Love and Seeing the Clouds Through
Poetry from '86 - Inspired by and Dedicated to Lucy Stern of San Louis Obispo
who also illustrated the unpublished paper version of the book - Thank you, Lucy!



'Seeing the clouds through'

fears and doubts and anger

coloring and filtering the light,

Love penetrating fear

knowing only Love exists forever,

we experience All of our creation,

Seeing through from the inside of the clouds

acknowledging the Light in each atom

that we gathered in uncommon arrangement,

now allowing each its own reality.

Our Vision no longer obstructed,

we no longer blind,

Suns Reflect...

Seeing the clouds through



'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg 'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg 'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg 'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg 'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg 'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg

'Love and the Planet'

Everything that is real
     has a part to play,
          and everything is Real
               including Love.

Detours are different kinds of
     learning experiences along the way.
          We give each other opportunities
     to learn to love one another.

If love was easy
     for folks like us to learn,
         it wouldn't be love.

We are not each other's love -
         Love just is.
     All we can do is realize it
         and then accept it.

When there is Acceptance by all
     there is no advantage to be taken.
          All we take is everything
               into our heart.

When we go inside into our heart
          we feel what love is.
     This love asks for nothing,
           it accepts everything.

When everything is accepted
          there is nothing to achieve.
     Can we drop our hopes
               and accept our gift -
         the love in our hearts?

The Question is WHEN, not if,
           we can bring this planet
     to realizing God's Love -
           we can Allow God into Us.

Healing the planet is a matter of falling
     in love with the Will of God.

'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg 'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg 'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg 'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg 'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg 'Listening'crp1-200px.jpg

'The Highest Integrity'

Acknowledgment is simply observing
and accepting what simply IS --

I Am That I Am in ALL That Is

Simply loving All That Is
is the highest from of acknowledgment.

The intention to truly allow
is Remembering our Loving Self -
the Highest Integrity.

Acknowledging the Intention,
Opening to the Becoming,
Accepting Loving Being

Let it Be
As It Is

As I Am That I Am


Art and Poetry © Chris Pringer 2002, 2010


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