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic
    The Original version was created in Jan'04 with the logo for Veterans for Peace Chapter 92 over a star-field from the American Flag. EG: we (psychologically astute vets) knew then that the soldiers were being trained differently, and the repeated tour-rotation policy was already being indicated, and how that related to PTSD.
And now (Spring 2010) we find already that more vets of Iraq-Afghanistan have committed suicide than have been killed in combat.
Compare this to the 30+ yrs it took
for Viet Nam vets to reach that statistic (!)

I repeat here (at right) the resource that I put at the vUSPeace Academy pages in 2004, which resource has since been confirmed to be applicable/effective for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans
ChBullet Co-Counseling or Re-Evaluation Counseling (REC)
because Listening Can be healing

While Harvey Jackins, the originator, has passed on, Re-Evaluation Counseling has continued to develop and mature into a most valuable, while relatively easy to learn, healing methodology.
For more information, you might use these KEYWORDS in your search engine: Co-Counseling, Re-Evaluation Counseling, Harvey Jackins.
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.     - Leo Buscaglia

Visit AcupunctureForVets.Org (Seattle- 206 930-1238) or AcuWithoutBorders.Org The number of Clinics in the US is growing!

Related ? : " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and 'the Body-Mind Split'
An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context"
(7/31/10, ed.9/4/10)




Related Web Pages at This Site:

       The Virtual U.S. Peace Academy
Is here and now to inspire the creation of the *real* UNITED STATES PEACE ACADEMY. Courses are now being set up to be taught in the Seattle area [Spring '07]. In the interim the vUSPA is here for students choosing alternatives in peace, to facilitates resources and connections to institutions of higher learning for lasting global peace. In utilizing this site, young people can also create a vital and permanent record of their sincere desire and choice to learn and wage the arts of peace, rather than the art of war as taught at the military academies - as well as establish Conscientious Objector Status. Includes the - "James George Peterson Library at vUSPA - Suggested Courses and Books, suggested/sample outlines; prerequisites, etc and The Economics of War & Peace - Part III - Considerations, Innovations, Accountability, Solutions, Resources

    "Overcoming Political Disillusionment"
How do we approach the condition of dis-empowerment, political burnout, apathy, or worse? How do we spot it where it may lurk as something else? (Not just talking about you or me on a bad day, but when only 30-40% of the people vote, when and where whole segments of society seem to pretend everything's fine when it isn't, and worse, when it continues to support the situation.) With an honest look at ourselves, and asking some hard questions, we may begin the process of true (lasting) change. A follow-up to "Political Activism, Apathy, & Healing," this outlined perspective on the political ramifications of Disillusionment is not light study, but food for deliberate thought - for creating a society that will also allow our grand children to have happy, healthy children on this planet. Written for would-be voters, burnt-out idealists, and potential activists, and takes a thorough look at the elements of basic (and applicable) psychology as related to democratic participation, & Healing.

    Questions For Disillusionment
Includes: Questions for Consideration specific to Political Activism, Apathy, & Healing, as well as
       "The Four Governments":   A short essay on political beliefs, invested fantasies, & current realities - working & not;      Guidelines and a class format for "Overcoming Burnout for Activists": for YOUR community?      "The Development of One Questioning Mind":   my pre-sentencing statement at the trial of the "Seattle 12"    "Questions for Personal Empowerment":   The Use of Personally Applied Invocative Questions (Invoc-Q's) designed specifically for affirming self-worth, self-determination, capabilities for personal values redefinition, etc with text placed over colorful tapestry background.

    "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, And the Role of Inner Work: A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in Growth Facilitation and ..."

Often referred to at this site as "The Goal Chart" - a practical visual tool to help organize a truly gestalt approach to goal accomplishment, as well as complement & help complete other self-help perspectives & presentations. This comprises a re-hash of gestalt application of modern psychology and ancient truths, created to work for new applications; © Chris Pringer, '92, Rev'd 8'02. In another section, "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment" (Aug'11) is about clarifying what we most truly want, and how we can have that... also about HOW we respond to Pain & Loss (whether caused by disease, ourselves, others, or the economy) and are brought back together again - the *how* that can MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.
Goal Chart 333px  by Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com

    "A Gestalt Perspective" and "Seven Phases of Personal Growth" A perspective on an approach to and regard for life, one's past and present, respecting the diversity within oneself (most schools of psychology acknowledge multiple sub-personalities within each individual) so that one can honor that in all life, as well as a basis for personal growth and/or therapy. Relates multi-culturally to coExistence, cross-discipline sharing, and synergy of influence.
A perspective on an approach to and regard for life,
to one's past and present, as well as for personal growth and/or therapy.

    "Understanding the Pattern Triad and The Body Pattern Assessment"
About Mind-Body Relationships and *coping mechanisms, *challenges, and *gifts on one's Life Path. About aspects to be discovered, emotionally cleared, and then employed as mental/emotional assets and guidance towards determining and accomplishing life goals. About how the body has habitually responded to experience is evidenced by the body's holding and movement patterns. I provide an explaination for a system of assessments and mind-body correlations -- learned and integrated from/for my work with others as well as for my own life process. Other sections include excerpts from "Body Memory and ... Learning Life Lessons." Includes "Notes on Mind-Body Correlations - Source-References, Organization of *Body Memory,* and 'WHAT I DO'." Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the same phenomenon: fascia memory, somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy.

About a powerful form of Preventative Health Maintenance. Based on the "Re-Parenting" approach to personal growth & self-healing, I consider it a powerful adjunct to Body-Mind Integration. Helps to illustrate the dynamic relationships of Spirit, mind, body, and emotions, as well as the inner-child-parent-family, including the cells, organs, and body systems.

   New section "On Empathy & Healing" [Feb'12], but also about about the psychological basis of the myths that have influenced us to maintain corporate fascism, that prevent regulation of corporate monopolization, including of the resources for scientific research, freedom of scientists to facilitate cross-discipline sharing of insight - a primary basis of creative invention. It's about bullying, but also about whistle-blowing, constructive anger, & problem solving and routes to consider.

   "Spiritual Battles & Wars" (internal vs external) or "Systems of Structure & Effects on Learning" *Structure*, or the felt need for it is, IMO, the underlying basis of fundamentalism (of any belief system), which is the basis of extremism, which is the basis of most terrorism we hear about today.

   "Structure & Dissolving Extremism 101"
Structure & Dissolving Extremism 101, with sections, "Spiritual Battles" (internal vs external; structure), Socio-Political Empathy, Attitudinal Healing, Political Evangelicals, Christian Fascism, related complexities & confusions, Revised since 2008-10 & Renamed (was "Machiavengelicals Exposed" eg: Machiavellian + Evangelical = "Machiavengelical" re: "Neo-Con-Artists" Machiavellian Use of Evangelical Fervor)

    "Questions for Boundaries"
Affirmations in "PRQ" format for developing momentums for increased overall well-being
specific to Effective Communications of position, intention, & message,
Maintaining Clarity for appropriate Connection, Direction, & Protection

    Christopher's Political Page,
including "Politics, Psychology, & Disillusionment." My attempt to provide intelligent commentary and considerations for solutions as well as political awareness, that we might better see, understand, and utilize opportunities to jump in and make things better when we can, Not too stiff for a grin now and then. Also includes      STOPPING the MID-EAST-WARS - Activism & Post 9/11 Issues. Anchored in the pragmatic, certainly for the long run. Well Organized, with      LOTS of Resources for the Socially Responsible Activist. Insightful Quotations. Perspective based in Buddhism, Humanistic Psychology, Ecumenism, including      "The Four Governments," and      "Getting Real About Conspiracies."

"Approaches to Conspiracy" Chart
at the PolyPsy Home Page

"Signs for World Change"
at the PolyPsy Citizen Healing page

"Questions for Invoking for World Change"
at the World Healing Prayers page

John Pettie Knight (Cut&ReTouched) Ovr3DMultiChaliceVtxMistO'VBrF&TOL 3'13
"Spiritual Battles Balancing the Chalice Within"

"Affirmations for Inner Communications"
at "Notes on Addiction" at the "Goal Chart" page

"Mother Earth Dove, Giving Ourselves to Peace"
in the "Pragmatic Balance" section, Chalice Art page

PolyPsy List Archives
Provides the most long-term applicable, if not most recent postings on what's going on (as regards peace & justice, & citizen effectiveness, including action resources) - Planetary in scope: you can join the list or just peruse the Archives without joining. The list was created in the effort to help us better see and UTILIZE opportunities to jump in and make things better when we can - while maintaining our psychological and spiritual capacity to do so - and to help keep the PolyPsyArts web site current.
Poly-Psy Arts Logo © 10'08 Christopher Pringer
This list is a "Newsletter" style list; NOT the kind that allows members to send email to other members. (It does NOT make member email addresses available to anyone, So members do NOT receive email from anyone but myself.) List Description is elaborated at http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/PolyPsySp. To subscribe, send email to: PolyPsySp-subscribe@lists.riseup.net. You can type the same in the subject and body areas of your message. Thank you, -Chris Pringer, ListOwner/Mgr

Facebook Postings

Below is a sample Facebook posting. The links WORK for the noted articles by Karen Vlahos, as well as for most of the fcbk tabs, the Share link, etc.
(Usually these postings are not repeated via the Poly-Psy Mailing List.)
At Right is a WORKING mock-up of my fcbk *NOTES* block [May'10].

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CP's Notes @ FcBk Armor by Definition and 'Slight of Heart' (?); Apr 21, 2010 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Something new for medicine?; May 8, 2010 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy A Kind of Summary For Pragmatic Balance; Dec 26 2009 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Discussion on Evolution - Is Humanity ONLY 'at the Animal Level'; Jan 1 2010 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Teach The Truth, And Change Will Come From Within; Jan 17 2010 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Feelings, Emotions, Beliefs, Desires, Needs...; Jul 13 2009 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Hearts And Minds for An *Exitable* Strategy for Afghanistan/Pakistan; Mar 28 2010 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Syndicate in Pakistan; Apr 23 2009 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy Re: Obama Should Avoid Bush's Iraq Errors in Dealing With Afghanistan; Apr 13 2009 -FcBkLnkPic2-PPsy
My Comment on the above Facebook Posting     [At my fcbk page, 6-07-10]

         [Quoting from the article:] "The number of Guard and reserves as a percentage of the total force in Iraq and Afghanistan has fluctuated over the years. Official estimates in 2005 were at 28 percent; it was about 7 percent in Iraq and 15 percent in Afghanistan at the end of 2008. Manski estimates it's closer to one-third today. ..."
          Remember the report on increased military sign-ups? And we were wondering where our priorities went (and other political psych-outs)... Well, check these stats (from Karen Vlahos's article): "So here is the situation. The secretary of defense ordered, and Congress authorized, an expansion in the size of the Army. But the Army reduced the recruitment goal – and reduced the retention goal. The size of the Army is in fact shrinking. It may look as if it's growing – the Pentagon report gives the impression it's growing – but it's growing only in comparison with the officially set goals."
          Ahhhhhhh! Karl Rove & students are still at work in the smoke & mirrors factory, not to mention the Project for a New American Century [PNAC] (just in case we forgot).

Thumbnail of Resource Access Prayer Chart for Economy
   "Resource Access Prayer Chart for Economy

Page Description:
24 prayers as of Dec 2011, Universal in approach,generally invoking Divine assistance, calling for citizen awareness & courage, truth, justice, accountability, related healing, learning, & balance, etc. They include a resource-connecting prayer chart for the Economy (Jan'11) , two that are specific to global climate healing, one to Iraq & Middle East, two for comprehensive planetary healing in general, two specific to media communications (latest Dec'10), and more. Page includes background and related information, links, and printing/downloading tips. (Yes, of course it's free, as I believe prayers are meant to be.)

Thumbnail of World Healing Prayer w Affirmative Questions, Integrated for Meditation for Prevention of War, and manifestation of Healthfully Sustainable Planet - click to go there
   "Q's Prayer 4 World Peace
Thumbnail of Iraq-MiddleEast Healing Prayer, Commissioning Archangel Michael for Truth, Justice, Accountability by all concerned - click to go there
Iraq-Middle-East Healing Prayer
    "Archangel Prayer for Iraq-MiddleEast"
Global Climate Healing Fantasy & Invocation (Thumb)

   "A Global Climate Healing Fantasy and the Spirit of It All" On Sacred Earth Background. PDF versions available for Printing (is 2 pages long)
World Healing Prayers over Sacred Geometry Graphic Backgrounds

The "coverage" (via prayer text) provides a virtual summary of our current world challenges - hints to opportunities to gain the momentum we need to heal/transform the planet and mankind.
Thumbnail of Broad Spectrum World Healing Prayer, Chris Pringer - click to go there
     Broad Spectrum World Healing Prayer

A Different Take on Evolution

    Evolution Trends: The 'Information Age' And Its Evolution Into The 'Holographic Age'
Challenges and Realistic Goals For Survival and Creating A Desirable Future, © Nov'95

NOTE: At this website the term "evolution" refers to that of human consciousness, resulting in lasting change on the physical level.
Evolve Humanity, ChaliceVortex&Planet'evolve-balance', © Chris Pringer PolyPsyArt 2008        
          We are currently in the "Information Age" of global-scale *collection and organization * of data and data systems. The "Holographic Age" will be marked by "...the integration of data (a precursor and main component of the Holographic age) ...will bring about a tremendous explosion in capabilities of unprecedented scope, magnitude, and depth... The ability to offer/affect pre-designed physiological, emotional, mental, and psychic change on human beings..." Intelligence manages information, but wisdom manages Intelligence. This "adventurous" draft looks into the future (or potential future scenarios) at many key areas of evolvement of Human Society. Organized web page includes sections: "Getting There From Here - and The Political Maze In Between," "Some Trends and Developments In Health and Environment," "Psycho-Social Transition And Rehabilitation" (in corrections, education, and health), and "The Role Of Intuition Coming Home...". Recent additions include: much improved "Basis of Assessment - with "Seven Phases of Evolution"; "On Potential Realities, Ideals, Goals, and Accomplishment"; and "On Learning, Fairness, Truth, and Peace" (& Purpose, Structure, Religion, Karma), and ref-links for the "updated" prophecies for the year 2012.
          ie: [from original August 1995 paper:] "...Our trial and initiation prior to entering the next age is dealing with the issue of 'Polarization.' So much depends on how we manage this issue during the 1995 - 2005 period of time... critical on many levels. The implications may therefore be timely, a balance of warning with hope and direction => ...'Polarization' refers to the two opposing extremes of over-identification and enmeshment. The first extreme, over-identification, relating to hyper-egoism or narcissism, includes misplaced patriotism and competition for the sake of wrong-making and degradation, nationalism that unduly separates people, bigotry, elitism, and related extremes. The 2nd extreme, enmeshment, relating to the blurring of proper boundaries (such as with emotional or energetic enmeshment, sexual abuse, any improper 'dual relationship'), includes that which occurs with [non/]secular/political or political/personal conflicts of interest. Appropriate structure (laws, regulations, professional guidelines, cultural mores, rules of conduct, etc) is the result of healthy personal and societal discrimination of values, and related priorities and goals... ...will develop out of necessity - much due to the aberrations of the info age (psychological manipulation and necessary defense systems practiced by/for/against businesses in competition as well as for military reasons => ...personal data as common knowledge <=> 'Age of Exposure' => ...the decade of the media moguls and the survival of democracy..."
'Geo&Chakra Skull&Chalice' & 'Grail Mind', © Chris Pringer PolyPsyArt 2010
'GeoChakra Skull & Chalice' & "Grail Mind" - PolyPsyArt 2010
        But if we get through all that, one of the many noted benefits include "... We will have the unique opportunity to learn first-hand from the most hi-tech, research data-backed, psychological ...Awareness on/of the various levels & interrelationships between these areas... The application of intuition may find an unprecedented role in terms both of breadth and of its popular integration with the more logical approaches ...As a result, various systems of 'Integrated Diagnostics' will be developed..."
          The original paper was email published in Nov '95 on listserv@intuition.org (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and Spiramed@sjuvm.stjohns.Edu. Yes, *1995* - So I guess the "system" I used was not so bad (based on the "Seven Phases of Evolution", as detailed on that page in Dec'09). Some intuition did enter in between that system and the "if this, then this" logic - scans of original notes with hand-drawn flow-charts included, but I've never called this "a prophecy," but a perceived spiritual challenge (for humanity) with potentially great rewards - an opportunity for taking responsibility. Even so: That 10 year 'prep' period has just passed - wherein so much did indeed determine about how and how soon we begin this next age - or if we do before the planet (otherwise) overhauls itself. But remember "that spaceship" that's going to save us ? Wink Well, IMO, the pilots are none other than ourselves - as our Earth-Steward selves that is. So, IF it happens, not to worry, we won't miss a minute of it -- IMO, God wouldn't deprive us of the realization that we are so capable! (And responsible. Or don't we want to earn our way ?!)

TrendsToWhat(L), Chris Pringer, 6'16
    "Thresholds, Changing Trends, and
Learning from Extremism"

at the page, "New Information & Facilitating Paradigm Shift Potential."

Initiating with a slightly eclectic introduction, the writing provides a fair amount of the scholastics and background research on "Threshold Effect"," and "Classic threshold models - the two most pertinent - as well as a few related uses for this variable that is useful for recognizing, assessing, and predicting key events and trends in processes. Trends being the operant word, since the current times 2015-2016 have been especially remarkable for their unpredictability. Also includes a pertainant review of Granovetter's model in Malcolm Gladwell's article, "Thresholds Of Violence" -- about the "school-shooting epidemic," "The Power of Context" and "The Tipping Point." As well as some implications - but with considerations for practical application, including for how to take all this in - AND references, including an extensive list copied from the Wikipedia page on Conscience. Finishes up with a summary assembly of context usages of "threshold effect" at the site. [New, June 2016]
TrendsToWhat(R), Chris Pringer, 6'16

*Something NEW* for Medicine AND Health Insurance

What would actually change our health-care system the most?

          How about a means of diagnosis that takes so many aspects of a person into account, that it creates a capacity for designing a truly healing program for most any patient? Nice dream you say. How could a diagnostic system be that accurate for so many conditions? What would enable our medical system to consider, so surely and comprehensively to so much greater depth and context, the many processes for the many different kinds of individuals, than we do now? Well, of course, such questions indicate a healthy skepticism. But let's dream just a bit more, but this time, from outside the box, as they say:

         What if there were a system of assessment that would bring together the great many disciplines of health-care - particularly including Eastern, Naturopathic, and even the many among the Western - and to a degree of collaboration that was far beyond what we've ever seen before? In case you don't know, such collaboration is currently not a reality to any meaningful extent, certainly for most health conditions. Particularly between those focusing on the body, and those focusing on the mind, not to mention the relative few focusing on the connection between the two.

          Here's where many professors might dawn that wry grin, being so acutely aware of the egos of various medical disciplines locked around their own perspectives about what heals and what doesn't and so on. And they say, "Yeah, that's going to happen soon."
          Understood. There is that multi-varied polarization in the medical fields that you may not have heard about very often, certainly not prior to when such practices as chiropractic and acupuncture began their influx into western societies.

          And yes - I am working towards something that may hold some hope. In fact I've been working on something for some time, and I can understand some degree of skepticism "in high circles" as related to the likelihood of getting a review - by those that can make a difference. However, One of my dreams for a long time now is a society where/in all people, beginning in childhood, are taught how to feel/see/read their own body-mind communications such that preventative health maintenance eventually becomes second nature. That would then be part of our upbringing and public schooling. But that capability depends on a diagnostic capacity which would require a few decades of research and development, per the project described below - but which would also lend many other exciting accomplishments...

          I'm speaking of what I call "the Fascia Memory Project." Which I have attempted to develop from basic concept ( first published in 1996 ), into an effective presentation on line (from theory & basis to projected 35 year plan). I suppose I've too often taken the above noted skeptical response too seriously, and then relented to focus on other vocation related projects,* having had generally limited resources, working for a living and so on.

         The Fascia-Memory Project is about research and development into the relationships among connective tissue (fascia), objective/subjective experience, the neuro-physical interface between emotion, and the brain, and "body-Memory." About developing connective tissue scanning devices and diagnostics hardware for discerning and illustrating all that. Goals include developing optimal means for applying that R&D in health care practice, as well as developing enhanced systems for individual development of body-awareness for preventative health maintenance, taking optimal advantage of our capacities for neuroplasticity. A long term project, but the intermediate goals and sub-projects themselves would bring about considerable effective change from the earliest stages and increasingly through project's end. Some, in fact, would help pay for the project (particularly the "Muscle Madness" game show and off-shoots, as described at the project's Goals & Objectives page). The range of application extends from the medical industry to personal home use, to public education, to social and correctional rehabilitation. For context and perspective on this far-reaching multi-faceted proposal, see (page 8) the Fascia-Memory Project Overview Chart.

          The Fascia Memory Project is not an idea for sale. It "only" requires a sizable investment to initiate the project. But one I am sure we would all benefit from. If you are sufficiently connected, financially or otherwise, please take it and make it happen... this or something better. Please see the web pages for more on how and why the investment would return far more than financial benefits - although I have also explained sufficiently there how that would happen as well.

          Hence my note at Facebook and some pages at my web site: I hope/plan to attract some helpful feedback, perhaps about something I need to include to make the presentation better understood or otherwise more effective. Perhaps this will draw something far more. I am hoping to get a good hearing for the system - which I believe will lead to research, that will lead to the system with the capacities I describe above. I have doubts about that happening in the United States. Other countries seem more multi-discipline-capable when it comes to medicine - and it's relationship to other organized interests.
          Enough for the introduction. The project's web site includes pages for Intro & Summary (with a detailed table of contents with links to the pages), Description & Purpose, Goals & Objectives, Research & Development, Theory, References & Links [extensive], Project Overview Chart, Project Flow Chart ( "Pert" style output by 'MS Project' ). The Original Theory published June'96.

Thank you for your consideration,
Chris Pringer

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Fascia Memory Project

Fascia-Memory Project Overview Chart

Fascia-Memory Project Overview



F a v o r i t e   A l t e r n a t i v e   S o l u t i o n   S i t e s

The next 2-3 sections provide many solution oriented resources (within the blue background bordering).
For complete list see Political Reference Page. A chronology of updates for all PolyPsy pages (edits, additions, etc) is at the ChaliceBridge.Com Updates page, PolyPsy section, often with a summary annotated description.

          Why Instant Runoff Voting?
Quick Answer: for the "99%"

For those who've lost faith in the two-party system (updated Oct. 2011)
Perhaps the perfect dream would be the Green Party and the Natural Law Party (see below) joining up and replacing the Democratic Party. Add to that the party of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) "99%'ers". And since that won't happen, if even one '3rd' Party won't being taken seriously by the voting public... So, HOW can we get the platforms of these parties taken seriously? By putting in the "conscientious" 'spoiler vote' -- under circumstances where the result would be more fascism in the White House? And then we'd be REALLY motivated for a bottom-up action, Right? Sorry, yes, that was sarcasm. But why encourage 3rd parties to strategize badly? IMO, when '3rd' parties become truly egalitarian -I'm thinking now of the "99%'ers" - they will join forces to establish instant runnoff voting systems (now being termed 'rank-order voting'), locally, then nationally.)
A good resource list at FairVote Minnesota And their Press Articles page is not just about Minnisota :-)

    Collateral Repair Project
      COP "is a grassroots movement, created to address the catastrophic displacement of the five million Iraqis who had to leave behind their homes and communities because of the violence and instability that is the result of the invasion and occupation of their country. As such, we work in partnership with an Iraqi team who determines how we can best help improve the stability of some of the millions of Iraqis whose lives have been devastated by the US led invasion. We bring together the small, overlooked, incidental persons on both sides of the conflict who grieve and ask: What can we do?"

      Evolutionary Leaders
A great storehouse of timely resources. "At this crucial moment in history Evolutionary Leaders from all walks of life are engaging our collective field of potential in a movement to ignite an evolutionary leap to the next level of human consciousness". "On July 26, 2008 the Chopra Foundation, the Source of Synergy Foundation and the Association for Global New Thought invited a group of renowned Evolutionary Leaders to the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California, to explore their extraordinary potential as a collective. Out of this gathering came A Call to Conscious Evolution: Our Moment of Choice. Since then, additional leaders have joined this effort and together they have established a collective platform that is generating various exciting projects to connect with other conscious evolutionaries in the movement to more profoundly accelerate the shift in consciousness together." A few of many Resources: "Evolutionary Leadership Toolkit" and Map for Exploring the Call to Conscious Evolution; "a politically-focused think tank called Institute for Cultural Evolution ...will use the insights of the integral/evolutionary approach to address some of the pressing issues we face today."

          The Declaration of Peace
The Declaration of Peace is a grassroots nonviolent action campaign calling on the U.S. government to establish a comprehensive plan to end the U.S. war and occupation in Iraq. The nationwide campaign is working to move Congress to defund the U.S. occupation of Iraq, to initiate the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops and military contractors from Iraq, and to support an Iraqi-led peace process. In September 2007, the DoP Education Committee published a document “fleshing-out” the 9-point Peace Plan framework. The Comprehensive Peace Plan for Iraq and accompanying Talking Points continue to be updated and are designed for public education and for Congressional lobbying.   Please Sign the Declaration of Peace. Hans von Sponeck, former UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq, presenting the proposals at the World Against War conference in London in December '07. Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research put those in PDF format on the web in March '08.

      Tom Hayden on "The Long War": Sign up for Tom's Free Online School of Activism "Long-time antiwar activist Tom Hayden ...taught the first of four sessions in his School of Activism. Tom describes this series as a 'workshop on the long war and our future.' He explained that the long war is projected to last fifty to eighty years ... 'a sequence of wars in the context of the long war.” He said that we must end the long war ["a war against Muslims in many countries"]. He said that it does not make us safer, that the wars are 'strangling our ability to invest in our domestic priorities,' and could lead the country to being pushed ...'into a deeper national security state.' [That] 'The long war … requires a long peace movement.' When speaking of local peace activists that he has met, across the country, he says that we 'may not be so visible these days, but I know that you're not going anywhere, and neither am I. You are the heart and soul of the peace and justice movement.' [Feb 2011]

      Apollo Alliance Project
The Apollo Alliance is a growing coalition dedicated to a just and sustainable economy. We are bringing together a broad partnership to rebuild America and face the challenges of conservation, freeing ourselves from dependence on foreign oil, and creating millions of good jobs in the industries of the future. Apollo Alliance launches at Campaign for America's Future "Take Back America" conference in Washington, DC. June 5, 2003.
Their set of web pages include "Our Ten Point Plan for Energy Freedom."

          Paul K Chappell Waging Peace:
Paul is author of two books on creating peace, including *The End of War* and *Will War Ever End?*, and is soon (Spring 2012) to complete his 3rd, *Peaceful Revolution*. Other websites include American Unity Project, and Waging Peace .Org. Paul Chappell discusses a new and more effective strategy for ending war In this interview (pdf), fixing our economy, combatting terrorism, and providing a secure and prosperous future for America and the world. "Paul K Chappell has given us a crucial look at peace and war from the unique perspective of a soldier, and his new ideas show is why peace is both necessary and possible in the 21st Century." -- Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize

          Bioneers - Collective Heritage Institute: An organization of some of the most intelligent and long-time dedicated people on the planet (IMHO), developing and implementing "sustainable" solutions throughout the world, including much for rebuilding the ECONOMY on both micro and macro levels. Some great examples are presented via www.bioneers.org/conference - "Solutions in nature consisitently surpass our concept of what is possible." Also see the Collective Heritage Institute of Santa Fe, NM. Sample articles, include "The Hidden Connection: A Science for Sustainable Living" by Fritjof Capra.

      The Small Planet Institute - Tools and Links for Living Democracy: offers downloadable learning tools, including: "Getting a Grip: Handouts for Group Discussion, "The Spiral of Powerlessness & The Spiral of Empowerment," "Thin Democracy vs. Living Democracy," "Doing Democracy: Ten Practical Arts by Frances Moore Lappé," "Citizen Power 101—Lessons of Community Organizing"

         *The Great Turning - From Empire to Earth Community* by David Korten
Summarized in YES Magazine. Find more at PCDForum Bulletin #5. Two more of his books include "When corporations rule the World" and "Post Corporate World" - insightful and important when contemplating responding to current challenges and the healing of the planet. You might also enjoy the transcript of Korten's keynote address at the 2002 EARTH CHARTER COMMUNITY SUMMIT. Timely articles include "What to Do Now That the War Has Started." A related sites include www.davidkorten.org and The Fourth Freedom .Org/.

   Extensive Resources/Links for a Sustainable Planet
at the "Vehicle Efficiency Compendium" Page

       The virtual U.S. Peace Academy @Seattle    
vUSPA Seal2c Thumb
For students choosing alternatives in peace, to facilitates resources and connections to institutions of higher learning for lasting global peace. Here you may create a vital and permanent record of their sincere desire and choice to learn and wage the arts of peace, rather than the art of war - as well as establish Conscientious Objector Status. Includes the "James George Peterson Library at vUSPA - Suggested Courses and Books, suggested/sample outlines, prerequisites, links to solution-oriented organizations and resources.

          Tikkun .Org and Spiritual Progressives .Org
Rabbi Michael Lerner is editor of Tikkun Magazine, chair of the interfaith Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP) spiritualprogressives.org, and rabbi of Beyt Tikkun Synagogue Without Walls in San Francisco and Berkeley, Ca. www.beyttikkun.org. He is the author of 11 books including The Poltiics of Meaning, Healing Israel/Palestine, and the 2006 national best-seller The Left Hand of God. "Our Vision: 1) Changing the Bottom Line in America; 2) Challenging the misuse of religion, God and spirit by the Religious Right; 3) Challenging the many anti-religious and anti-spiritual assumptions and behaviors that have increasingly become part of the liberal cultureSite." includes "A Global Marshall Plan," "Affirming the Sacredness of All Human Beings," "A New Spirit of Openheartedness and Reconciliation," and
    "A Call for Lasting Peace" w/Respect to Gaza, Palestine, and Israel
    New article at Tikkun Magazine (Jan'09): "Trusting Obama". Many other "Memos to Obama" are Ref-Linked from the Tikkun Magazine home page.

          The Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA)
PJSA is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2001 as a result of a merger of the Consortium on Peace research, Education and Development (COPRED) and the Peace Studies Association (PSA). Both organizations provided leadership in the broadly defined field of peace, conflict and justice studies. We are dedicated to bringing together academics, K-12 teachers and grassroots activists to explore alternatives to violence and share visions and strategies for social justice and social change. PJSA also serves as a professional association for scholars in the field of peace and conflict resolution studies. [Local ref: The Evergreen State College in Washington State has one of many ongoing Peace and Justice Studies programs, by the way, as well as ">regular current-topic conference events.]

          Citizen Works has assembled 10 actions you can take to change corporate power in your home town. To see the list, visit Citizen Works .Org - L"ocal Corporate Crime & Citizen Action"

          Jean Houston was the protégé of the late anthropologist Margaret Mead, who instructed her in the workings of organizations and power structures in many different cultures. With the late mythologist Joseph Campbell, she frequently co-led seminars and workshops aimed at understanding interrelationships between ancient myths and modern societies. Her specialty is in the development and application of multiple methods of increasing physical and mental skills, learning and creativity. She has presented the results of her work and studies in some 17 books, as well as in person through speeches and conferences at educational institutions and business organizations in over 40 countries. She is often invited to work personally with leaders of such groups, as well as heads of governmental and non-governmental agencies, to assist them in rethinking their goals and agendas.Wisdom University includes the courses of Dr. Jean Houston.
      A special preview course for her 2007 Mystery School was held in San Francisco November 17-19, 2005. In 1985, Jean was awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award from the Association of Teacher Educators. In 1993, she received the Gardner Murphy Humanitarian Award and the INTA Humanitarian of the Year award. In 1994, she received the Lifetime Outstanding Creative Achievement Award from the Creative Education Foundation. Presently, she is working closely with the United Nations Habitat Program creating programs in social artistry for training leaders around the world.

       The Alliance for a Caring Economy (ACE)
The newest (2007) of initiatives from Riane Eisler and The Center for Partnership Studies, ACE is a network to develop the foundations for a caring partnership economics is being formed with representatives from government, business, civil society, and academic sectors. ... Riane Eisler's speech to the World's Women Forum Plenary July 29, 2004 was *Revisioning The Economic Rules: Empowering Women And Changing The World*

       the "Alcohol Can Be A Gas" page at Permaculture .Com:: "With alcohol fuel, you can become energy independent, reverse global warming, and survive Peak Oil in style. Alcohol fuel is "liquid sunshine" and can't be controlled by transnational corporations. You can produce alcohol for less than $1 a gallon, using a wide variety of plants and waste products, from algae to stale donuts. It's a much better fuel than gasoline, and you can use it in your car, right now. You can even use alcohol to generate electricity. Alcohol fuel production is ecologically sustainable, revitalizes farms and communities, and creates huge new opportunities for small-scale businesses. Its byproducts are clean and valuable. Alcohol has a proud history and a vital future." David Blume has also provided a means for everyone's individually converting their own vehicles.

          Vehicle Efficiency Compendium
here (at chalicebridge.com) and abroad, developing ideas and on-going projects we can support for the greater and common good.

          See True Majority Principles worth working for: see TrueMajority.Com for a full description of each principle)

          Orion Online offers "Thoughts in the Presence of Fear" by Wendell Berry, Already reprinted in 73 countries and 7 languages, this powerful and poignant essay has been made available in print form, along with two related essays by Mr. Berry; another essay on the crisis of globalization by Wendell Berry: "The Idea of a Local Economy"

          "Inspiring a New Human Agenda." A humanistic approach to governance & public policy. The POLITICS OF TRUST NETWORK is sponsored by its members and by The John Vasconcellos Legacy Project. Called a pragmatic idealist, John Vasconcellos is considered a leading visionary in the convergence of psychology, politics, and the human potential movement. His ground-breaking efforts in promoting self esteem, authentic leadership, and social diversity have distinguished his 35 years as member of the California Legislature.

       Politics of Hope By Donna Zajonc
"The Politics of Hope is a powerful reminder of what could be, and a guide to making it happen." -- Marianne Williamson, author Healing the Soul of America. Articles include "The Politics of Hope: Healing Post-Partisan Depression" and "The Six-Second Secret to Leadership." Articles Index. You can subscribe to Donna's newsletter by sending an email to: subscribe@politicsofhope.com

          "All Will Be Well" (audio file)
by Reverend James Kubal-Komoto
And since it really is *spot-on* for balancing the adrenalized brain with the spiritual heart in any tough circumstance, it's the perfect message for holiday Stress & attitude management in lieu of the holiday terrorism warnings Indeed it was given Dec.6 2015 at Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church, Demoines, WA. I'm calling it "A Message from the Masters - a select collection of ancient wisdom in colloquial voice. The text transcript is also available. Enjoy! smile [Note that the prefacing poem by Adam Zagajewski (published in 2002) may seem a bit paradoxical, but again, the message (eternal) will put all in context.]

          The Peace Week Site includes video recordings of those who are likely the most illustrious group of peace pioneers ever assembled on the planet! [Sept 2010]

         Buddhist Peace Fellowship website is a very well done website that includes a range of Buddhist Peace Fellowship activities as well as an archive of reports from David Berrian in Iraq.

         Yamas and Niyamas - the ten living principles, © 2002 Swami Avinashananda Saraswati, at www.saraswatiyoga.com

          What the Mayan Elders Said About 2012 by Carlos Barrios"
Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder and Ajq'ij (is a ceremonial priest and spiritual guide) of the Eagle Clan. Carlos initiated an investigation into the different Mayan calendars circulating. Carlos along with his brother Gerardo studied with many teachers and interviewed nearly 600 traditional Mayan elders to widen their scope of knowledge. Carlos found out quickly there were several conflicting interpretations of Mayan hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, Sacred Books of 'Chilam Balam' and various ancient text. "...All was predicted by the mathematical cycles of the Mayan calendars. -- It will change --everything will change. Mayan Day-keepers view the Dec. 21, 2012 date as a rebirth ...The date specified in the calendar Winter Solstice in the year 2012 does not mark the end of the world. Many outside people writing about the Mayan calendar sensationalize this date, but they do not know. The ones who know are the indigenous elders who are entrusted with keeping the tradition. ...Now is the time to awaken and take action. ...Everyone who is here now has an important purpose. This is a hard but a special time. We have the opportunity for growth, but we must be ready for this moment in history. ...Meditation and spiritual practice are good, but also action. ..."

All things considered, particularly those noted in the intro... if GREAT changes do [did] occur *in* year 2012 - compared to the years before and after - it will definitely be a threshold effect (and surprising to most people, including myself.) [Indeed, if they did, it was subtle, inspirational, and perhaps only beginning to manifest effects - ie: in Bernie Sander's building and coalescing of awareness in many of our youth, in the significantly greater applications of climate awareness. -cp 6'16] I do believe 2012 IS [was] a likely time limit upon the *beginning* of earnest changes required for even the later. Have we *earnestly* begun those changes yet? Depends on one's perspective, of course... - cp, June'11, Jan'12] I believe in the "100th Monkey" threshold effect, where, in this case, what we might now call "Miracles" would be (events) described simply by enough of us beginning and/or continuing to do what we know in conscience that we need to do - until that threshold effect makes it relevant to us that we have brought the rest of humanity on board the Earth Steward Ship. [- cp, Dec'11]

Chalice Bridging Logo © 9'08 Christopher Pringer

About Solutions:
Common Means to Efficient Paths, and "Bridging" in the Cross-Discipline Approach

        But first, a word from our sponsor...
    Nah, actually, it's about my FIRST cartoon ! smile
(where, "At the Rally for World Change, a number of groups of people holding unusual signs converge into a huge circle...")... and a short essay...
    About "Choices: It may not be about WHAT WE WANT the most, but about WHAT WE BELIEVE IN the most. Some of us might WANT to believe world change can happen. But our other beliefs, born of disillusionment, fear, and shame, may be stronger. Signs4WorldChange[Cartoon], 12'11 Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com
      Hence, the essay title, "World Change or World of Addiction ?". Wait, did I just relate global peace and sustainability to addiction?..."   Well, inversely, but yes, AND the essay transitions to a very pro-active and hopefully motivating ...momentum? More above on this page. Thank you!

    How are we to find *The* solution, and *the path* to it, when our simply defining the problem -- "pragmatically" considered the "first" objective -- can be difficult enough in collaborative efforts these days? Sure, great thinkers provide inspiration, but which to choose from now? When in their presence, it's easy to submit to such experience, but what about when their guidance escapes our grasp?

    How to develop means to "Centeredness," a balance of analytic and intuitive capacities, a grounded pragmatic understanding of the challenges at hand - your own as well as those of the individuals and community involved - as well as possible longer term outcome scenarios of the various potential solutions? But wait, what if "I'm not an expert" and "what the heck am I pretending to be and do...?"

    All this sound familiar? Lao Tsu said a thousand mile journey begins with the 1st step. And there's more quotes around this site that basically says that *the* solution to socio-political problems begins "with you and me," that *we* might as well get with it, and that representatives, by definition, are the ones who put forth your and my thoughts and feelings - into the process of governing you and I.
    And *ideally* ...Ahhhh, such a loaded word. But right now we are looking at global warming scenarios, or figuring out how to get people to the table and refrain from polarizing the discussion. The approach initiated at beginning of the "Machiavengelicals Exposed" likely would not be very useful here, I admit [page since revised & renamed to "Structure and Dissolving Extremism" 2008-'10; Jan'14]. That approach was designed to get certain mind-types to begin to focus on the site's topics and viewpoints. But I digress.
    The gestalt view of facing challenges is not about the rose-colored glasses approach, but about honoring of the emotional dilemmas, the pain, and the elephant in the frontroom (not to mention the baby, the furniture, and the weather outside). And about human skill, capability, and potential for growth and change.

    Yeah, but "Common Means," did I say? Yes, there are certain commonalities in how humans solve problems (and create them), not to mention perceive them and define them. And yes, there ARE different means for different individuals to FIND those common means. And here we come to the crux of this writing and many of the writings and charts you find at this website. The first useful, response to any challenge, certainly one that is efficient for the long term, depends greatly on the nature of an individual or group facing the challenge. Ahhhh... the big "depends on..." stance that intelligent leftist politicians are so hated for by people demanding soundbytes and simple solutions.

    One way of laying out those "common means" is put forth in "the Goals Chart - "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, And the Role of Inner Work ...". "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment" (Aug'11, on same page) is About clarifying what we most truly want, and how we can have that... also about HOW we respond to Pain & Loss. That way would seem to be more geared for the individual, but how often has an individual ever been totally responsible for his own, let alone his community's development? eg: It becomes an integrated individual and group effort. It's one thing to solve one's own problems, but when it comes to people solving problems together, Riane Eisler [see descriptive link at left] is a well known teacher/ facilitator who thoroughly covers the basic and advanced dynamics in listening, clarity, and objectivity for relationships or *Partnerships*, as well as in socio-political realms.

          "Is there a Relationship between the Holy Grail, Extremism, and the Desire for Pragmatic Balance?" kicks off the the "Pragmatic Balance" section of at the Chalice Art & Science Integration page which includes a number of pieces of Chalice Art (by yours truly). Also in that section is "Teach The Truth, And Change Will Come From Within" (with a title that paraphrases my best teachers). Also on that page is "Empathy & Co-Existence including The Empathy Movement..." , as well as a metaphorical-become-pragmatic approach put forth in " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening" (and Emotional Intelligence, but more on that below). All as part of "A Kind of Summary for Pragmatic Balance" (of this and other pages at the site), about our psycho-spiritual evolution.
          Related to the above, especially as related to Trends, Memory, and Tracking: Forgiveness and Trust (or "Discrimination: Whether, When, or How to have Expectations of ...").

    I believe things work best when things work together, and that people work best when people work in concert. And that would be whether they work together or separately in healthy competition (that does not degrade others or impede their efforts). MORE SPECIFICALLY: If we begin by
      a) looking at (a visualization of) what we really want, and
      b) consider some basic routes for how we might get there from here,
      c) work backwards from the end product to understand what key and core physicalities that would have to be created in the latter time periods prior to achieving what we really want, then
      d) do the same for the physicalities preceding those...
      e) do the same eventually for the attitudes that would be necessary to allow for all the above accomplishments...
      f) From here a basic flow chart of required tasks and conditions are established. (This approach greatly influenced the development of many of the pages at this site. Which are, admittedly, tempting most people to consider them as "overly dense compilations of means to ideals too rich for human consumption."

    So... what happened to that "give me a challenge" attitude? smile "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment" (Aug'11) is about clarifying what we most truly want, and how we can have that... also about HOW we respond to Pain & Loss (whether caused by disease, ourselves, others, or the economy) and are brought back together again - the *how* that can MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

    Note that some of the most experienced people in examining cause and effect scenario's are in the healing trades, and most apparently not always in the government related professions. Cross-discipline Inter-Relations and Approach would be the order of the day (make that *of the century*), which implies the need for scholastic leaders in every school of thought, as well as the social sciences, to share knowledge and work together.
    I'm also referring, in part, to one of our current challenges. And that is the relationship between a) monetary support for research, b) who or what determines the direction or purpose of research (ie: as related to humanity's true needs and who determines those for any amount of research), and c) how the results of research are employed and/or accessed.
    And I'm referring to the relationship between any person's aptitude, attitude, talent base, and "True Calling" (and one's hearing that calling), and to the likelihood of the most efficient application of management/worker resources in industry, government, and social development.

    But what about "real" solutions right NOW? Well, how fast do you truly expect to be rescued or fixed by someone else? I want to say that there truly is a place for immediate gratification. And for structured simplicity, mainly because some individuals truly require for their health - and that of others around them. And "representatives" worry about their image, so feel pressure to substitute wisdom with expediency (if "tempted" with wisdom in the first place). To those who still ask for here and now spelled-out solutions, I have two answers: read the above, and read the below (referring to the links below).
    [Most currently, for solutions to begin applying: I'd go with Dennis Kucinich (almost always good for the relatively short term pragmatic), Al Gore and Dennis Hayes (for the current and intermediate), with David Korten and Riane Eisler (into the longer term pragmatic). - cp, 8/24/08]

    Favorite Solution links above or at Political References Page

"Our Children Will Save Us"

    A day after writing the above, As I watched the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics and remembered the other great choreographies therein, I came to understand that it will be the young people of the planet who come together - literally and in many other ways - and from there most powerfully persist and succeed in petitioning the leaders of the nations for the sake of mankind and the planet. And due to their determination and courage, the leaders agree (and basically get out of the way) so that the terribly needed changes are rapidly facilitated - which brings the world's people together, leading to the healing of Mother Earth. Which provides not a bad introduction to the following, which is ALL ABOUT OUR CHILDREN AND OUR FUTURE:
      "Providing the Infrastructure for Cooperation..." above, on this page: "Large scale conflicts are essentially about gaining or protecting resources. And the stat-backed TRUTH is that the cost of doing that militarily -on this planet's interconnected neighborhood- FAR exceeds the costs of simply PROVIDING ALL the resources!!! ...If we don't fight the war on poverty and dysfunctional environments, then we will never stop feeding the breeding ground of war & terrorism." Includes links to chart of stats on costs of War/Military Budgets vs provision of essential resources (all the basic needs of all people -especially from conception to college, plus all-round health care, plus the infrastructure to support it, appropriate to each culture), as well as links to references for studies showing how children's early formative environment has lasting impact on kids, ...has implications in every aspect of life, particularly those determining the cost of governing society - referring to "Best Starts for Kids," literally a resource-multiplying program! Related perhaps:
      "On Learning, Fairness, Truth, and Peace" at Evolution Trends Page which includes refs to (the law of) karma, reincarnation, and the "updated" prophecies for the year 2012.

'Beliefs in Potential & Transition', 12'08 Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com
"Beliefs in Potential «§» Transition"
(Large Version & more on it's symbology)
at World Healing Prayers Page
Including a "Happy New Era" Card

Notes on Hope, Balance, & Opportunity

          Gateway to Conscious Evolution with Barbara Marx Hubbard.
This author and futurist is also featured in the groundbreaking documentary series, "HUMANITY ASCENDING: A New Way Through Together". In this transformational series each DVD presents vital elements to awaken the codes for our own conscious evolution and offers direction, meaning and a vision toward our birth as a new humanity. "The Humanity Ascending Series is breathtaking in its scope, startling in its clarity and gloriously hopeful, demonstrating why Barbara Marx Hubbard is a global treasure and one of the greatest visionaries of our time." —Neale Donald Walsch

       "Visions of the Future"
The SuperConsciousness Winter 2010 – 2011 issue at Super Consciousness .Com ("SC") is focused on our innate ability to peer into the mysterious future and bring back to the present what we see. Social conditioning would have us believe that to extend our perceptions into the future is evil or even dangerous, but are those subtle allusions of risk based on fact? In the INTRODUCTION to this issue’s main content, we present the argument that the fear attributed to knowing the future is nothing more than the growing pains of a species that is expanding their collective awareness beyond long-standing, limited belief systems. ...thirteen interviews, articles, and excerpts from researchers, scientists, spiritual adepts, and visionaries ..."

      "IMAGINE: What America Could be in the 21st Century"
About Realities We Can Create (These are practical, accomplishable given a little re-education about our actual capabilities and resources, and NOT "new age" dreams) Featuring (in alphabetical order): Ed Ayres * Sarah Ban Breathnach * John Bradshaw * Fred Branfman * Denise Breton, Christopher Largent and Stephen Lehman * Deepak Chopra * Kokomon Clottey and Aeeshah Ababio-Clottey * Peter Coyote * Stanley Crouch * Sam Daley-Harris * David Deida * Dee Dickinson * Riane Eisler * Debbie Ford * Peter Gabel * * John Gray * Thom Hartmann * Paul Hawken * Hazel Henderson * bell hooks * Barbara Marx Hubbard * Daphne Rose Kingma * David C. Korten * Dennis Kucinich * Michael Lerner * Paul Rogat Loeb * Gay Gaer Luce * Thomas Moore * Caroline Myss * Dean Ornish * James Redfield * John Robbins * Vicki Robin * Robert Roth * Lance Secretan * Peter Senge * Judith A. Sturnick * Eric Utne * Neale Donald Walsch * Margaret J. Wheatley
All author proceeds go to the Global Renaissance Alliance,
P.O. Box 3259, Ceneter Line MI 48015, office: (586)754-8105, Fax: (586)754-8106

     [Most currently, for solutions to begin applying: I'd go with Dennis Kucinich (almost always good for the relatively short term pragmatic), Al Gore and Dennis Hayes (for the current and intermediate), with David Korten and Riane Eisler (into the longer term pragmatic), and hopefully via O'Bama. Not to dismiss the others in the least - many of whose views I am very familiar with. - cp]

BleepBook-Thm1.jpg  RabbitHole-Thm3.jpg

De-Stress Kit
  The "Bleep Tool Kit" ...because habits are difficult to break
Intro for application of principles from 'What The Bleep Do We Know - Down the Rabbit Hole' from WhatTheBleep.Com. Remember *TM* (Transcendental Meditation)? Once the media made it all about the person (the guru), and not about the function and capability - for anyone who wanted to invest the time and energy ...well, at that point the potential was neutralized - until 'Bleep' resurrected the offer (with a much more grounded yet far-reaching platform). And I don't mean to imply that 'Bleep' is all about such serious things. It's as fun as it is intellectually stimulating, even as "wondrous," as it pulls together and makes understandable so many realms of knowledge in a practical way, including the quantum physics that backs it all up! And the DVD set is available at most video outlets. This DVD is also one great means of learning about and enhancing your neuroplasticity, with the brain essentially being a tool kit that we each have opportunities to develop and enhance, even repair - from within.

  The "De-Stress Kit" from HeartMath.Org
provides much for initiating healing on the personal level, with great potential for assisting development of inner stillness and clarity. Such benefits can certainly, even naturally, expand to most every communal context. The HeartMath.Org web site is rich with fun tools for self-assessment and quickly introducing body, mind, and emotional health. It also provides FAQ's and voluminous research reports and related links & references. [Please note: as far as I know, there is no formal relationship between HeartMath.Org and WhatTheBleep.Com; I am associating them by common function - tools for conscious personal & world change. I consider their kit a valuable, perhaps essential, part of the "Bleep Tool Kit" - as I would any system(s) that does the same for an individual, actually. In you want to get really serious about such a tool kit, I would suggest integrating Chi-Gung, yoga, and a well-formed 'power-of-spoken-word' system with all the above. -cp]

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