"My Cells - My Children"
"Inner Communications" and
Understanding the Healing Approach of "Cell-Talk" and
Inner (Parent-Child) Communications via Example, Metaphor &Prose

An approach to "Body-Parenting" & Mind-Body Integration -
a powerful form of self-transformation and
preventative health maintenance

      To summarize for the professional: The prose was written to serve as a metaphor to illustrate the dynamic relationships of mind, body, emotions, and Spirit, as well as the INNER-child-parent-family relationships. It is intended to convey, in a less analytical way, a functional and healing approach in a special kind of body-parenting communication with the cells, organs, and body systems. Reference to an article lending scientific basis to such use of metaphor is included just below the 'page section links.'

      "Body-Parenting" is based on the "Re-Parenting" approach of emotional awareness based personal growth & self-healing. Re-Parenting is a therapeutic methodology that uses a kind of dialog between core components of one's psyche. This approach is more influenced by John Bradshaw ("Homecoming"), John Pollard ("Self-Parenting: A Guide to Your Inner Conversations"), and on Humanist Gestalt perspectives more than on Transactional Analysis. Albeit TA contributed greatly to the very basis of therapeutic dialog. The "body-parenting" adaptation of the Re-Parenting approach is additionally influenced by Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy.

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'PiVortexSpheres on ChaliCell Garden Tapestry A3 (with Cell-Rings)' © Chris Pringer 2011,12

"PiVortexSpheres on ChaliCell Garden Tapestry A3"
with "Cell-Rings"
, © Chris Pringer 2011,12. Created with "Cell-Rings", representing the basic workhorses of our bodies, the cells being far far more energy efficient than anything man has ever created, literally with beautifully channelled nuclear power reactions going on every milli-second. The large view of a very close cousin to this image is at my gallery at Artist Websites @ Fine Art America

Even in the matrix of our cells, the sacred-geometry proportions actually facilitate (ionic) polarities [positive/ negative or yin/ yang] for bio-magnetic interactions and energy exchanges at atomic/ molecular levels - in this "cell matrix chalice." And these "chali-cells," at that atomic level, operate like tiny but ever-powerful nuclear generators, yet with all of a living cell's frequencies/ colors (Rainbow), given all the energy, including all the loving understanding that's been channelled into this "chalice dynamic."

         The article, "A Neuroscientist Explains [the workings and valuable use of] Metaphors," nicely validates the use of metaphor for such purposes as engaged here. It is about how we can transfer the message of a metaphor for accomplishing more effective yoga results in the physical body - since we already do this naturally for many things. AND so it is barely a stretch (so to speak) for us to understand how the focused use of the *Body-Parenting* metaphor can effectively increase circulation and healing capabilities in our cells - certainly to the degree that stress, attitude, beliefs, etc has been a cause of any decrease in the blood, meridian, and/or other energy circulation.
         From article description: "...[for the] creation of a unique neural network in our brains ... [including] the neural circuitries that represent the thoughts and behaviors [since a synapse is] a neural associative bridge between two cerebral stores of information ...This is just one simple example of the power of metaphor to transform, but the possibilities of fusing two or more pools of knowledge to promote our own self-growth are countless. Imagine what synergy you might create for your self."
           Note:   The principle of "As Above, So Below," has to do with relationships of things up and down the spiritual, psychological, and biological hierarchy(s) of human beings. EG:   When one heals one's heart, this not only effects the capacity for health in a positive way of other organs and systems in one's own body but also the capacity of others in his/her community to heal their hearts as well. In that light, one might also apply this poetry as a metaphor, up and down the hierarchy of communal structure as well. And, to take that a step further, I wonder: might it be as much truth as it is metaphor?


      My Cells - My Children      

My cells know what to do
and they do what they know

resting into alignment
and into the FLOW.

Nothing to make happen,
nothing to make be

just allowing their being
all they are as One with me.

appreciating their loyalty
for serving against their way

in past times of survival,
holding & protecting each day.

Reacting to experience,
my voice at times unconscious,
as, at times, so were others' -

passing on what I felt others knew best,
'though just fathers & mothers.

I'm learning as a parent,
that nurturing part of me -

to be with my little selves,
trusting me to be of Thee,

allowing my muscles to rest
into their places

balancing into the PRESENCE,
breathing into the spaces.

In Tune with the Blueprint
and guidance of my BEING

that's eternally inviting
my opening, feeling, and Seeing,

For these are all my CHILDREN,
having always obeyed my voice,

now rejoining my family,
all with awareness and my conscious choice.

Christopher Pringer 8'88; Rev'd 12'06, 10'12 (lines 13-17)

An Optimal Injury Experience

       When an infant or very young child hurts himself in play, he calls out for or runs to his mother or father and "lets it all out" as the parent listens without judgement, knowing that his/her listening unconditionally loving and accepting presence is what does most if not all of the healing. The wounds are taken care of, of course, but the presence is the balm that makes the pain better. Sometimes the wound was not physical at all, but a need to make sure the presence is there.

       And this is what happens when things are going well, developmentally, for the child - total acceptance and love, no judgement, no shame, no reason to store emotion, thence tension. Hence in a short amount of time all is let go, yet the learning is retained, the memory is stored naturally for future use as/when/to the degree needed, and it's "time to move on" into the next thing. And to be as fully present with it as with the time he was learning. This is how parent and child interract optimally.

       However, few people have all of their early childhood experiences looking like that, and some people have very few of them like that. Hence the storage of tension and memory in the cells. Which is the heart of what the Body-Mind Integration... essay page is all about.

Excerpts from
"Body-Mind Integration in the Personal Growth Process":

       It gets stuck, in fact, in the past. It can get stuck to the extent that we can react to present experience as if we felt that the (past's) painful experience is about to happen. This unconscious preoccupation of muscle areas protecting against past fears will cause, among other effects, aging due to lack of circulation. You might say that our "present awareness is not circulating" in that area.

       ...The body's cells respond to our individual thoughts and beliefs ("solidified thoughts" attached to the body-mind by an emotional charge). Each cell carries a memory of the time in the womb, and maybe for a while afterwards, when there was a very high degree of safety, warmth, spontaneity, and intimacy. For cells to remember that, they need the mind's permission to release all subsequent programming that negates that feeling/memory. The emotional component needs permission to be experienced and/or accepted.
    [End of excerpts]

       That is primarily what motivated this site into manefestation, along with the potential for increasing that "Body-Parenting" connection (the 'Heart' of my work). Add 'the Chalice aspect', related symbolism, including the Chalice Aspect of the overall 'God-the-Parent--God-the-Child metaphor'.

Basis of Body-Parenting & Related Metaphor

          Like kids, cells do best if we keep them fed, clean, and feeling loved. And as we learn to give them healthy messages and especially to just listen to them, like kids, they will tell us what changes need attending to. And *body-awareness* is how we listen. The cells respond to the mind as workers do to the management. IMO, this is the *heart* of neuroplasticity (directly, naturally, and positively engaging that capacity as we interface with our cells and self-healing mechanisms for personal growth and self-healing, and re-organization of the brain as a result of that experience).

          Injuries occur primarily due to overly tensed muscle cells, to unable to flex with events and circumstances in our environment. Cells are not bad, or wrong in any way for being overly tense due to having their circulation crimped by compressed cell structures, thereby deprived of good connection to the sources of nurishment, and unable to sufficiently rid themselves of waste products from all their hard work. Certainly not for becoming deseased or disfunctioning as a result, let alone for trying to maintain systemic equilibrium by whatever means are left to them. Like kids, they are habitually responding to our own unconscious inner messages. Those that we've been giving them since our formative years - about how to respond to the conditions. Under harsh conditions in early life, they adapt and find a way to cope -- if at all possible, if you tell them they have to -via thoughts, and feelings. If they don't get "the all clear" (especially if they've never "heard" it before), then they maintain the "armoring."

          Held long enough, thoughts and feelings become decisions and attitudes about life. Cells can actually maintain those -via adaptive roles- and for a whole lifetime, if they don't get a corrective message. I.E.: IF we, as infants, often needed to tense up -or "armor up"- various muscles for emotional or physical protection (ie: when adults around us acted insensitively or worse), THEN we most likely continued through adulthood to hold various muscles in an overly tense state - "ready" to respond to more of same, perhaps expecting life to be that way. The nervous system is designed to get our attention when we are doing something unhealthy. It's not the cells' fault if that system has been muffled by our own choice.

          But would you really like getting used to living underfed, unclean, and insensitive to the warning signals? Assuming your answer is no, the next question may be about how to remedy such a situation where we have basically adapted to less than optimal conditions? I suggest that first, we fix the supply system and take care of those basics. Secondly, we remedy the attitude that got them that way, or else the cells will never feel they can drop the coping mechanisms, let alone learn what a happy, communicative, and cooperatively sharing environment is about.

          It's genrally the more complex sets of coping mechanisms that are referred to as "Inner Children." Which term refers to the persona(s) of the emotional body, that have been created by the body-mind, not only in order to protect the psyche from painful memories, but in order to finish, at a later time, certain interupted processes. Those processes are related to the basic emotional and/or physical needs that were only partially and/or temporarily fulfilled, by the coping mechanisms. Our capacities for neuroplasticity provide for the memory storage coping mechanism process to be initiated (a form of "negative neuroplasticity"), but also provide for our memory retrieval and/or integration as needed for healing.

          Muscle cells need to know/experience what relaxation is, as well as what intense work is, in order to have an appropriately full range of tonicity/contractedness, and to find the right tone for a given condition. Cell systems adjust, based on our messages to them. Perhaps especially those messages that are aligned with long-term health, since our bodily systems seem designed for adaptation and endurance. NOTE: It is said that Our own voices and thoughts carry the most weight with our own cell systems. And that *verbalizing* a belief or decision, especially doing so *with feeling,* is much more powerful that just thinking it.

          Sometimes we will receive insight about a corrective action we must take; i.e.: by newly feeling the need to adjust our posture or some kind of bodily movement, or even due to reviving memories (that were previously suppressed). Details of these processes are explained in the essay, "Body-Mind Integration in the Personal Growth Process"- The How's And Why's Of Psycho-Emotional Storage of the Body-Mind (in layman's physiology & psychology): When, how and why tension is stored and released; communication between body and mind, benefits; proprioreceptors, personal growth, massage/bodywork, therapist's approach, etc. Originally published by the author in Massage Magazine, July-Aug 1992. Newly Added/Rev'd (May'11-July'12) on this page: "The science behind the body-mind relationships" (in the reference section) as well as addendum essays for clarifying these topics for *common sense* preventative maintenance application, as well as further completing the context and clarifying the dynamics and processes involved, including "Muscle Q & A" - a Kind of overview of the core topics, as well as further completing the context and clarifying the dynamics and processes involved. Some special applications of body-parenting are explained in "Tensing Yoga - Exercises for Self Healing, Preventative Maintenance, & Mind-Body Awareness". [Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the phenomenon of body memory: somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy, body-mind split, mind-body split]

          With body awareness, learning to listen and respond to our cell systems, we enhance our senses naturally. We give the cells the corrective messages about tonicity, circulation, function, etc. And thereby we provide opportunity for our self-healing mechanisms to be maintained, and turned back on as necessary. A set of short summary personal quotes on body-mind awareness are in the Author/Editor Section. A link to the Body-Mind Integration home page is also there, where on many aspects of preventative maintenance are discussed and/or linked to.

References & Notes regarding "Subpersonalities":
          In my working view, the sub-personalities are generally distinct and apart from the "Inner-Child," although the inner child may co-opt one or more subpersonalities to serve in coping mechanisms- until the 'issues' that gave rise to the mechanism(s) are sufficiently resolved or healed1. Ref/Links are available for definition and relevant psychological context for, *Sub-Personalities* including those per "Psychosynthesis" at the site's Index page. IE: in the "Gestalt Psychology Sites" section of the index page: "...A subpersonality is distinguished from a Dissociative Identity disorder (formerly: Multiple personality disorder) in that subpersonalities are merely personas or pieces of a whole, whereas DID is characterized by (at least) two separate and distinct personalities who have their own patterns of interacting with the environment. ...American transpersonal philosopher Ken Wilber identifies subpersonality as "functional self-presentations that navigate particular psychosocial situations... a subpersonality of the harsh critic kicking in to cope with the confrontation situation...", including an article with a helpful title (for context in terms of therapeutic objectives), "Into the Conference Room— Exploring the Inner Troublemakers". [1: working view per this summary in context, my own approach (general, specifics), and training -cp].
On the Use of METAPHOR

         The article, "A Neuroscientist Explains [the workings and valuable use of] Metaphors," nicely validates the use of metaphor for such purposes as engaged here. It is about how we can transfer the message of a metaphor for accomplishing more effective yoga results in the physical body - since we already do this naturally for many things. AND so it is barely a stretch (so to speak) for us to understand how the focused use of the *Body-Parenting* metaphor can effectively increase circulation and healing capabilities in our cells - certainly to the degree that stress, attitude, beliefs, etc has been a cause of any decrease in the blood, meridian, and/or other energy circulation.
         From article description: "...[for the] creation of a unique neural network in our brains ... [including] the neural circuitries that represent the thoughts and behaviors [since a synapse is] a neural associative bridge between two cerebral stores of information ...This is just one simple example of the power of metaphor to transform, but the possibilities of fusing two or more pools of knowledge to promote our own self-growth are countless. Imagine what synergy you might create for your self."

'ChOS5&4aC~,ChCells,PChB2A5,OnOvPC1-s-Fr' © Chris Pringer 2011,12
"Chalice OS-5&4aC~ w/PiChaliceB2A5 onCellRing1 onOvalPC1Bk, Framed", sig'd © Chris Pringer 2011,12

'3DCh&VtxDblStar-2APiOSyCn2inPiOv,3DCh1'10A-M-Sym,2MltCh2-s-onBlk2' © Chris Pringer 2011
"3DChalice & VortexDblStar, 2APiSynthesisCenter2 in PiOval w/ChaliCells, 1'10ASymMC2 on Black" -sig'd, © Chris Pringer 2011

'MltVtxMltSyCntrSph&Dst-a2oCellVtxTrq&BluStrDOct-s' © Chris Pringer 2011
"3D&Multi-VortexChalice in SynthesisCntrSpheres w/Trq&Blu CellVortex StarDOctagon Flower Of Life" sig'd © Chris Pringer Jun'11

'ChVTpstry8vtx2[x3]&HDstApiSp[x2]FOL,ChCells&4OrbsXFrmgO'Drk-s' © Chris Pringer 2011
"Chalice-Vortex Tapistry, Chalice 8vtx2[x3], & Flower Of Life, ChaliCells, over Intertwined Hearts wApiSphereX2, 4Orbs on Black" sig'd © Chris Pringer, Aug'09-Apr'12


      "Talking To One's Cells"     
From an On-line Chat








... My heart does that to me sometimes.
Bad heart bad heart.
<grin> silly

don't talk about your hearts and parts that way,
they might believe you someday

Believe WHAT?
eg: not healthy to tell your inner kids they're bad

Heart isn't really bad. Just does dumb
things sometimes. Way dumb.
they're overworked, hurt, misperceiving, etc,
but not bad -- just responding to a misbehaving parent
that forgot who the kids were

Ain't misbehaving no more........
'Chalice Vortices Of Light over ChaliCells, Symmetried', sig'd, © Chris Pringer Aug 2009
"Chalice Vortices Of Light over ChaliCells, Symmetried", sig'd, © Chris Pringer Aug 2009


      Pain Management & Body Parenting     
(One Healing Approach with Body-Parenting)

          For most folks, this "advanced protocol" is best if initiated AFTER you have begun a new chosen healing regimen, and *not* initiated as THE healing regimen. That is, for those somewhat experienced in or with self-healing, this simply summarizes a useful approach. The inclusion of the Body Parenting approach as part of it is the "extra," so to speak. It also assumes a certain amount of recognition of, and learning from, the less than functional approach to dealing with stress, disease, and/or painful conditions. And that may be whether in process of learning that, or after having been convinced of that difficult process. If all this just sounds strange to you, then the following likely may not seem very useful to you. Again, here's where that need for *context* comes in - as in with regard to related topics on the page, "WHY PAIN? Notes on Pain, Awareness & Denial -- Aspects in Developing a Practical Approach with Compassion".

The first step, perhaps the most difficult sometimes, is to "simply" and
a)   Honestly own up to your own part
in creating or adding to your health condition and /or your circumstance about which you are presently concerned. That includes your means of, perhaps not so wisely, self-nurturing yourself (via food, other intake, activities or lack there of, communications to self or others or lack there of, etc), however dysfunctional that was in the past. Since that was likely the only thing you could *feel* you could do (for those intakes or activities) at that time, and for a time. Thus coming to understand yourself somewhat, and at least beginning

b)   the process of forgiving yourself,
as you also begin choosing more healthy ways to proceed from this point. And thus

c)   determine that you would do much better
by nurturing yourself in the selected much more healthy ways. The next step then is to

d)   make the decision
that you will do the best you can to live up to that determination based on your self-understanding. And in that light…

e)   consider going into as deep a meditation as necessary
to sit with your cells and insure them that they've done no wrong, that you love them, and will begin doing your best to listen to them, and

f)   do that listening
IE: just sitting with them, focusing, while not making any promises you can not keep, because cells respond to such messages just like kids respond to the messages of their parents - and broken promises break their trust a little each time - unless and until you convince them otherwise - which we know gets harder each time if not impossible after enough times.

g)   And remember, it's about "quality time"
- the cells, the kids know what loving attention is when they get it. And if they don't, well, maybe is about time, right?

Ok, so how or why consider all this?

a)   the nervous system is designed to get our attention
when the cells need us to do something different and will continue as necessary until we do the necessary different thing (or until we interfere with that system, whether with adrenaline or with drugs that interfere with those signals or their receptors). But…

b)   often times, once we get in touch with our cells
and to the degree we do the above (and it might require more than once, to say the least), depending on how sincere we are with our "turn around," and to the degree we are "on track" with the new habits or diet or supplement, etc that we are using, to that degree they will begin to lessen the use of the nervous system cells to get our attention.

c)   Consistency and sincerity
with the good parenting of our cells, like with our kids, can be everything.

Related Resources at ChaliceBridge
* "'Body-Parenting' Approach for Body-Mind Awareness” (on this page)
* “Optimizing Results via Rapport with Muscles/OtherCells” at the "Tensing Yoga" page
* “My Cells, My Children” (on this page)
* "WHY PAIN? Notes on Pain, Awareness & Denial" (Physical and other levels) - Aspects in Developing a Practical Approach with Compassion.


      "Communications and Healing:     

          " Healing Work",  Connecting the points,  Connecting the families,

Connecting the children,  Connecting the parents,

                                                                            all inside oneself.

They all KNOW what to do, more "perfectly" than one can conceive 

      (after all,  they are the Mind of God - in form).   

    And with PRESENCE,    they do what they know.   

                    All the atoms, cells, organs, and systems...

          They're all good kids,  doing what my own mind has told them -

                      whether it's according to what works in the long run or not.

            Many thousands of messages from thousands of thoughts

                      makes for thousands of feelings over time...

                                bringing the families together...

So it's not always so simple.

                      But finding the patterns, WHEN considering that ... 

          people communicate even as they may try not to

                                (you can't not communicate) -

  and especially when one is in need - even if one is not aware of the need,

                              even if one believes one is not supposed to need, 

                              even if one tries to communicate another need, 

                      if you really listen long enough, THEN you discover ... 

people will communicate the need that is truly there.

        And since the healing occurs when connections are made within oneself, 

        and since the connections are made,

                      as the children and parents communicate - 

all inside oneself...

The "healer" needs only to listen and mediate,          

           facilitate an environment that allows and encourages

              what would otherwise happen naturally:

the communication and understanding            

                  that brings the families together.

          And it does for the most part to "perfection"

                  -- per the Buddhist definition, considering our place in evolution.   

          And it would be so -- without doing time & space on the Earth plane

                  --  in, for, and between all the other parts of us ALL --

          were it not for the messages -

old ones all, mimik'd or self created or from others in ONE's experience -

      messages we have taken in and had stand on the bridges

      like censoring sentries of separation

      between our inner worlds

as if those worlds were some foreign to us,

                    and God didn't know where else to put them --

... and learning who to trust to tell us how to know better...

"Can't Trust", you say?

            Experience - with and without limitation - how else to learn ?

and what if everybody - and all their cells and organs -

                      both (inner) children and parents - communicated efficiently,

                              and we all knew what we all    t r u e l y    n e e d e d ? 

                      Well then, how -- else with honor -- could we act --

                              bringing the families together ?

                      And as one learns to trust one's own Self 

            (each of the parts as we come to know the whole being),

          we may learn to trust others -

                                                      at least to be themselves.

                    And knowing oneself, 

one knows more about what brings circumstances,

    and what kinds of situations come with various people,

              loving them for their experience that brought them to you,

                    in the way that creates the experience that you share with them.

      One cannot not communicate, so why not listen -- to self as well ?

          We tell stories, make conversation that helps us

            to laugh at our inner conversations

and to understand our own contradictions.

                    Someday we may each learn to speak 

                            who we ARE - feelings and all,  and know that it is safe -

                            even if someone seems to insist on perceiving the world

                            only from his/her own experience, different from our own.

Perhaps, as we L-earn each other's trust/truth,

              we open to real-eye-zing our potent-I-all.

We seem to learn the best and the most at the point of paradox --

              at the place where we struggle 

                for more clarity and definition, or diffusion and connectedness --

                              and here, we might glean how the ends of the world meet, 

Bringing the Families Together...

-- Christopher Pringer, 4'95--12'95



The Way is Known

                    Here and Now Present with a Plan for me
                    Faith in "The Blueprint"

                    of my Higher Power, Spirit-Matrix-In-Form

The Way is Facilitated

                    And I Am Guided

Resources Now Made Available for each Step

                    As I enter, meet my inner cells/children, and meld

                    -- with appreciation for their roles & feelings --

                    I melt with Love the congealed areas of my life/body,

                    Old ways and paths forgiven, released in the Flow of Creation

                    Inherent Gifts now Real-Eyes-ed and accepted

                    Natural cycles now resume for these my Inner Children

I Am the Vehicle

The Chalice of My Being in Matter Form

Web Dancing, Connected

And My Heart Drives

The Chaliverse
"The Chaliverse"    © Chris Pringer July 1997


      "Bringing My Family Together"     

I have discovered in me the Divine (Inner) Child
   who once loved enough to trust the untrustworthy
     and sacrifice its freedom (to be all it is)
in order to set the scene for learning and teaching -
    now the persona of my emotional body.

I discover (in me) the Divine Father and Mother
  and I realize Compassion in loving the child
    through my re-experience of his sacrifice ...
memories of separation, bonding broken, identity torn.
Uncovering and allowing, uncovering and allowing,
          I find my broken child,
   let him scream and pound, shake, or just pout.
I hear his needs and become the mother he cries for.

As the child now releases the quagmired feelings
and the muscle tension it held as its shield,
    the judgments are retired
and the Light of mind re-creates with Love.
The three lower bodies (mental, emotional, and physical)
    integrate, align with the higher bodies,
and ground my being into the clarity of my Purpose.

I discover more and more of myself as perfect
        ("ALL things considered").
Including the a-parent lacking, the a-parent wrongs
        of the a-parent past --
the roles each has played in the becoming
    of That I Am (always have been).
I need no longer react to the rules and judgments,
no longer transfixed by the fear I used to fear.

Unburdened by ego's need for protection of what I now feel,
Now Forgiveness and Clarity reveal the true nature
    of this part of the path.
    my path and choices clearly seen,
I act with power, compassion, and self-knowledge.

The discovery brings together the Divine Family in me
and integrates That in me for the rebirth of "my" Soul
    into my material body.
A small part of the Plan for Earth is restored.
    I Am That I Am (through me)
    the Power of All Life manifested.

    I am free! So Be It!

Christopher Pringer 10'88



[ This reads both horizontally and vertically
(which is part of the whole metaphor it speaks to) ]


Tension sustains the body  
Paradox sustains the mind  
Suspension is the bridge  
Awareness is the crossing  
Letting go the bridge  
of suspension  

 Values yet to be fully lived
 Potentials to be fully realized
 evolving us
 expanding limits
 of cognitive dissonance
 in abeyance
Time is of no consequence  
in Right Brain Logic

--Prose by Christopher Pringer

Note about the term, *Intention*:
From an Eastern philosophical perspective (and as used here), "Intention" pertains more to *Being* than *doing*, to *motivation* than *goal*, and implying that what comes from such *Presence* will naturally accomplish what is most needed. More about that at "On Potential Realities, Ideals, Goals, and Accomplishment" at the Evolution Trends page (about Mankind's potential for maturity, creativity, health, and enjoyable sustainability), and "More On 'Ideals'" & "...the Concept of Perfection" at the page, "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner -- and Detouring 'Burn-out'," as well as at "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment" (Aug'11) is About clarifying what we most truly want, and how we can have that... also about HOW we respond to Pain & Loss (whether caused by disease, ourselves, others, or the economy) and are brought back together again - the *how* that can MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.


      Related Essays      
ChBullet    The "Body-Mind Integration" (Essays) Page
BASIC HOW'S AND WHY'S Of Storage of Tension and Memory in the bodily tissues ("normal" and otherwise): When, how and why it is stored and released; communication between body and mind, benefits; proprioreceptors, personal growth, massage/bodywork, therapist's approach, etc. (Published In Massage Magazine, July-August 1992). Newly Added/Rev'd (May'11-July'12) on this page: "The science behind the body-mind relationships" (in the reference section) as well as addendum essays for clarifying these topics for *common sense* preventative maintenance application, as well as further completing the context and clarifying the dynamics and processes involved, including "Muscle Q & A" (a kind of overview of the mind-body aspect), "Body Awareness and Communications, as Related to Body-Memory and Integration", "Insight Please", "Cell Talk" - Suggestions on building a healing relationship with ones cells (muscles or otherwise), "Adrenaline vs Endorphins...Brain Activity, Muscles and Tendons ...Aging" about adrenal response related to all the above (incl. trauma, long-term conditioning), "EQ, IQ, Emotional Integration, and a Synergetic Relationship", and Reviews for articles on Massage, Alternative Therapies, & Pain, incl. "Study: Massages really can make pain go away"; & Sept 2011 Consumer Report; quotes, commentary & charts. [Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the phenomenon of body memory: somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy, body-mind split, mind-body split]

ChBullet    The "Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" is now (10/10/11) at the Organization Chart page. It compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, other aspects.

ChBullet    "Integration" by Krysta Gibson,
about Common myths vs realities about psycho-spiritual integration; effective guidance about feelings and memories, 'living in the now', 'releasing' events and people, 'forgiving and forgetting' the past - for living the spiritual life fully and meaningfully. Originally published by Krista Gibson in "The New Times" of Seattle. Through the late 80's & most of the 90's, I always read Krysta's essays if I didn't have time to read anything else, and kept copies of various or her articles handy for my clients to take home with them. Still current...

ChBullet    "A Gestalt Perspective," and "Seven Phases of Personal Growth"
(2 Essays)

A perspective on an approach to and regard for life, one's past and present, as well as a basis for personal growth and/or therapy. I could've called it an integrated 'Gestaltist-Humanist-Buddhist-New Thought' perspective. (You could say these are my main sources, from among the various "schools" of psychology and correlating approaches to application of therapy.)
Long Hair Night, Chris-2011
Chris, Feb'11

Chart of Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context, Thumbnail Oct'11
"Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" (Links to Full Size)


"Integration" (whether of the past, the good, the bad, or the ugly) in the wholistic or therapeutic sense, implies that the information or skills are re-organized and then learned from, in such a healthfully complete or "Integral" way (*Love-Wisdom* in application), that it is understood and used for the highest good. The process involves "Synergy" of many systems, and the word "Transformative" is often used to describe it.

ChBullet   "WHY PAIN? Notes on Pain, Awareness & Denial"
Pertains to Physical and other levels - Aspects in Developing a Practical Approach with Compassion. I begin with basic, more physical-level concepts, and extend into other dimensions from there. There may be more proper medical terms for most of the dynamics I describe, but my purpose is to try to explain a complex but common experience in an understandable fashion. includes short essays, "Intro & Notes on Pain, Pain Reduction, Pain Elimination, Pain Desensitization", "A List Of Factors In The Perception Of Pain", "More On Referral Of Pain", "Delayed Healing", "Why Deep Massage/Bodywork?", "Should A Massage Be Painful?" (therapy may locate, or bring awareness to, what is already there, but should not add to it), "Touch-Sensivity of Muscles...", "Stress & Energy Related Pains", "Notes On Pain From Gestalt Perspective", "Internal Separation And Healing", & [added Aug 2011:] Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment - and Healing the Pain.

ChBullet    "Love Letter" self-applied journaling technique (Word doc format)
"Nice name, serious work": This letter format is useful for preparing and/or facilitating deeper communications and/or resolving conflict/issues within self or with another person (ie: parent, former mate, etc). This method can fill a special need for therapeutic dialog with someone who is currently not present, including those who have passed on. Because most of what any person can actually heal, or may be responsible to heal, is within ones own feeling body. It is also valuable for/during various strictly personal therapeutic processes, for simply journaling, including self-dialog between two or more parts of yourself that represent mixed feelings about something. Other benefits include introduction to and practice in additional valuable self-healing techniques: "Self-Parenting;" constructing practical, emotionally integrative affirmations; making decisions about your intention and direction for healing change; and verbalizing those decisions in order to etch them into ones being. The latter initiates the completion of (as yet unmet) essential need(s) of the inner-child, and may manifest changes in related physical symptoms (ie: much less pain). Titled, "How To Write A Love Letter", this is Available in Word doc format or (Unformatted) Text format. [You may also be able to right click on either of those links, select "save link as" (or equivalent), and save the file(s) to your hard drive for later use.]
ChaliCell Vortex Torq&Blu SDOctA2SDO APiChalice over SSD2Bk A1', sig'd Chris Pringer Aug 2009
"ChaliCell Vortex Torq&Blu SDOctA2SDO APiChalice over SSD2Bk A1", sig'd Chris Pringer Aug 2009

Chart  of Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces, © Chris Pringer Apr'11
"Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces" sig'd
© Chris Pringer Apr'11
ChBullet "Understanding the Pattern Triad and The Body Pattern Assessment"
About Mind-Body Relationships, (from) coping mechanisms, (to) skills, (to) gifts through challenges on one's Life Path. This page is about how the body has habitually responded to experience is evidenced by the body's holding and movement patterns. Includes [Rev'd & New Sections, 12/27/09] "Notes on Mind-Body Correlations - Source-References, Organization of *Body Memory,* and 'WHAT I DO' ". Other sections include excerpts from "Body Memory and ... Learning Life Lessons." About aspects to be discovered, emotionally cleared, and then employed as mental/emotional assets and guidance towards determining and accomplishing life goals. I provide an explaination for a system of assessments and mind-body correlations -- learned and integrated from/for my work with others as well as for my own life process. Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the same phenomenon: somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy.

ChBullet Energy Psychology at Southeast Institute
Energy psychology focuses on the interrelationship of energy systems, emotion, behavior, psychopathology, and health. These systems include the electrical activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras, biofields, and morphogenetic fields. A good resource page for sample self-applications and related resources is at Feeling Free .Net. Another good reference is Dr. Fred P. Gallo's Energy Psych .Com site submitted, Thank you, by Bruce Tanner. I found the "Preface to Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy" page very informative.
          [ In my opinion, based on discussion with various practitioners, EMDR (incl. EFT the "Emo-Free", "TAP" & related Energy Psychology systems) works very well (and relatively quickly) for many people. And for vets and PTSD, EFT can "put the fire out". But it may not result in more than brief relief in cases where the cause of the trouble is based in, or critically anchored to, deep-seated emotions that were traumatically suppressed in early childhood. Per reasons as indicated at pages by yours truly, and/per those references of my teachers in body-centered psychology. I'm referring here to considerations in the difference between Gestalt, New Thought, EFT, and Behavioral schools of psychology, the different approaches to what some of us call "the emotional body", the cause of emotional pain, what we might call "true" preventative maintenance, etc. Whereas most "Energy Psychology" techniques seem to be a cross between Behavioral and New Thought Approaches. Exceptions to that opinion would be in the case where, and to the degree that, the associated trauma is simultaneously felt (enough to be validated), observed, and breathed-through, as it moves through the energy system (ie: via polarity/meridian/chakra system if/as applies to one's modality), and to/through the CSF, and thus out of the body, during and/or subsequent to the EFT/related session. Otherwise, how is any associated and stored emotional component, born out of unresolved confusion at an early age, going to get out of the system, for the purpose of creating symptoms, so as to signal the deeper cause, so as to resolve our problems - as we were designed to do? How? - by whatever route the self next finds to work. The trouble is, it might be more destructive, perhaps even better disguised, perhaps "only" internally, via organ disfunction. -Chris Pringer ]

ChBullet   "The Use Of Questions (and Gestalt approach) In Effective Affirmation Therapy"
Theory & Examples for Practical Application. Theory section explains how this (PRQ) system compares to other affirmation techniques and therapies - how and why they work, advantages of PRQ's, etc. Includes Lots of Sample PRQ's (Positive Response Questions) for learning and affirming any desired knowledge, Simple How-To's in developing Pragmatic use of "the right question" -- from a test situation and/or from regular affirmations. Works well for the intangibles (Personal Growth oriented) which many would say has to come before you can truly enjoy the rest anyway. © `94
One of the 'Atomic Chalice Cells Vortex' Series, 'Chalice Dynamics & Vortices Of Light on DkBk2' -sig'd, © Chris Pringer Aug 2009
One of the "Atomic Chalice Cells Vortex" Series, "Chalice Dynamics & Vortices Of Light on DarkBack 2" -sig'd, © Chris Pringer Aug 2009


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