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Composed of symbols arranged in sacred geometric proportions, colorfully rendered layers of subtles, brights, & hues,
depth and texture, transparent as if expanding across dimensions, all with their own rich meanings as related to humanity's
connection to & synthesis of the highest qualities to which we aspire. (1st Set online May 2012)
About This Set of
Chalice Art:

This first set presents 70+ semi-transparent pieces made since 2009, including a new 'Chalice Myst' set, all over dark backgrounds. Also included in themes since then are the 'Multi Vortex', '3D Chalice', & 'Chali-Cells', blended with those of 2007-08 such as 'Orbs', 'Tree of Life' & 'Flower of Life', and those of earlier themes like 'Atomic Pi-Chalice', 'Chali-Synthesis', 'Chalice Stars', 'Vortex Bridge', & 'Chalice Tapestry'. All of which continue to be developed in the rendering process, often revealing new themes. You may find out about the relationship between my artwork, it's employment of sacred geometry, certain symbols & archetypes, and much more at the home page for "ART & SCIENCE of Body Mind Spirit Integration" (see below). Thank you, - Chris Pringer

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Composed of symbols arranged in sacred geometric proportions, colorfully rendered layers of subtles, brights, and hues, depth and texture, transparent as if expanding across dimensions, all with their own rich meanings as related to humanity's connection to & synthesis of the highest qualities to which we aspire.
    What you generally see via your browser, viewing the slideshow, & especially the art in sidebars on various web pages at ChaliceBridge.Com, is from an extremely zoomed-out perspective relative to the close-up view that I usually work from.
A full size print at high resolution would reveal this difference - ie: in the layering & subtlety - most dramatically with many pieces - and I think you'll love that Note: Some pieces in this set are similar to others, but are included for more subtle tastes.
An illustrated history of how the "3D Chalice" was developed is further below.

3DCh&Dblstar-Bullet.png   Holiday Cards

3DCh&Dblstar-Bullet.png   "ValenChalice" Set
This early "Chalice Tapestry" derivation, "StrDeriv-Gr&2-VBG-&Cdc" of 2002 (digitally derived from the 1986 "Atomic Pi Chalice" drawing as well as a depiction of the caducus power serpents), is the basis for the "Tapestry Vortex" art, from which the background of the "Chalice Myst" effect is drawn
  and at Fine Art America
Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12

3DCh&Dblstar-Bullet.png   Chalice artwork at Fine Art America can be viewed at full resolution, and is available as framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, and more.

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          Postings of Chalice Art, usually 200 to 500 pixels wide, have (also) been spread over many of my ChaliceBridge.Com pages. Some lighten and brighten, and some illustrate for the various topics here.   New art and charts, revisions of same, as well as late arrivals of older work - are all listed chronologically (pretty much since Fall of 2009) with links to their repective pages in the Artwork Section of the the Chalice Bridge "Updates" page. That will include notices of slide shows of multiple pieces at this site (large, like the above, or small as at left), as well as those posted at other sites (ie: at my galleries at Fine Art America), price changes there, etc. Themanclature Header
( at right )
          What is "Themanclature"  ?!? You can find out at The Themanclature Blog at Fine Art America, which begins with, "The Art is what makes the Science work (integrate) ... Art is ...a result of many beautiful but also complex processes. art that attempts to visually acknowledge this truism, perhaps even represent some of the processes, and perhaps even those seminal to all other processes ...referring to the pi-ratio based geometry, thence proportionality, thence micro-electro-magnetic ...essential to the processing of all cellular DNA ..."
  "ART & SCIENCE of Body, Mind, & Spirit Integration"  
(Body-Mind-Chalice Integration Art Index Page)
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Chalice Artwork and
realizing the Inner Chalice
        Presenting early to more recent artwork on the "Chalice" or Grail theme (by yours truly), both hand-made & artistically rendered computer-generated works, & a little bio on how it began & developed. This art is born out of the 3D geometric vision/ visual "seen" in 1985, which experience was complete with correlations to deep (pre-Christian) symbology - which initiated the research into the correlations to the legendary meanings of the Holy Grail (and sources, and how and why that was later edited by "the Church"), as well as into various body-mind-spirit correlations, & healing alchemy & energy dynamics. All this related both the body & the grail elements to the mind's interface, in a way that makes sense of many otherwise-would-be paradoxes & mysteries, bridging arts & sciences, with implications related to whole health, including one's relationship with his/her cells. And when incorporating "sacred geometry" into the the rendered symbols (per pi-ratio) -also relevant to the DNA of all Life (proportion as essential to function), most interesting artforms seem to naturally appear.
      Essentially (Per mystical symbolism which precedes anything any religion has, or may yet, to do with it), the chalice is about the human embodiment of Spirit (or Who or whatever It is that created & connects all Life) into the three "lower bodies" (mental, emotional, & physical) which compose the "Body-Mind". Which is also a "vehicle" for the balancing & integrating of Humanity - individually & communally. Chalice "Productions" may thus refer to each person AS a chalice in development. There are essays on various geometry, proportion, function, symbolism, history, & possible implications, including " 'The Lords of Culture' & Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, & the Body-Mind Split - An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context" (7'10) accompanied by, "Therapies & Levels of 'The Spectrum of Consciousness' " a seminal chart by Ken Wilber; "Paradigm Shifts" (7'10); The "Pragmatic Balancing" section of this page relates the Holy Grail to the (psycho-social) evolution of Man, to the world's key religions as well as the Gnostics (by nature of that which unites all of them, although is not necessarily about them), & to *The Da Vinche Code*; includes a working summary of & psycho-social objectives & approaches for bringing about that evolution (as addressed at various pages at the site).

Multi-3D-Chalice3(w2A&)' sig'd © Chris Pringer Oct'11, ChaliceBridge.Com
"Multi 3D Chalice 3 (w2A&)" sig'd © Chris Pringer Sept'10 - probably as close to what I saw in 1985 as anything I've put in art form so far (on visual level; add vortexes extending horizontally, less the colorations).
      An illustrated history of how the "3D Chalice" was developed    

3D Chalice Development Graphic History © 2013, Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com Below: An animated set of Chalice art, mostly along the "3D & Multi-Chalice, HVortex9" theme(s) over a Chalice-Tapestry piece, including a frame with logos, and one with Chris by his artwork (a 2005 photo over 2009 artwork). I describe my artwork overall as an eclectic/symbolic mix of multiple layers of brights and subtles, sacred geometry rounded with a balance of grounding touch.

Feedback is always much appreciated. Please send to

'3D&Multi-Chalice,HVortex9'&Logos ANIM.gif by Chris Pringer of, 2012

Thumbnail of Resource Access Prayer Chart for Economy
   "Resource Access
Prayer Chart for Economy

Page Description:
24 prayers as of Dec 2011, Universal in approach,generally invoking Divine assistance, calling for citizen awareness & courage, truth, justice, accountability, related healing, learning, & balance, etc. They include a resource-connecting prayer chart for the Economy (Jan'11) , two that are specific to global climate healing, one to Iraq & Middle East, two for comprehensive planetary healing in general, two specific to media communications (latest Dec'10), and more. Page includes background and related information, links, and printing/downloading tips. (Yes, of course it's free, as I believe prayers are meant to be.)

Thumbnail of World Healing Prayer w Affirmative Questions, Integrated for Meditation for Prevention of War, and manifestation of Healthfully Sustainable Planet - click to go there
   "Q's Prayer 4 World Peace
Thumbnail of Iraq-MiddleEast Healing Prayer, Chris Pringer, Commissioning Archangel Michael for Truth, Justice, Accountability by all concerned - click to go there
    "Archangel Prayer for Iraq-MiddleEast"
Global Climate Healing Fantasy & Invocation (Thumb)

   "A Global Climate Healing Fantasy and the Spirit of It All" On Sacred Earth Background. PDF versions available for Printing (is 2 pages long)

World Healing Prayers over Sacred Geometry Graphic Backgrounds

The "coverage" (via prayer text) provides a virtual summary of our current world challenges - hints to opportunities to gain the momentum we need to heal/transform the planet and mankind.
Thumbnail of Broad Spectrum World Healing Prayer, Chris Pringer - click to go there
     Broad Spectrum World Healing Prayer

"Synthesis" Shirts !!!

Some have claimed that wearing a "Synthesis" shirt cured that groundless state of begging for extreme circumstances,
just so they could locate the center of the universe!!!
Ok, not really, but some did say
it just made them feel good to wear it !

While all the original "Synthesis" Shirts have been sold or donated, you can still Find out for yourself with the "Synthesis" design - or other mandalas - at my Artist Websites Gallery smile

My daughter (8 yo) and some friends to my right in 1991.



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"The Body-Mind & The Chalice"
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Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12

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'Karma-learning-Love Shield' - 'What is Sown is Reaped, What is stolen is paid for; Karma is Learning is Justice is Love; The Tree of Life Bears the Flower of Life Bears the Tree of Life...' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010
"Karma Learning Love Shield" Chris Pringer 2010



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