A Flow-Chart of the Human Psyche in Growth Facilitation and
The Achievement of Goals, Attainment,
and the Role of Inner-Work

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    [ Aug 2011 ]

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"Love's Chalice from the Tree of Life or "Chalice Of Druids Tree", Chris Pringer, Aug'12

                To construct this chart, I have assembled some cause and effect dynamics generally recognized as fundamental to some of the more current metaphysical principles, as well as to self-help psychology and business development. While the chart is based on concept, and not anatomy, a psychological anatomy is certainly conceivable, based on relatively predictable cause and effect relationships between what one does internally, and what one does externally. I have also included a second chart, for the "Feedback & Recycle Loop," that shows how one cycle of goal achievement relates to, and so can be used for, the next cycle; indeed, most everything we do effects most any other subsequent thing that we do.
              I created these charts to provide tools that complement or help complete other perspectives that I have studied on the subject. This chart pertains to any or all goals achievement and also to attainment. This also refers to the "manifestation of abundance," as popularly termed in various circles. To clarify (as needed): the chart is not about the accumulation of material, certainly not with that as the intention behind the effort. It would be best understood if read and used in context with at least two other essays, "The Alignment of Beliefs, Desires, and Needs -- for Achievement and Attainment" and "Whole Being Integration In Manifesting Abundance..." (via reference section further below).
              Attainment refers to the spiritual sense of the word, as in a more sublime fulfillment of sought-after inner qualities (and some personality changes as a likely result), and as related to tests or initiations and the path of self-improvement and/or self-realization. One of my goals in developing "The Goal Chart" is to effectively illustrates an internal human system, one that comprises the various inner aspects of our psyche that contribute to the most basic aspect of our nature - growth - and also to the effectiveness of the human psyche in general. And is influenced by an integration of Eastern as well as Western psychological and spiritual perspectives, including considerations as regards "true" needs, as well as desire and suffering, per the above noted references, as well as the section below, "Attitudes, Chakras, and Motivation".

  •           "KEY ACTIVITIES" (noted on this chart) are the general principles and actions as emphasized in most current "abundance" teachings. Abundance teachings often emphasize the acquisition of material wealth --not as the primary goal, but rather as 1) a way to gain faith in one's ability to have one's needs met, 2) to show that wealth is merely one vibratory level or manifestation of universal energy, and 3) that wealth is not evil, that only evil intentions are. I have found such teachings usually barely touch on the role of belief patterns and often only to show how and why affirmations (and power of the spoken word) are important.
  •           The underlying "FOUNDATION PROCESSES" (noted on this chart) refer to those therapies -- often self-applied --that are born out of the study and work in Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, and related fields of modern psychology. Personal growth process involves a certain amount of work that may look like psychotherapy, but is primarily conducted by and for oneself. On the chart, the core of that is noted in the box labeled "Inner Work."

  •           This chart shows how both the KEY ACTIVITIES and FOUNDATION PROCESSES necessarily work together (one directly affects the other) if one is to maintain, as well as achieve, prosperity in a manner that is both spiritual and practical, E.G.: that is, grounded. This is where the belief pattern work and "conflicting agenda" aspects come into play. Related therapies may involve work with sub-personalities or "the committee," as it may be called in 12 step jargon.

  •           The chart box headed "Suppression of Internal Conflicting Agendas" and extending arrows illustrates the "normal" route that most people have been taught how most wealth is achieved. In recognition that this route is what most so-called modern societies teach its members via the news and entertainment media, I don't think I assume too much about commonly held beliefs here (until perhaps, any changes in the "teachings" that may result from the 2001-02 exposures of corporate business practices and "corporate globalisation"). And if one thing leads to another... obviously the "normal" route certainly contributes to the negative view of wealth acquisition, not to mention it's effect on personal and social degradation in the long run - if not also in the short run.

  •           Those on the path of self-awareness would be the least likely to do it the "normal" way (short-term immediate gratification crisis management style) and get away with it very long. By that, I mean that for most on such paths, even if their conscious mind would let them try it (ie: the over-focus on the acquisition of abundance or image-related materialism) while in the earlier parts of their learning, eventually their unconscious would sabotage plans that run counter to their underlying authority and responsibility related beliefs. The challenge for us here is to transition with balance from the "normal" way to the spiritual way.
  •           The major exceptions to the above paragraph regard those "spiritual" folks who would confuse certain emotion related goals of various spiritual meditative practices (such as the Buddhist Vipassana meditation) with an overall approach to the emotional body that ends up creating and justifying emotional denial, particularly as regards "negative" emotions that have been stored since early childhood. Hence, this chart is organized from a gestalt psychology approach.

                Note 1: There is a critical difference between emotions that have been stored for most of one's lifetime (usually unconscious), and those emotions that are currently generated or simply "passing through" one's consciousness. And there is a big difference in therapeutic approach to each type. Related: the page, "Approaches & Methodologies for Body-Mind Integration" and "Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body" at the "Body-Mind Integration" essays page.
                Note 2: To be human is to have mixed emotions, some or all of which may be feelings arising from emotional storage, and any of which that we may not be aware of. And this is true in the long term and not just on a momentary basis. One who practices personal growth (at least one with a Gestalt viewpoint) is one who tries to know his/her ulterior motives (also a universal item of baggage) and other tendencies, so that s/he will "see them arise" if/when they do, but not act on them, consciously or unconsciously, or "project" them onto others. And those are a few more things we are all capable of having and doing when not aware - projection (such as blaming or scapegoating) can happen when one unconsciously feels the need to distance oneself from some inner quality. Those people that we define (accurately) as "pathologically impaired" have more of this emotional storage and/or greater amounts of "charge" to the emotion(s) stored, and do more projecting and acting on ulterior motives.

  •           So... what has setting realistic goals got to do with "ideals"?
              Ideals help us formulate a useful visions by which we can develop purposeful goals. Whereas many goals are based on basic needs and/or desires. Values can play an important part in this formulation, and of course be highly related to our ideals. Many of the ideals stated or implied on this page (and some other pages at my site) are supremely challenging to say the least, and understandably so.
              IF we want to accomplish a goal that isn't seen CLEARLY, let alone immediately, "right ahead" of us, and IF it is born out of our highest ideals and related "visions/aspirations, and VERY especially IF one knows that the goal is absolutely necessary (for one's survival, for human evolution), ...
              THEN one way to go about it is a) look at (a visualization and/or conceptualization of) what we really want, and b) consider some basic routes for how we might get there from here, c) imagine yourself "looking back" from the time/place you would be after accomplishing the desired goal, that is, looking back at the key and core physicalities that needed to be created in the latter time periods prior to achieving the goal, then d) the same for looking at the physicalities preceding those... all the way back to the present. And then, e) do the same for the attitudes that would be necessary to accomplish those - for each goal as necessary. [Here's where it can get tricky, where one can easily fool oneself if not careful (hence the 2nd chart below).]
        From here:
    f) create a basic flow chart of required tasks and conditions are established with g) a Quality Control Consideration: If you employed the preceding steps and found the process very easy to accomplish, or that it did not require much depth of thought, chances are good that either the ideals were not set high enough, or one was not realistic about what all may be required.
             Note: Hypnotherapy can be very useful for many of these steps.
             Related Ref: "More On 'Ideals'" & "...the Concept of Perfection" at the page, "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner -- and Detouring 'Burn-out'"

  •           The aspect of disillusionment is, perhaps, something to contemplate as related to one's setting realistic goals, not to mention being able to follow up on them successfully.
                    Question: Assuming one is not generally lazy or unaware of the need for, the benefits and importance of doing one's personal growth work for self, relationships, and planetary evolution... WHEN one is not wanting do one's inner work, THEN what could be more implicated than a significant degree of disillusionment? Let me stretch all that out a bit: Isn't it from the inner work that we gain clarity between those desires that are related to true needs and those desires that aren't? Is it not from this knowing that we then set spiritually integrated priorities, and establish realistic goals? And might such goals actually comprise some of the most "challenging goals one could undertake"? Would any others be nearly as fulfilling? Related: the below section, "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment" [NEW Aug 2011].

  •           Regarding the "no pain - no gain" perspective, considering the noted synthesis of Eastern and Western views: Another of my goals for this chart is to effectively suggest that goal achievement, abundance manifestation, and growth-facilitation, all can be experienced without adding *unnecessary* amounts of pain or distress into one's life in the short-run, and definitely without it in the long-run. That is, while learning is a "letting go" process, which is often not the most enjoyable one, there are ways (including attitudinal approaches) that make it easier, whether the process is mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual. And some would say that one necessarily effects the other, certainly in the long run. Related writing: "WHY PAIN? Notes on Pain, Awareness & Denial" (Physical and other levels, and no, it is not morose or painful to read).

Background Art:
Chalice5 Vortex Over
ChakraTapstry1v G90,
sig'd, © Chris Pringer,
Aug 2010

"The Goal Chart"

Words in The Goal Chart: Key Activities to DO:: "Making Room," Tithing, "Acting the Part," Gratitude, Allowingness; Key Capacities to Develop:: FOCUS, FAITH, OPEN HEART; Key Processes & Qualities:: Establishing Realistic Goals; CLARITY of Priorities (Clear) (Distorted); Determination; Motivation; Awareness of Needs & Desires (Clear) (Distorted); Trust & Knowledge of World & Self; SELF-WORTH (& Self-Esteem) (True) (False); Study & Life Experience: Basic Principles of Finance, Currency, & Abundance; Tests, Challenges, Success, "Failure" Pain, Loss, Compassion; Spiritual Laws & Principles Including Energy-Flow & Magnetism; Foundation Processes:: Inner-Work: Belief Pattern Work:: Reconciliation of Internal Conflicting Agendas; Forgiveness; Therapeutic Release of Emotional Storage, Patterned Thought, Word* & Behavior; Discrimination of Mixed Beliefs, Emotions, etc; Establishing Appropriate Beliefs; Establishing Healthy Thought, Word*; Contrary Option: Suppression of Internal Conflicting Agendas (From ignorence, pain, addiction, and destructiveness; the "Normal," short term, Immediate-Gratification - Crisis Management Approach
You may click here for an MSWord doc version via FTP, or email me via chaliser@iinet.com for questions about any of this.

Chart Note:
              Most all people do some "suppression of internal conflicting agendas" to one degree or another [see lower left area of chart]. Those on the path of self awareness and spiritual integrity become more aware of it and do more "resolving of internal conflicting agenda." On this path the noted "Clarity of Priorities," Awareness of Needs and Desires," and "Self-worth" become more and more clear and real. In this case, of course, 'normal' does not imply 'healthy.' (see above text for elaboration and exceptions.) Related: "Belief Pattern Work" implies awareness of and work with [such as is focused upon] at the page, "The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs" and in "Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body" at the "Body-Mind Integration" essays page.

Chart 2

Feedback And Recycle Loop

        The "Review and Recycle" Feedback Loop Chart is an example of various possible feedback loops within related to the Goal Chart system.

        This illustrates how a goal (eg: Clarity) can be chosen to augment the efficiency of the whole system and/or particular parts of it more directly.

        Once the processes of *Inner-Work* (including *Release* & *Reconciliation* as necessary) and *Review/ Recycle* attain *Clarity* for *Re-Evaluation* and better *Establishing Realistic Goals* for the original goal for which clarity was sought, we are ready for *ReDirection* -- per main "Body-Mind Integration in the Personal Growth Process": "Re-evaluation allows the perceptual filters that color our experience to open up so that more avenues of response are realized. Re-direction, the choosing of the appropriate new avenues, would be the natural thing to do if it weren't for any tendencies to learn the hard way."
       (Also Related: Step #5 of essay, "The Integrated Principles of Abundance and Healing")



Exploring the Relationships Among Key Inner Elements

          We could call this an introduction to a class for connecting the dots, meaningfully and usefully, in the management of stress. That is, as related to priorities & goals, intuition, confidence, etc - as we explore and discover the relationships among certain inner elements. We may call these elements sources of power, except that prior to such dot-connecting and organizing, they may be felt/considered more as sources of curiosity or even trouble than as sources of power. What Elements? We are referring to such as the "Inner Child" and where/how that comes from & why; the storage of memories as related to the Inner Child; one's beliefs as related to the aforementioned, and how one organizes various beliefs.
          Such a "Belief System" so connected then forms an infrastructure. This infrastructure is both personal & cultural, physical as well as existential, as it ties the mental to the emotional, and the emotional to the physical as the formative experiences effect the connective tissue (postural with habitual holding and movement patterns, thence the term "Body Memory). We can, with these charted, connect dots back to all the elements noted on the chart, "In The Mgt Of Stress". Plus we can, even more usefully, connect the dots for the implications of these relationships among these elements.
          The "Inner Child": To put it in general terms, albeit in somewhat lay-technical psychological jargon, the "Inner Child" is a the persona(s) of the emotional body, made up of complex sets of coping mechanisms (mental/emotional patterns of thought and external activity created by the body-mind), such as those that may protect the psyche from certain interrupted processes and painful memories related to basic emotional and/or physical needs, but which are only partially and/or temporarily fulfilled by the mechanisms, until the 'issues' that gave rise to the mechanism(s) are sufficiently resolved or healed. That was just a starter-kit explanation and much more, put in many different ways, is at the "My Cells - My Children - Inner-Communications" page.
          Please Note: While all this refers to the individual and his/her "personal growth homework" which would most like entail some therapy, in this author's highly educated opinion, such therapy should not impart shame or stigma, since most every person on this planet could very much benefit from such homework.
In the Management of Stress as related to priorities & goals, intuition, confidence by Chris Pringer, 6/25/15
Text on chart: "In the Mgt of Stress: COLUMN1: Mgt of Goals, Priorities & Objectives; Realistic Goal Setting; Success in the Above leads to Confidence & Less Stress thereby; Intuition is Valuable for Both Short & Long-Term Goal Setting, Prioritization, Etc! COLUMN 2: Considerations to Acknowledge: Compassionate Awareness of Fantasies, Dreams, Delusions, & Realities - As Knowing the Difference between them AND the Advantages of Each. Knowing Where they come from & Why (Purpose of Each) can be VERY Helpful - a Valuable part of intuition! 6/25/15, cp" ["In the Management of Stress" by Chris Pringer]


Attitudes, Chakras, and Motivation
  •           Chakras or energy centers serve as part of our non-physical anatomy, according to teachings of advanced yogi's down through the centuries. As such, they function as energy transformers or regulators between the highest levels and frequencies of our being and our physical systems, specifically the bio-magnetic, hormonal, nervous, and then circulatory systems. Please see the chart below as needed.
              As Relates to the topics on this page:

  •           Awareness of Needs" (with emphasis on *awareness of*) is here considered an aspect of the fourth or heart chakra, and Awareness of Desires as that of the second and/or Third chakra. How so?
  •           Desire (in and of itself) is considered a second chakra aspect, whereas awareness of ones own feelings in general (as differentiating one feeling from another, as well as one's own feelings from someone else's feelings, eg: "basic empathy", etc) is ranging into the third chakra level. The fourth chakra has to do with more refined empathy and compassion, integration of awareness, responsibilities in service, and unconditional love. And since the second chakra pertains to duality and magnetism as necessary for attraction, energy flow, and sensation (the five senses), then it also determines much in the way of initial Motivation and Determination (as per Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs).
  •            Elaboration on the subjects of motivation and chakras at this site can be found via "Emotion & Motivation on the Path and in Healing," and "The Lower Chakras & Synthesis of Body & Soul," which includes the following sections: "Body Memory and Soul-Interplay in Learning Life Lessons"; "Psycho-Emotional Organization and the Body-Mind"; "A Brief Cosmology Regarding the Body-Mind, Attitudes, and Chakras." ["Unconditional love" falls into the same basket as "Perfection" - something you shoot for, knowing it's highly likely that you'll fall somewhere short of that - how short is a thing relative to each their own idea of perfection Related essays: "More On 'Ideals'" & "Idealism & the Concept of Perfection" at the page, "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner -- and Detouring 'Burn-out'"]

( used here to correlate to levels or phases of growth )

    Useful references include Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith or Human Energy Systems by Jack Schwarz. Meanwhile, the energy centers' corollary attributes can be summarized crudely and briefly:

        1) strength, security, basic support;
          2) passion, reproduction, creativity;
          3) individuation & definition, information, raw empathy as in "gut feeling," power in management/ manipulation of these aspects;
          4) love, service, empathy with others as extension of oneself, psycho-emotional integration;
          5) authority, management, delegation of power, communications, 'power of Spoken Word';
          6) conceptual, contextual, & ethics/ values-based discrimination, insight, recognition of truth, reality, & related veils, psychic awareness;
          7) pure knowledge, consciousness, integrated "connectedness" relating all reality/ies, All Beings, all energy centers as ONE, etc.

    Each energy center, is thereby part of our non-physical anatomy, according to teachings of advanced yogi's down through the centuries.
Chakra Path To Guidance Chart 4c2 333px
"Chakra Path To Guidance Chart"
Denoting the more recognized active (right) & passive (left) functions of the chakras

"Goal Chart" and related above © July 7 1992 Christopher Pringer [rev'd 1998, Aug'02, Dec'09, Re-Org'd & Rev'd Aug'11]


Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment


          So, looking at the world's problems, a child might ask, "why don't we/they just do it right?". And how do we answer that? Well, if we could manage to put political polarities aside for just a moment, and break it down to the root causes (people being people), we could... well, still easily go into discussion of good and evil forces. Ok, so if we could even put that aside for a moment, we could acknowledge that there are a lot of good people who just don't follow through with their ideals. And yes, the ideals of one leader might contradict that of another leader, and so forth...
          That still leaves us with a lot of leaders who might compromise and work things out. But here we are with both a planet and a human race up to it's/our eyes in challenges. Temptations to ignore all that and have a good time, anyone?
          Ok, so here we are with that child asking "why...", and how are we not going to give that child something to live for, and not destroy that child's sense of hope? I'm speaking of something besides, or productively in addition to, explanations such as, "your treasures are laid up in heaven," or "be a good martyr and your death will be meaningful", or "don't worry, be happy, and here's your drugs", or "life is all about Karma and learning, all will balance in the end, some other lifetime and/or planet perhaps" (my favorite), or some equivalent of one or more of the those?

          For instance, what if we break it all down to: a) "We know what will work, endless problem-solving and compromise considered, and granted, the how's of that will not always be predictable beforehand, and then we are left with b) fears of guilt for not doing such and such long ago, as well as fears of retribution for having done very a poor job of it (to put it lightly, based on all the pain caused by that), all which implies c) a certain amount of forgiveness and moving on as the alternative. So, what's in the way of that???
          I'm not saying that there isn't anything in the way of that. Life is not simple. "Stuff to work with" is plentiful. And there are hard-headed fundamentalists (the hard-headed high-structured of any belief system). But the following is added to complement, as well as follow-up on, this understandably challenging introduction. Which I realize still borders on over-simplification of our plight. On the other hand, there are pages at this site which do not over-simplify those aspects (and some find a "Pragmatic Balance"), and I tend to encourage literacy, the capacity to focus on long-term implications, related concepts, and in depth considerations. As opposed to the dumbing down of our focus, as may be indicated by google stats analysis. And my heart says that there's something here (below), for some people at least, hopefully enough to warrant my publishing it.
          The following is designed for contemplation - to be read slowly and thoughtfully; there is a lot packed into it. Be well! -cp


"MultiVortexChalice inMultiSynth-Cntrs Sphere&DblStar a1A [w/HiLwVortices]" sig'd, © Chris Pringer July'11

If my heart's desire is...
    to be who I most truly am,
   & loved & accepted & respected in/for that
    as I am honoring that in/for all others,
   & safely communicating accordingly ...
And the ideals that stem from that
     “that all may realize... [ fill in the blank ]

Including my heart's desire for all mankind
    “that we all may realize... [ fill in the blank ]

And the ideals that stem from that
    “that we all may realize... [ fill in the blank ]
         [ solutions to current challenges
in our realizing the above ideals ]
           and communicating accordingly
           (among as much of mankind as possible),
    acting accordingly, living accordingly...
And so   (therefore and therefrom)
      the possibilities
             are that we could change...

                   [ Fill in the blank !!! ]
If I am in denial of my heart's desire - for myself...
    Because of the pain that may arise when I focus on that...
    Because of the hopelessness and helplessness that I feel then...

and If I am in denial of my ideals that stem from my heart's desire for myself...
    Because of the pain that ...

And If I am in denial of my heart's desire for other's whom I don't know or love,
perhaps even for those I do... let alone all mankind...
               Because of the pain that may arise when I focus on that...
                 because of the hopelessness and helplessness that I may feel then...
                 because of the disillusionment I may feel about... due to...
                 And because I don't want to face or deal with the pain
                 because I don't know how to deal with the pain
  in way that I feel would make a difference...
And  If  I  am   (therefore and therefrom)
       in denial of the ideals that stem from my heart's desire
         for other's whom I don't know or love, perhaps even for those I do...
         let alone for all mankind...
                 Because of the pain ...

And  If  I  am   (therefore and therefrom)
    denying the possibilities...
               that stem from my ideals...
                 that stem from my hearts desire...
So... IF I am in denial... due to the pain...
Because I don't know how to deal...
And yet...
IF I am in charge of changing...
              situations for and around myself,
perhaps even myself...
              situations for and around others...

And if I am in charge of creating solutions,
     solving problems in and for "the Real World"
         That is left for me to perceive...
    while denying the possibilities
     that stem from my ideals...
                     that stem from my heart's desire...

    And thus
         denying half of HOW I perceive the above
            & thus WHAT I perceive as possible
     And thus effectively
denying half of my "Universe" ...

If my Heart's Desire and my Ideals are in gear..
TO LEARN HOW TO DEAL with the pain that may arise
                           in a way that would make a difference

 AND IF thereby
    I Am Considering The Possibilities...
         that stem from my ideals,
              that I AM allowing myself to be Aware of,
           that stem from my hearts desire,
                that I AM Allowing myself to be Aware of...

 AND IF thereby
         I AM AWARE of HOW I perceive WHAT I perceive
                  as "Reality" or "Realities", and the "Possibilities" therein ...
    AND IF thereby
            I AM AWARE OF "MY UNIVERSE"...

doing that...
         How many of us would it require
            to create such a momentum that would
    (create a "One-Hundredth Monkey" type of Threshold Effect and)
         thereby MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE in this world ???

© Chris Pringer, Aug'11

THAT is why
one  might  consider  IDEALS,
                  And  Even  HEART'S  DESIRE,
     When  setting  *REALISTIC  GOALS*


[ This reads both horizontally and vertically
(which is part of the whole metaphor it speaks to) ]


Tension sustains the body  
Paradox sustains the mind  
Suspension is the bridge  
Awareness is the crossing  
Letting go the bridge  
of suspension  

 Values yet to be fully lived
 Potentials to be fully realized
 evolving us
 expanding limits
 of cognitive dissonance
 in abeyance
Time is of no consequence  
in Right Brain Logic

--Prose by Christopher Pringer

Note about the term, *Intention*:
From an Eastern philosophical perspective (and as used here), "Intention" pertains more to *Being* than *doing*, to *motivation* than *goal*, and implying that what comes from such *Presence* will naturally accomplish what is most needed. More about that at "On Potential Realities, Ideals, Goals, and Accomplishment" at the Evolution Trends page (about Mankind's potential for maturity, creativity, health, and enjoyable sustainability), and "More On 'Ideals'" & "...the Concept of Perfection" at the page, "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner -- and Detouring 'Burn-out'."

Note on the 'Abundance Set' of web pages at this site:

          If some folks were to see how I live and hear of my having written an essay on abundance, they would be sure that I was either a comedian, a hypocrite, or a blathering idiot. My response to that would be, "well, that's understandable laughing, given the usual definitions..." for abundance or success - primarily based on the degree to which one "understands" karma, belief patterns, and life decisions about what might be called ones priorities. [And no, that does not mean that everyone with an equivalent understanding needs to live as I do. I know, "phew!" (HA!)]
          In any case, I am happy to say that I am rich in many ways that are not associated with how the image of 'success' has been promoted in the media. And essentially that: further understanding of the definitions, values, and concepts regarding such terms as 'magnetism,' 'achievement,' 'attainment,' and 'true abundance' would be a valuable thing in this post-Reaganomics era, and I hope to provide at least some clarification in the essays, "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs", "Whole Being Integration In Manifesting Abundance...", and (this page) "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, And the Role of Inner Work: A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in Growth Facilitation and ...", referred to as "The Goal Chart", and which includes "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment" (this page, Aug'11).
          The term 'karma' may also deserve some attention, and that is given in essays "Victims, Compassion, & Responsibility -- Notes on The Emotional-Body, Denial of Pain, & 'Easy Answers' (Not!)" and "WHY PAIN? Notes on Pain, Awareness & Denial." Pertains to Physical and other levels - Aspects in Developing a Practical Approach with Compassion.



Notes on Addiction

Excerpts from "The Real Cause Of Addiction"
by George Monbiot

         "In Rat Park, all the rats obviously tried both water bottles, because they didn't know what was in them. But what happened next was startling.
         "The rats with good lives didn't like the drugged water. They mostly shunned it, consuming less than a quarter of the drugs the isolated rats used. None of them died. While all the rats who were alone and unhappy became heavy users, none of the rats who had a happy environment did."
         "...Professor Alexander argues this discovery is a profound challenge both to the right-wing view that addiction is a moral failing caused by too much hedonistic partying, and the liberal view that addiction is a disease taking place in a chemically hijacked brain. In fact, he argues, addiction is an adaptation. It's not you. It's your cage."
         "...Loads of people should leave the hospital and try to score smack on the streets to meet their habit.
         "But here's the strange thing: It virtually never happens. As the Canadian doctor Gabor Mate (http://drgabormate.com/) was the first to explain to me, medical users just stop, despite months of use. The same drug, used for the same length of time, turns street-users into desperate addicts and leaves medical patients unaffected."
         "...Professor Peter Cohen argues that human beings have a deep need to bond and form connections. It's how we get our satisfaction. If we can't connect with each other, we will connect with anything we can find -- the whirr of a roulette wheel or the prick of a syringe. He says we should stop talking about 'addiction' altogether, and instead call it 'bonding.' A heroin addict has bonded with heroin because she couldn't bond as fully with anything else.
         "So the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection." [Ref. to Richard DeGrandpre's book The Cult of Pharmacology.]
         "...There is an alternative. You can build a system that is designed to help drug addicts to reconnect with the world -- and so leave behind their addictions.
         "This isn't theoretical. It is happening. I have seen it. Nearly fifteen years ago, Portugal had one of the worst drug problems in Europe, with 1 percent of the population addicted to heroin. They had tried a drug war, and the problem just kept getting worse. So they decided to do something radically different. They resolved to decriminalize all drugs, and transfer all the money they used to spend on arresting and jailing drug addicts, and spend it instead on reconnecting them -- to their own feelings, and to the wider society. The most crucial step is to get them secure housing, and subsidized jobs so they have a purpose in life, and something to get out of bed for. I watched as they are helped, in warm and welcoming clinics, to learn how to reconnect with their feelings, after years of trauma and stunning them into silence with drugs. ..."
         "...Human beings are bonding animals. We need to connect and love. The wisest sentence of the twentieth century was E.M. Forster's -- "only connect." But we have created an environment and a culture that cut us off from connection, or offer only the parody of it offered by the Internet. The rise of addiction is a symptom of a deeper sickness in the way we live -- constantly directing our gaze towards the next shiny object we should buy, rather than the human beings all around us.
         The writer George Monbiot has called this "the age of loneliness." (http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/14/age-of-loneliness-killing-us)
         "The full story of Johann Hari's journey -- told through the stories of the people he met -- can be read in "Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs", published by Bloomsbury. The book has been praised by everyone from Elton John to Glenn Greenwald to Naomi Klein. You can buy it at all good bookstores and read more at www.chasingthescream.com. ...more updates on the book and ...at the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/chasingthescream

Notes on Addiction from cp
Including some things we seldom consider addictions

A Modern Business Example, "Sugar Peak Advertising"
  (No, that's not an actual name, at least not that I know of, *yet*. But yes, this is an actuality, I talked at length with two of the solicitors that called. -Feb'13)

          This new advertising business puts your business front and center in the search engine results - but only until someone else is put there (of course?). Who stays there and how long is based on how much and when you pay them and maybe upon the search engine ratings analytics, or how they find that useful to manage. There are actually a number of different search-engine firms (six or seven) presented as independent firms. In fact, they are working semi-cooperatively, semi-competitively, offering rates based on expected returns and the customer's profits. [Actually, there have come to be any number of contractors in franchise operations presenting themselves as if working for Google - cp, Aug'15] So, when an customer's ratings and returns plunge - after enjoying the peak, and there is a pause in the customer's payments, in spite of re-motivation efforts by the sales rep, then another adverting firm (of that group) soon calls to solicit with basically the same pitch: "for only $200~/mo..."
          Hence another round-robin sugar-high, depression-fall, and the roller coaster goes on. Until it's figured out - If or whenever it finally is, investments-down-the-drain later. But for the advertiser, there's always another customer, they get to continue to say that their adverting works - based on their own "analytics" (and how they apply that). HOWEVER, with some foresight...

The good part:
          Like any tool, especially one that puts all other tools (or perspectives) aside, the real advantage comes in using it like you would best use sugar- enjoy the high of the advantage but strategically so, knowing it won't last, giving to it only as much of you as it is worth for as little time as it is worth it, balancing it with more solid nutrition, minimizing its side-effects, and not getting hooked on the high. On the other hand, [the "Sugar Peak Adverting"] feeds a system based on manipulating search engine results, making the search results work according to actual investment.

"The Moral":
          If you are a substance or behavior addict, chances are you will experience challenge in maintaining clarity, capacity to scope-in/ scope-out -- seeing both the detail view and broad picture view, while also noticing or "bulleting" the essentials in between, and maintain context. "Trick": Breathing into the process of scoping-in and scoping-out assists gaining & maintaining clarity and context. A useful question might be, "if that makes sense, in and of itself, can it then be applied metaphorically to other situations?"

Another Metaphor:
          Have you ever had someone respond to your perspective about something with [such and such] "says it all"? I have found that to be a phrase that generally indicates a very singular vision. Which (capacity for singular vision) has it's advantages. Not much of lasting value can be accomplished without it.

Example per above Metaphor:
Fundamentalists of all sorts tend to use phrases that simplify a situation to meet their own belief system and related agenda. (Fundi's are hooked on some form of very controlling structure, whether it's about religion or fishing, or a kind of therapy, or...) Their "agenda" is to prevent other ways and means of doing or being from entering effectively into any situation that they are concerned with, and may try to convince others to believe as they do. They tend to get very "high" when they feel things are going their way, and very "low" (agitated or depressed, or worse) when they feel their directions are threatened. Some political extremists get very invested in creating or passing on conspiracy theories due to an apparently ever-increasing need for inducing the "Shock Effect" (of fear-based sensational/phenomenological experiences) while causing others to feel helpless in the face of supposedly impossible odds of winning. They are unwittingly encouraged by those who feel a complementary need to experience that (shock effect) in order to have confirmed their helpless/hopeless feelings in response to certain situations.

Summary Note:
          Most every human has tendencies to be very focused on one thing or another to the point of "addiction". Here's where "The Good Part" and "The Moral" come in. To the degree we can apply such balancing approaches to actual situations, to that degree we are free from the addiction (per this and other sections on this page, and...). Twelve Step programs are examples of working programs, albeit formal, for applying means of controlling addictions. Some adherents to this path do get rather fundamentalist, even evangelical about it, but so long as the program keeps them off "the stuff" (whatever that is for them) and accomplishing worthy goals (hopefully, whatever that is for them), then I applaud their hard work and earned rewards. Same goes for religious fundamentalists, if that prevents them from being destructive in their relationships, certainly if through that path they learn to become more loving to others, or at least tolerant of others (physically close & distant) to the degree of non-violence. For those for whom less structure accomplishes the same benefits and rewards... well, more power to them!
Why "Notes on Addiction" at this page on Goals?

    Because both goals and addictions are about true needs and (or vs) desires, with addictions often working against the accomplishment of goals, as well as the process of setting realistic goals. Which can have dramatic effects on multiple levels of health, another "practical" reason, if not the primary one. And this site is primarily about mind-body preventive health maintenance. You can also use the search engine at the bottom of any page at this site, using keyword, "addict" for related articles or notes at ChaliceBridge.Com. [-cp]

MultiVortex 3D Chalice w/Horizontal Vortexes'(4&5x2) © by Chris Pringer 2013
"MultiVortex 3D Chalice w/Horizontal Vortexes" (4&5x2)
© by Chris Pringer 2013
The horizontal vortexes symbolize the dynamics or energetics on the material plane as part of the process of (a soul and personality) being a chalice of higher universal energies.

Dove&Multi3D5'12(2)ChaliceVortex10Da OverEarth on OvalCvBkgr(Blr)
"Dove & Multi3D-Chalice5'12(2) Vortex10Da Over Earth on OvalCvBkgr(Blr)" © Chris Pringer June'12

3DAPiChaliceVHVtx9[X]ChSphDstFOL3onTeal, sig'd, © Chris Pringer, 2010
"3D AtomicPi Chalice V&H Vortex9[X] w/ChaliceSphere&Star Flower Of Life3 onTeal" © Chris Pringer, Sept 2012

"Questions for Invoking for World Change"

click to see full size at the World Healing Prayers page

You can see some of my work framed at Fine Art America here chalicebridge.com framed prints or go straight to my gallery at Artist Websites of Fine Art America. Thank you!



Some 'SynthWorks' Abt Daughter & Friends in Synthesis Shirts
My daughter (8 yo) and some friends to my right in 1991 - amidst some of the much later developed work born from "Synthesis" (and at my Artist Websites Gallery

  WARNING: Wink Many links on this page may lead you to related topic matter on other pages at this site => often with many more links => to still MORE pages at this site!Confused You might want to brief this whole page first, totally resisting those links 'till you've seen it all...
OR ELSE: You may suffer the consequences of mind-blowing "Spread Too Thin On the Ever-Expanding Chalice-Bridging Matrix" laughing

Besides, learning is eternal - EG: it can't all be done in 5 minutes. I know, it's difficult... just keep repeating, "MORE endorphins, LESS adrenaline, there really IS ground under my feet..."  laughing

ON THE OTHER HAND: One of my first mandalas was entitled "Synthesis". I can't say that wearing a "Synthesis" shirt will cure this groundless state -of begging for extreme circumstances just so you can locate the center of things- but who knows! Wink

While all the original "Synthesis" Shirts have been sold or donated, you can STILL Find out for yourself with the "Synthesis" design - or other mandalas - at my Artist Websites Gallery smile

Also related to the above topics are these essays:

        "A Gestalt Perspective," and "Seven Phases of Personal Growth" (2 Essays) - A perspective on an approach to and regard for life, one's past and present, as well as a basis for personal growth and/or therapy. I could've called it an integrated 'Gestaltist-Humanist-Buddhist-New Thought' perspective. (You could say these are my main sources, from among the various "schools" of psychology and correlating approaches to application of therapy.)
        "Class Topics & Questions for Body-Mind-Chalice Integration" Relatively short page of basic considerations.

        "The Alignment of Beliefs, Desires, and Needs -- for Achievement and Attainment": Basic principles and definitions for functionally clarifying the differences between ones beliefs, desires, & needs.
        "Approaches & Methodologies for Body-Mind Integration"
        "Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body" at the "Body-Mind Integration" essays page.
        "The Forgiveness Set" Including "The Most Difficult Forgiveness," "Asking for Forgiveness" and the transcript of the talk by Rev. Janeane Weprin at Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church, July 26th, 2015, which I will call the most comprehensive coverage on the process that I've ever heard spoken or even read)

        "Emotion & Motivation on the Path and in Healing." -- A Cosmology of what is here referred to as the 'Emotional-Body' - that which provides the motivation or 'drive' for any sustained focus, decision, stance or action.

       "Whole Being Integration In Manifesting Abundance and Seven Steps To Initiation And Understanding" -- Principles of magnetism in the process of conscious personal growth, spiritual integration, and self healing. Includes special section:
       "Questions for Empowerment" - Positive Response Questions (PRQ's) designed specifically for Personal Empowerment through re-defining one's values and beliefs.
       More On "Ideals": For many readers as well as this author, many of the ideals stated or implied on various pages at my site are supremely challenging to say the least, and understandably so. I write on the topic because I believe ideals help us formulate a useful vision by which we can effectively develop realistic and purposeful goals. Very few get to live up to our highest ideals, but without ideals, what would we live up to? For more broad reading on this and related topics: "On Potential Realities, Ideals, Goals, and Accomplishment" at the "Evo-Trends" essay, and "More On 'Ideals'" & "...the Concept of Perfection" at the page, "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner -- and Detouring 'Burn-out'."

Chalice Bridging & CDC Logo 200px, Chris Pringer 2008
        A study in Cross-Discipline Knowledge Sharing, Utilization, and a much needed integration of diverse talent in "How and Why this Site Is Different," All at the Organization Chart As well as And how all the above relates to *Chalice-Bridging* and to healing. (And the full-size graphic). The page also includes the "Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" (10/10/11) It compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, other aspects, as well as links to their respective essays or sections.

       The "Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" is at the Organization Chart page. It compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, other aspects, as well as links to their respective essays or sections. (10/10/11)
Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart
"Integration" in the wholistic or therapeutic sense, implies that the information or skills (whether of the past, the good, the bad, remembered or forgotten) are re-organized and then learned from, in such a healthfully complete or "Integral" way (*Love-Wisdom* in application), that it is understood and used for the highest good. This transforms the most destructive material - that which has been repressed or denied. (Pertains to my more in-depth work, if/as requested.)
        The "Body-Mind Integration" (Essays) Page: BASIC HOW'S AND WHY'S Of Storage of Tension and Memory in the bodily tissues ("normal" and otherwise): When, how and why it is stored and released; communication between body and mind, benefits; proprioreceptors, personal growth, massage/bodywork, therapist's approach, etc. (Published In Massage Magazine, July-August 1992). Newly Added/Rev'd (May'11-July'12) on this page: "The science behind the body-mind relationships" (in the reference section) as well as addendum essays for clarifying these topics for *common sense* preventative maintenance application, as well as further completing the context and clarifying the dynamics and processes involved, including self-help level emotional processing. Page includes "Muscle Q & A" (a kind of overview of the mind-body aspect), "Body Awareness and Communications, as Related to Body-Memory and Integration", "Insight Please", "Cell Talk" - Suggestions on building a healing relationship with ones cells (muscles or otherwise), "Adrenaline vs Endorphins...Brain Activity, Muscles and Tendons ...Aging" about adrenal response related to all the above (including trauma, long-term conditioning), "EQ, IQ, Emotional Integration, and a Synergetic Relationship", and Reviews for articles on Massage, Alternative Therapies, & Pain, including "Study: Massages really can make pain go away"; & Sept 2011 Consumer Report; quotes, commentary & charts.
        "Integration" by Krysta Gibson -- about Common myths vs realities about psycho-spiritual integration; effective guidance about feelings and memories, 'living in the now', 'releasing' events and people, 'forgiving and forgetting' the past - for living the spiritual life fully and meaningfully. Originally published by Krista Gibson in "The New Times" of Seattle. Through the late 80's & most of the 90's, I always read Krysta's essays if I didn't have time to read anything else, and kept copies of various or her articles handy for my clients to take home with them. Still current...
Chart  of Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces, © Chris Pringer Apr'11
"Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces"
sig'd © Chris Pringer Apr'11
        "Understanding the Pattern Triad and The Body Pattern Assessment" About Mind-Body Relationships, (from) coping mechanisms, (to) skills, (to) gifts through challenges on one's Life Path. This page is about how the body has habitually responded to experience is evidenced by the body's holding and movement patterns. Includes (Rev'd & New Sections, 12/27/09) "Notes on Mind-Body Correlations - Source-References, Organization of *Body Memory,* and 'WHAT I DO' ". I provide an explanation for a system of assessments and mind-body correlations -- learned and integrated from/for my work with others as well as for my own life process. Other sections include excerpts from "Body Memory and ... Learning Life Lessons." About aspects to be discovered, emotionally cleared, and then employed as mental/emotional assets and guidance towards determining and accomplishing life goals. Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the same phenomenon: fascia memory, somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy.
        "WHY PAIN? Notes on Pain, Awareness & Denial" -- Pertains to Physical and other levels - Aspects in Developing a Practical Approach with Compassion. The title question could have been, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" or "Why deny pain?" or "Why one should complain about pain?" There are no easy answers to these, if only because every individual has his/her own story and experience. I begin with basic, more physical-level concepts, and extend into other dimensions from there. There may be more proper medical terms for most of the dynamics I describe, but my purpose is to try to give ideas to help explain, a complex but common experience in a more understandable fashion -- perhaps even to give a little hope, motivation toward resources and some degree of relief. Includes short essays, "Intro & Notes on Pain, Pain Reduction, Pain Elimination, Pain Desensitization", "A List Of Factors In The Perception Of Pain", "More On Referral Of Pain", "Delayed Healing", "Stress & Energy Related Pains", "Notes On Pain From Gestalt Perspective," "Internal Separation And Healing," "Anger - Some Modes & Complexities," "Pain Management & Body Parenting," "Pain, Relative to 'True Courage vs Toughness'," "A Message from the Masters" (a select collection of ancient wisdom in colloquial voice for balancing the adrenalised brain with the spiritual heart), "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment - and Healing the Pain," "A Metaphysician's Perspective On Pain, Emotion, & Change," "Why Deep Massage/Bodywork?", "Should A Massage Be Painful?," and "Touch-sensitivity of Muscles - and Cell Congestion."

       "Class Topics & Questions for Body-Mind-Chalice Integration" Relatively short page of basic considerations.

        "Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body" -- At three pages (!) each having their own particular areas of focus, with only as much overlapping as needed, including as related to coping mechanisms, as well as to working with *the Inner Child.* At the "Body-Mind Integration" page this assembly of resources are in the "Notes on Practical Application Of Gestalt Techniques in Emotional Release", and is the version more applicable for most any "issue", yet also tied in more closely with the somatic aspects (muscle and joint injuries and related conditions). At the "Efficient Body Sizing Strategies, Weight Management, Weight Loss" page, the focus is as per the title description. And the more eclectic version is at the page, "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs".

        Victims, Compassion, & Responsibility -- Notes on The Emotional-Body, Denial of Pain, & Easy Answers (not) - integrates a more gestalt psychology-based perspective (and practice) as regards the emotional body, which lends to certain modifications of the cosmology [relative to Buddhist or New Thought perspective]. Including links for radio show w/interviews of "Hurricane" Rubin Carter. (Edited Feb 20, 2012)

        "The Empathy Movement" -- an assembly of resources and considerations, is currently at the "Chalice Integration Arts & Sciences" page. Also related on that page is 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening- a story about Language, Relationship and Communications, "the body-mind split" (or "mind-body split"), emotional intelligence (EQ) as related to IQ, implications and ramifications (cause and effect dynamics) in society, politics, foreign relations, suggestions/ considerations for pro-active response on individual and social levels, etc. And "A Kind of Summary For Pragmatic Balance" - eclectically presented summary of links to (more) essays with considerations for pragmatic approach.

      "The Transition Diet": Steps & principles telling how to transition -gradually & successfully- to a diet that promotes & sustains optimal health for body, mind, AND the planet, even from the standard American diet. Incorporate this approach as slowly or as quickly as you can maintain. (If done too fast, you may find it too uncomfortable, then bounce back to the old ways, so would just be a waste of time). Includes a Food-Combining Chart for optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients, as well as for proper elimination. Other sections included: "Transition Diet," "Rebuilding Diet," "Three Day Apple Fast And Seven Day Cleanse," "About Cleansing Reactions," and "Efficient Body-Sizing Strategies (for Weight Management)."

"Love's Chalice from the Tree of Life or "Chalice Of Druids Tree", Chris Pringer, Aug'12 - Named with the *Druid* reference due to the rather hard look, but in any case, the heart chakra is considered green by most esoteric scholars, yet the rose & violet pastels seem to light up the hearts of people. But when combining the colors of the crown (violet), the active base (red), the color said to be an integration of all colors (white). Extending forth from the deep blues of throat's power and the bright light blue greens of, lets call it "organized love", with its "Atomic Pi-Chalice spheres" and extending rays of golden yellow of enlightened intellect (the white, violet, and green of crown and heart tinting the yellow of the solar plexus).(At full resolution at Fine Art America where my art is available in framed, canvas, or acrylic prints, greeting cards, etc.

        "Opening the Bridges & Firing the Cauldrons"
Integrating Energy Work and Self-Healing Instruction into bodywork, is about a "Chalice-Bridging" style chakra balancing, and may include Reiki and/or very basic Qigong instruction. This approach is based in the view that we each are a bridge between Father & Mother GOD/ESSence, & thus form a chalice for the balancing & integrating of Humanity with the Divine. Or at least ideally so, as our systems are *attuned* & our batteries are *charged* & we fulfill our true role as human embodiments of Spirit. And in the belief that the body-mind can be a primary means of access for finding ones Way, developing appropriate and effective relationship among the three "lower bodies" (mental, emotional, and physical, which compose the "Body-Mind". Ref: "Triangle/Triad Interface" Chart above).
  "ART & SCIENCE of Body, Mind, & Spirit Integration"  
(Body-Mind-Chalice Integration Art Index Page)
Chalice Productions Logo

Chalice Artwork and
realizing the Inner Chalice
        Presenting early to more recent artwork on the "Chalice" or Grail theme (by yours truly), both hand-made & artistically rendered computer-generated works, & a little bio on how it began & developed. This art is born out of the 3D geometric vision/ visual "seen" in 1985, which experience was complete with correlations to deep (pre-Christian) symbology - which initiated the research into the correlations to the legendary meanings of the Holy Grail (and sources, and how and why that was later edited by "the Church"), as well as into various body-mind-spirit correlations, & healing alchemy & energy dynamics. All this related both the body & the grail elements to the mind's interface, in a way that makes sense of many otherwise-would-be paradoxes & mysteries, bridging arts & sciences, with implications related to whole health, including one's relationship with his/her cells. And when incorporating "sacred geometry" into the rendered symbols (per pi-ratio) -also relevant to the DNA of all Life (proportion as essential to function), most interesting art forms seem to naturally appear.
      Essentially (Per mystical symbolism which precedes anything any religion has, or may yet, to do with it), the chalice is about the human embodiment of Spirit (or Who or whatever It is that created & connects all Life) into the three "lower bodies" (mental, emotional, & physical) which compose the "Body-Mind". Which is also a "vehicle" for the balancing & integrating of Humanity - individually & communally. Chalice "Productions" may thus refer to each person AS a chalice in development. There are essays on various geometry, proportion, function, symbolism, history, & possible implications, including " 'The Lords of Culture' & Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, & the Body-Mind Split - An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context" (7'10) accompanied by, "Therapies & Levels of 'The Spectrum of Consciousness' " a seminal chart by Ken Wilber; "Paradigm Shifts" (7'10); The "Pragmatic Balancing" section of this page relates the Holy Grail to the (psycho-social) evolution of Man, to the world's key religions as well as the Gnostics (by nature of that which unites all of them, although is not necessarily about them), & to *The A Vinche Code*; includes a working summary of & psycho-social objectives & approaches for bringing about that evolution (as addressed at various pages at the site).

Multi-3D-Chalice3(w2A&)' sig'd © Chris Pringer Oct'11, ChaliceBridge.Com
"Multi 3D Chalice 3 (w2A&)" sig'd © Chris Pringer Sept'10 - probably as close to what I saw in 1985 as anything I've put in art form so far (on visual level; add vortexes extending horizontally, less the colorations).



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"The Body-Mind & The Chalice"
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